Cloth Diapers Explained

I've had quite a few questions about my sons cloth diapers, so I figured I'd just write a post about it. I'm no cloth diaper expert, but after 17 months I've found what works, what doesn't, what I would recommend and what you should definitely NOT buy. So here we go! . When I first heard of cloth diapering I was like "people still do that?" It … [Read more...]

Dumpster Rocker

So, my aunt rescued this old rocking chair from a dumpster. She said she found a toddler rocker and asked if I wanted it. I of course said yes....who turns down a free dumpster rocker? Anyway, when I got it I noticed that it not really toddler sized, it's way too big. It's not really adult sized either though, its pretty small. It's like a 3/4 … [Read more...]

How To Make an Envelope Closure Pillow

I'm not great at sewing. In fact, I pretty much stick to sewing square things like pillows, curtains, book slings, tablecloths, and handkerchiefs. Okay, not handkerchiefs (do people actually use those anymore?), but you get the picture.  Luckily sewing an envelope closure pillow is super simple and a great place to start if you're new to … [Read more...]

Quick Chair Redo

So, I found this chair at Target on clearence for $8....marked down from $40. $40!! It doesn't exactly match what we got going on 'round here, but for eight bucks I figured I'd take it home and make it a front porch chair. Of course, I couldn't leave it as is though - its light wood and chrome and way too modern. While I can't chage the … [Read more...]

Broken Blinds Picture Frame

So back when the little man was a couple months old, I got a friend to take some pictures of him. He was being super fussy that day (of course), and it was hard to get any pictures of him NOT grimacing. But then, by total fluke, we managed to capture the most epic baby picture of all time... Epic, I know.  So of course I had to order a giant … [Read more...]

Goodbye Skullet : A Step by Step Tutorial on How to Get Rid of Your Toddlers Wicked Bad Skullet

Step one - Convince husband that haircut is needed and that having a toddler with a "super cool" rat tail is, in fact, not super cool at all. Step two - Locate said toddler.  He will most likely be found emptying dresser drawers, standing atop the coffee table, or tormenting the dog. Step three - Attempt to get wiggly toddler to sit … [Read more...]

Dead Tree + Fake Flower Awesomeness

. Pottery Barn had some beautiful blooming branches in their spring catalog. I love how they look, but dang...they're expensive! If I lived somewhere else I could have gone outside, snipped some perfect branches, thrown them in a vase and called it a day, but I live in south Texas and where trees consist mostly of scraggly cedar bushes. While … [Read more...]

Guest Room Before and After

Since the guest room was a pre-blog project I don't have any pictures of it in progress. Trust me when I say that every item in this room could be its own post! Here are the before and after pictures...I wanted this room to have a totally different color scheme and design than the rest of my house, and it certainly does! . The … [Read more...]

If You Give a Girl New Appliances, She’s Going to Want a Kitchen Renovation…

This Mothers Day I told my husband exactly what I wanted.... a dishwasher. It wasn't a suggestion, I was going to get my dishwasher. New, used, long as it worked. We have been married seven years and have never had a (working) dishwasher. He (gasp!) said I could get a new one, a stainless steel one to match the future other appliances … [Read more...]

Curb Appeal

Our house has zero curb appeal. Zero, zilch, none... it pretty much looks like an abandon house surrounded by a gravel pit. Here is a pic from the MLS back in 2008 as proof that I am telling the truth... Whomever built this house basically dumped white, dusty, limestone gravel over nearly half of our half acre plot. Why, I don't know. … [Read more...]

DIY Bay Window Curtain Rod & Back Tab Curtains

Although this project was really simple it did take me nearly a month to complete, from picking out fabric and brainstorming about how to make the curtain rod to only really being able to work during nap time. I love the way it turned out though! Here is the before picture. Well, its not a true before picture... The first step was to figure … [Read more...]

Laundry Room Before and After

I love (LOVE!) before and after pictures.  Our laundry room is the only room that is pretty much complete and I feel good about posting an 'after' picture. First, the before... First thing to go was that awful paint color. I painted it a muted green, same as in our living room and guest/kids bath. Next, the cabinets. This isn't our forever … [Read more...]

Our Pink Nightmare

My husband and I recently bought our first house. Besides the usual 3 bed/2bath list of wants, a had two biggies on the list. 1) I do not want to be able to see into my neighbors window from inside mine. In fact, I don't really want to be able to see my neighbors house at all. 2) I want the house to need some work. As a former Realtor I can assure … [Read more...]

The First Post

The plan is to make this blog about all things domestic. Cooking, cleaning, organization, home decorating....except that I'm not that great at cooking.  And cleaning is something I have no room  to give advice on. I'm okay at organization; I like organizing things but have a hard time keeping them that way.  Home that I can … [Read more...]