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Welcome to our house. It’s a three bedroom, two bathroom, ranch house located deep in the heart of Texas. It’s 1650 square feet and the front porch is bigger than our first apartment. This is it when we bought it back in 2008.

It looks sad and lonely, right? In my first post about the yard I lovingly referred to it as ” an abandon house surrounded by a gravel pit.” Also, it has two front doors and that looks really weird to me. (The one to the right actually goes into the laundry room).  So, here it is today….not finished  but so much better!


Outdoor projects : Driveway and grass, garage foundation, garage, fence, self watering garden, DIY playset, sod, side yard

Then you have our front porch, a work in progress for sure.  It’s huge and feels like a giant outdoor living room.


large casual front porch

Porch projects : Wooden welcome mat, flat entry table, built-in bench, pillows, Texas forever sign, poured paint potsthree tables, porch reveal, painted front door (and these aren’t there anymore, but I also did the dumpster rocker, porch chairs, painted rubber mat)

Next we  have the entry. As you scroll through you will notice a theme in my before pictures. Salmon. Peach. Pink. Avid Apricot, if you want to get technical. You can call it whatever you want, but the walls, ceiling, and closets were all the same horrible color. For awhile there I felt like I was living in a stomach.

Here is the entry today. I haven’t spent much time decorating it…it’s usually just a dumping ground for shoes, keys, and diaper bags. I did tidy it up for the internet though :)


Entry Projects : None really, everything was done pre-blog. Unless you want to count really random stuff, like the front doorthe closet organization, broken blinds frame or ruffle Christmas trees.

Take a left and you will enter the kitchen. Well, the kitchen and dining…they are pretty much one room. We have been working on this part of the house for a really long time…like two years. We are slow. No, we are fast, but our double toddler terrors really slow us down. Anyway, the kitchen and dining room are pretty much complete and I LOVE  THEM.  Looking back on these before pictures makes me cringe…woo doggies it was ugly!

Budget Kitchen Remodel - painted tow tone cabinets, raised cabinets, floating shelf, butcher block countertops

DIY kitchen remodel

$1600 kitchen remodel

Penny countertop and a DIY kitchen remodel



Kitchen and dining projects : here we go…. curtains and rods, new appliances, paint colors, painting and raising the cabinets, butcher block countertops, toekicks, stenciled pantry, organized pantry, farmhouse table, penny countertop, planked walls, painted walls, chalkboard, pantry door, plate wall, windows, command center, yellow table, floating shevles, yardstick art, kitchen reveal, how to raise your cabinets and add a shelf, butcher block countertop follow up, painting dirty grout

On the other side of the entryway we have a hallway that leads to the laundry room, bathroom, guest room, and boys room.


There aren’t any posts about the hallway yet (and I don’t have a before picture), though we did paint, replace the floors, and redo all the trim/baseboard/doorframes.

The first door on the right is the laundry room…

Laundry room before

DIY laundry room

This was a pre-blog project, so there is only two posts about this room – Laundry room, raising the cabinets

Next is the guest room (and office/craft room).

guest room before

purple and yellow guest room

I am currently working on redoing the guest room again. It’s not finished yet, but here is a sneak peek…

rustic bedroom

Once again, it was completed pre-blog, so there are only two posts in this room: reveal, frame wall

Next we have the boy’s room. I did some stuff in here when I was preparing for the birth of my second son, but now we are in the middle of a complete renovation. Somehow I managed to not take a before picture of this room (how???), but it looked just like the guest room, so here is a picture of that one again…


Kids western theme bedroom

kids room toy storage

cowboy bedroom

Boys room projects so far: triple book slings, nursery chairdecoupaged star, motor oil on the carpet, growth charts, the plan, paper bag floors

Next we have the kids/guest bathroom. We have about halfway remodeled this and honestly I have no idea when we are going to get around to finishing it.

guest bath before

Rustic industrial bathroom vanity

Bathroom posts: lazy girl tiling, vanity, shower curtain, step stool

That bring us back into the entryway, and if  you walk toward the back of the house you have our living room.

Here are the before and afters (so far). Wasn’t that pink horrible?

living room before

living room before

living room before

Domestic Imperfection Living Room

Domestic Imperfection - Living Room

Rustic Glam Clock

Living Room from Domestic Imperfection


In that last photo, I had cleaned up to take pictures of the living room, which of course means I just hid all the random crap from the living room in the kitchen. So there you have it, blog “backstage”, including a little toddler director.

 Living room posts: penny countertop, barstools, floors and shelves, toy box, side table, fabric letter, white wallpapered table, debrowning, hexagon leaf table, lampshade, ceiling fan lampshades, DIY curtain rods, homemade curtains, fake blossoming cherry tree

In the living room there is a little hallway that leads to our master bedroom…

Birch Forest Stenciled Hallway

Hallway posts: just one, the birch forest stencil.

That brings us to the master bedroom. Oh, the master bedroom. I think most of y’all will nod your head in agreement that the master bedroom is normally overlooked. When we start decorating our homes we normally begin with the rooms that people are actually going to see, and we forget about ourselves and our “retreat”. My master bedroom is undecorated and constantly messy. It is better than the before, but certainly nothing to brag about. I didn’t even clean it up for the internet because that would just be a lie. It’s never clean. Never.




quick bedroom makeover

Master bedroom projects: The bed that almost killed me.

Moving on to the last room, our master bathroom. This is the room we are currently remodeling (well, this and the boy’s room). I haven’t even put a picture of it in its current state on the blog yet, so y’all get a sneak peek. Here is the before and the current…


turquoise and green bathroom

Master bathroom projects: green dresser, wood flooring countertop, wood flooring countertop part II, installing a faucet and sink, how to turn a dresser into a bathroom vanity, stenciling, mirror and light, easy tile backsplash

And that’s that! Is your curiosity satisfied?

If you would like to see all my projects – including ones that aren’t featured in the house tour – visit my project gallery. Also, I made a fun little image for your pinning pleasure :) *cough*wink*cough*

HT collage 1-2

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  1. Jessica says:

    I LOVE IT! I love that you have to get your house clean enough to take pictures! I can so relate to this! I do awesome projects and decorating then skip the cleaning part! That is way to much work! :) Beautiful home behind my living! LOL! Just post them pics anyway! Real artists understand! :)

  2. I totally get the whole need to clean before taking pictures, but you need to not let that keep you from posting! I am looking forward to your tour! :)
    emily hone recently is now!My Profile

  3. Shelley says:

    You have some really great ideas. Keep up the good work

  4. I absolutely love your blog! I have been so inspired and I am currently trying out your Dirty Cowboy treatment on my salvaged (okay, found on the street with a FREE sign) solid wood dining set and my rummage sale bedside table! So far, the bedside table is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! I’m even stenciling my dining set!
    Jennifer Sample recently posted..Like me on Facebook!My Profile

    • I love it…so glad you are getting good use out of my ideas! I would love pictures (or a link to the blog post) when you are done :)

  5. I love your creativity. Can’t wait to see other projects. You gave me some wonderful ideas to use on some of my furniture that I hate. Thanks.

  6. I just wanted to offer up, depending on how important it is to you to get this accomplished in this lifetime (I remember the life of mom with toddlers and babies) when we needed to take pictures for listing our house in the middle of some update projects we just cleaned out a room, put away the items we could and cleaned that room and took a picture or pictures and moved onto the next room and did the same thing. It didn’t have to be spotless and at the end we had a much cleaner house and all the pictures were beautiful. You never knew that behind the camera the next room was a disaster. Good luck.

    • Haha, thanks Kim. Moving the mess around is definitely the approach I have taken :) I’ve actually already photographed most of my rooms, I just haven’t gotten around to putting all in one spot yet. With so many other things going in I just keep forgetting about it!

  7. Well hurry the heck up can’t wait!!’ lol

  8. Dot Diugherty says:

    Just get one room clean at a time…….we’ll wait.

  9. Love your blot!

  10. patiently waiting . . . :)

  11. I loved how when you posted the kitchen pics and then behind the wall was life. Makes me feel so good because I am not alone In the chaos of having small kids. Love your blog so strying to convince my hubby to move the cabinets up. Such a great idea. Can’t wait till you post ahouse tour.

  12. AnissaM says:

    Thanks so much for posting all the pics! You’re creativity is amazing and really inspires me. I’m painting our downstairs areas a mixture of blue and green. I wish I had seen the shade of blue you chose before I started! Keep up the great posts.

  13. Thank you so much for showing us a real home where real people live. I’m thrilled to find I’m not the only one who doesn’t live in a mansion with professional interior decorators, landscapers and organizers to do everything for me. I’d hold your home up before the thousands of “pro” jobs. Beautiful. Just beautiful. You’ve inspired me to tackle my kitchen. Thanks again!

    • Thank you so much! You are not the only one that lives in a non-glamorous home, for sure. I like that my home is casual and comfortable and that my stuff is cheap..I don’t have to worry about it! Glamour sounds exhausting, haha. Now go tackle that kitchen girl!

  14. What an amazing house tour!! I especially love the two tone kitchen! Would love for you to join in my design in your home link-up. I feature my favorites every month!

    XO Samantha
    Samantha @ Designer in Teal recently posted..Meet Artie!My Profile

  15. I came upon your blog and I love it! You have done great things with your space!

  16. Charity Weaver says:

    I just found your blog this week via FB, one of my friends shared a before/after picture of your kitchen and I HAD to see more. I am in LOVE with all of your style!! You do an amazing job and have impeccable taste. Thanks so much for putting all of this together, I am already incorporating some of your ideas into my house and plan to use many many more of them! :-) Plus you have inspired me to finally continue re-decorating/modeling my older (1986) styled home! Cant wait to see what other projects you have in store and am very excited to try some more projects you have already posted!

    • Thank you so much Charity! No one has ever said I have impeccable taste before, you’re making me feel like a fancy trained interior designer over here :)

  17. Barbara Harrison says:

    stumbled across your website this morning. Never had heard of a paper bag floor before. really like reading your blog.

  18. I absolutely love what you’ve done with your kitchen. Would you please tell me the brand of paint and the stormy blue actual name you used on your lower cabinets? I would appreciate hearing back from you.


  19. I just found your blog through iHeart Organizing — your home is gorgeous! I love your style.

    Have a great day!
    Amanda recently posted..Home Sweet Home!My Profile

  20. I love your style, eye for detail, and knack for putting things together. I think we have very similar tastes in home décor. And your witty sense of humor tops it all off. Kudos on such a nice website.

  21. Stephanie says:

    Awesome house tour! I came across your blog while searching for how to make a shower curtain. Can’t wait to look around more. Thanks for keeping it real! That looks like my master bedroom. Also, I love the wall treatment in the kitchen.

  22. I adore your front porch! What a lovely way to say “welcome” to friends and family.

  23. I really like your blog. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. thanks a lot.

  24. We are closing on our house this friday, it is 1523 sq ft. When I told friends and family, a lot of them think it is a little small. I would love to see a blog post on your thoughts on house size.
    Nayeli Collier recently posted..New DIY Countertop under $800My Profile

    • Congrats on your house! That is actually a GREAT topic for a blog post, I will put that in the queue. I don’t feel like my house is too small though, not at all. I actually feel like it’s the perfect size. I’m probably different than most people though because I never wanted a giant house…it’s more upkeep, cleaning, maintenance, and taxes. I want to use every part of my house, so having things like an eat-in kitchen AND a formal dining room makes no sense to me. There are a few more things we will be looking for when we move though – I would like more land, more outdoor living space (decks and porches), a real garage with workshop, and a forth bedroom (only because we plan on having more children). Other than that the amount of space we have isn’t an issue.

  25. Thank you! I just did the final walkthrough. We sign and get the keys friday and next week I will do a blog post walkthrough of our house. I didn’t feel like the house was to small when we viewed it so I’ll see what I think with our furniture inside. I’m of the opinion you can never have to much land, my husband is another story. We have about .3 acres and I plan on raising rabbits, ducks, and quail in addition to our two dogs and eventually 1-2 kids =)

    I do think its a great blog post because there is the small house movement but then most people I know have 2500+ sq feet.
    Nayeli Collier recently posted..Towards the Finish Line: Closing on our first home!My Profile

    • Anonymous says:

      Love it. I’m in a townhouse and that’s where I plan to stay. But ….it needs some decorating. We just got all new carpeting – $4,000! Sarah

  26. I clicked over from your feature on Southern Hospitality today, and man, I’m so glad I did. First, I love the photo of you and your family. So real to not be looking at the camera. And next, I love your home, your down-home southern style to invite folks in regardless of how clean it is. That is true southern hospitality. I’ll be back. Great blog!
    Kim @ recently posted..Fashion Friday: Modern. Southern. StyleMy Profile

  27. You have done a fantastic job of renovating while raising young children!! Might you share, if you know the blue-gray color you chose for the hall/foyer and the really nice shade of green in your family room? We are re-doing an 80s house in Texas ourselves, and your choices are really nice!

    • Thank you Tammy! As far as the colors in my house…I mixed them myself. I hate that I did that because now I can’t touch up nicks and dents, and I can’t give readers a paint name either. In the living room I literally bought so many samples of green that I just mixed them together in a five gallon bucket and went with it. Green is such a hard color to get right and I was not happy with any of my samples….luckily mixing them together made the perfect green. I have compared my walls to the most recent paint book at from HD and I do have a couple suggestions. Bay Water (S380-4) is really close, but my green has just a slight tinge more yellow in it. Balance Green (S360-3) pretty much right on the money…except it’s a shade or two lighter than the color on my walls.

  28. I was just introduced to your blog via Southern Hospitality and have spent the last hour looking around. I love your attitude about decorating and your comments about your boys remind me of the time when I felt the same way. Now my boys are all grown and out of the house and I’m left with just one messy husband and two messy dogs :) Anyway, I would like to know the color of green paint you used in the guest bath and also in the living room. I’m looking at green paint for the dining room and I really like the colors you chose. Thanks!

    • I actually get asked about the green paint color all the time and I hate having to tell people that I mixed it myself. I was having such hard time finding a green I liked… I literally bought so many samples of green that I got frustrated, mixed them together in a five gallon bucket, and went with it. Go figure that the outcome was the perfect green. I’ve compared my walls to the most recent paint book at from HD and I do have a couple suggestions though. Bay Water (S380-4) is really close, but my green has just a slight tinge more yellow in it. Balance Green (S360-3) pretty much right on the money…except it’s a shade or two lighter than the color on my walls.
      Ashley recently posted..Reader Question – How do you feel about the size of your home? My Profile

  29. I love your projects!!! But what I really loved was seeing your “real” pictures with all your families messiness! Sometimes my house is such a dump and I wonder how everyone else does it! Nice to know I’m not alone and my messy livingroom of toys and clothes and dishes is just real life. Thank you for that. BUT another question- how do you get so much done with two little boys running around? I only have one, and he keeps me soo busy!

  30. Loved this tour! I’d seen some of these rooms on Pinterest before but now I know the blogger who belongs to them! I absolutely love your kitchen and breakfast nook! Definitely sticking around as a follower. :) Can’t wait to keep up with you with more projects!
    Lauren @ Bless’er House recently posted..Little Girl Room Progress: ASCP Dresser MakeoverMy Profile

  31. Oh my goodness I am in love with your house! You have done such a good job and it’s exactly what I would want in my house! WILL be referring back to your blog when we do our next house project. :)

  32. i just have one word to say PERFECT
    keri lee recently posted..How to Choose an Efficient Cleaner to Replenish HairMy Profile

  33. Ruby Byler says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I LUV your house! I hope that someday i will live in a house as beautiful as yours. And it definitely doesn’t help any thing that my style is similar to yours which just makes me fall in love with your house even more!!! Also i discovered your blog a while back and saved in my favorites but haven’t gotten around to really checking it out till these last few weeks. So i look forward to your future post, and definitely look forward to future house projects!!! :)

  34. Our your site is simply too great, content, images tips are fantastic, programa de reconstrução capilarreal congratulations, very good !!

  35. woow!!!

    I loved your house, Really amazing set up :) The way things are placed is just perfect.

    Keep on posting just amazing work.
    Eliza recently posted..Serta Mattress ReviewsMy Profile

  36. Honesty about your room has made my day. It the same for my house.
    Love the work you’ve done

  37. What a lovely house! I loved that gorgeous windows and blinds. Everything looks perfect. You definitely inspired me to revamp my own house!

  38. How beautiful, I loved everything, very inspiring, I’m looking for ideas for my house. I really liked your blog


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