Painted Interior

A couple of months ago (how has it been that long already?) I wrote a post about choosing interior paint colors for our new home. All those vertical paint samples above were the contenders, and we ended up choosing Shoji White, a very light neutral (the same color we chose for the exterior). So Adam and his trusty paint sprayer got to … [Read more...]

Boys + Bluebonnets = Four (obviously)

If you live in the Texas hill country, springtime bluebonnet pictures are a must. They’re practically a requirement to live here...I’ve heard rumors that if you don’t take at least one bluebonnet picture each year they kick you out of the state. Each spring for the 6-8 weeks the bluebonnets are out you can find cars pulled over on the side of the … [Read more...]

Catching Up

There's quite a few projects going on around here that I never finished blogging about, or that simply don't deserve their own blog post. So this post is my dumping grounds for all those misfit projects. First off, we have our garage/carport. Last time I blogged about it, it had been assembled  (you can read that post HERE) and that was about … [Read more...]

$100 Porch Project: And Then There Were Three

I now have three out of the four chairs for the porch project. This one so far has been the cheapest at....wait for it...$2! I found it at a garage sale - it was super wobbly so I asked the lady if she would take less. Much to my delight she told me I could just have it. Sweet! Here it's red. For those of you that don't know, I do not like … [Read more...]