9 Painting Tips & Tricks – what you need to know before starting your next project

9 paint tips and tricks

Some women have a lot of shoes, others prefer to spend their hard-earned money on nice purses. Some collect kitchen gadgets, books, hours at crossfit, or cats. Me? I collect paint. My entryway closet holds all my painting supplies and is currently home to nearly eighty cans of paint, stain, sealer, and spray paint. I know, ridiculous...you don't … [Read more...]

How to extend an outlet to be flush with a new wall

outlet over a plank wall

Two years ago when Adam and I planked our kitchen we had no idea what to do around the outlets and switches. We ended up just cutting the planks around the current outlets and leaving them like that. It never really bothered me...but I never liked it either. The great thing about being a serial DIYer (or a DIY blog reader!) is that you are always l … [Read more...]

Crazy Easy Folded Pillows

easy no sew pillow cover

I've posted a few insanely easy projects over the years, but the one I have for you today takes the cake. I like to call it the "one minute pillow" because you can literally make it in under a minute (unless you have to take pictures of it for a blog post, then it takes significantly longer). There's no sewing, no gluing, no buying pillow forms, … [Read more...]

My Butcher Block Countertops, Two Years Later

Review of butcher blocks counters after two years of use

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a reader asking me to write a post about how our butcher block countertops are holding up. I have to admit, I'm a little embarrassed I didn't think of this myself....of course I should write a follow-up post. My main concern when we choose them was how they would hold up over time and I'm sure many of you are … [Read more...]

How to Raise Your Cabinets & Add a Shelf

How to raise your cabinets and add a shelf

Let's talk about that space above your cabinets for a second...that useless space that does nothing but collect dust and cause design dilemmas.  Do you decorate it? Leave it? I have always left it, I love to decorate but I'm not a fan of having stuff just for the sake of having stuff. When Adam and I started our kitchen remodel two years ago I had … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Tile a Backsplash

Tiling the easy way

I have a sneaking suspicion that many of you have a tiling project you want to take on but don't, because you're unsure of yourself. I don't blame you, there are a lot of steps...planning it out, mixing the thinset (mortar), applying the thinset, applying the tile, waiting for it to dry, grouting, sealing.... I have good news for you. You can tile … [Read more...]

The Wood Flooring Countertop, Part II

Maple before and after stain

Alright everyone, this is part two of my bathroom countertop adventure. (If you haven't read the first part you can do that HERE.) When I left y'all we had successfully made a counter out of maple wood flooring, which happens to be particularly hard to stain. Here was my first attempt... It looked terrible and Adam vetoed it right away. And t … [Read more...]

Bathroom Remodel – Build A Counter Out Of Wood Flooring

Counter out of wood flooring

As you may or may not know, we have started remodeling our tiny master bathroom. You know that dresser that a gave a makeover the other day? Well, it's our new bathroom vanity! (or at least we're working on it.) Here is a before picture, just for reference. There was one problem with the dresser/vanity swicharoo....the top of the dresser … [Read more...]

Decked Out Kitchen Reveal!

two-tomes kitchen cabinets

(Update: I hadn't really intended for this to be my kitchen reveal post, I really just wanted to show y'all how I "decked out" my new floating shelves. Anyway, it has become fairly popular as a kitchen reveal post so I went ahead and added the prices for everything we  have done so far in the kitchen to the end of the post.) Well, my internet is … [Read more...]

Sometimes I Give Terrible Advice – A Plate Wall Update

Plate hangers can be expensive, especially if you would like to do a big feature wall. These DIY plate hangers are a great solution!

I mess up a lot of DIY projects. In fact, I mess up nearly every single one, though usually I am able to fix my mistakes before I blog about it and give y'all terrible advice. That was not the case with my plate wall though (original post HERE). After hanging the plate wall I waited a couple of weeks to blog about it to make sure all was well. … [Read more...]

How To Caulk Like A Pro

How to caulk like a pro

My caulk lines have never been particularly good...unless you compare them to my husbands caulk lines, then mine look amazing. I've always hated doing a project (like baseboards, for example) and having them look perfect up until the caulking part when everything gets all crooked and sad. THEN I ran across this tip, this one simple trick, and it tot … [Read more...]

Lazy Girl Tiling

Tile Setting Mat

Who here has ever tiled before?  I have helped people tile, have watched people tile, but until we started working on our bathroom I had never actually tiled before.  Nope, never. So if you have something you want to tile and are a bit unsure of yourself, trust me when I tell you...it's not that hard. Granted, I started off with a really easy t … [Read more...]

The “Dirty Cowboy” Treatment

Dry brushing

Ahh, the Dirty Cowboy...a great way to give your furniture some personality. That's right... furniture. Is that not what you were expecting? What kind of blog do you think I'm running over here? So I didn't entirely make this technique up, it is really just dry brushing... or antiquing, or distressing with stain, or a variety of  other names. I've … [Read more...]

Polycrylic – The New Polyurethane


When I redid my crappy $5 table late last year I finished it with polyurethane. I wanted a solid finish that would hold up to kids and water rings, and that's just what you use, right? Well, about a week after I finished it started to turn yellow. Now four months later the table looks terrible....it seriously looks like my toddler didn't drink wate … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Own Curtain Rods On The Cheap

How to make your own curtain rods

Making your own curtain rods is super easy and super cheap.... it's a project you can do even if your not a DIY kinda person.  I made a rod for just under bucks, including all the hardware. . The secret to the homemade curtain rod is electrical conduit, which you can find at any hardware store. I love this stuff and have used it all over my h … [Read more...]

Cloth Diapers Explained


I've had quite a few questions about my sons cloth diapers, so I figured I'd just write a post about it. I'm no cloth diaper expert, but after 17 months I've found what works, what doesn't, what I would recommend and what you should definitely NOT buy. So here we go! . When I first heard of cloth diapering I was like "people still do that?" It … [Read more...]