State of the House, 2017 – Main Living Areas

Alright, who’s ready for an interior house tour? Fair warning, this is not some beautifully staged, perfect house tour that you find all over home blogs, this is a very unfinished and unpretty tour so you know exactly where the house stands. Today I’ll show you the main living areas (areas in red below), and in the next post we’ll do the bedrooms, … [Read more...]

Rustic Picnic Style Dining Table husband built another dining room table. It's been over two years since he built the last one and I think he was starting to get a twitch. A table building twitch (or a lack of table building twitch, more like it). If you remember, our first dining table was a simple farmhouse table made out of pine. We sold that table to … [Read more...]

Why You Should Always Listen to Pottery Barn (a bench story)

In my last post I told you about how I bought the galvanized metal chairs I have been lusting after for years. Today we're talking about the other side of the table...the farmhouse benches. These are the complete opposite of my metal chairs... their homemade, cheap, and NOT sturdy. And even though I spent ridiculous amounts of time stalking my … [Read more...]

That one time I actually spent money

Happy 2014! It's my first post of the year....and I don't have some awesome, creative, one of  a kind project for you. I have seven projects that are about 80% finished, but I just can't seem to get them to the "ready to photograph" stage. I also have about 14 hundred ideas floating around in my head and I just want to drop everything I'm working … [Read more...]

Pecan Farmhouse Dining Table

Surprise! We built another dining room table. That kind of came out of left field, I know...after all, we just built our current pine farmhouse table last year.  Allow me to explain... Adam is a wood snob. Now Adam isn't snobby about much. He will gladly drive old crappy cars, sport goodwill t-shirts, go waaay to long between haircuts because I … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Kitchen on a Budget – The Reveal

(Update: I hadn't really intended for this to be my kitchen reveal post, I really just wanted to show y'all how I "decked out" my new floating shelves. Anyway, it has become fairly popular as a kitchen reveal post so I went ahead and added the prices for everything we  have done so far in the kitchen to the end of the post.) Well, my internet is … [Read more...]

Sometimes I Give Terrible Advice – A Plate Wall Update

I mess up a lot of DIY projects. In fact, I mess up nearly every single one, though usually I am able to fix my mistakes before I blog about it and give y'all terrible advice. That was not the case with my plate wall though (original post HERE). After hanging the plate wall I waited a couple of weeks to blog about it to make sure all was well. … [Read more...]

Kitchen Command Center

So this whole command center project started one day when I was at World Market...I saw this one and thought "man I could really use a command center in the kitchen". I kinda sorta liked this one, so I looked at the price was nearly $80 bucks! It's just some plywood, chalkboard paint, trim and a basket. I bet I could make it for $15... … [Read more...]

Dining Room Windows – Done!

I'm slowly working my way around the dining room, finishing one section and then moving to the right and finishing the next. It feels pretty good, since I usually don't finish something before I move on. I call it 'new project enthusiasm' husband calls it something very different. So far I've finished the chalkboard, the pantry door, the plate … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Plate Hangers & My Dining Room Plate Wall

I've been wanting something fun for the big blank wall in my dining room. Something colorful, something cheap. I wanted a plate wall. I excitedly told Adam my idea...and he seemed confused. Adam : "A plate wall? Like dinner plates, on the wall? Me: "Yes." Adam : "You mean like grandmas have in their house?" Me: "Ummmm....well, … [Read more...]

DIY Screen Door For The Pantry

Way back in February, when I organized my pantry, I mentioned that I was looking for an old screen door to replace our current pantry door. I looked for an old screen door for a while, then a new one...but then realized that finding one in the size I needed was a pipe dream. Our pantry door is so narrow (24 inches) that screen doors in that size … [Read more...]

Painted Plank Walls, Finally

Who knew that painting the plank walls would turn out to be the major project of the month? Seriously, painting the walls was more labor intensive than actually putting up the planks. Okay I may just be saying that because installing the planks was completely done by my husband, but still...painting these suckers took forever. And if you're … [Read more...]

How to Make A Plank Wall

Update: If you're actually looking to follow this tutorial, then please read this planking tutorial as well.  It uses the same technique but turned out much better and was a smoother process.  I'm so excited to be writing this means we're working on our kitchen again! The last significant kitchen post I did was nearly a year ago.... … [Read more...]

Indian Inlay Stenciled Table

 Bone inlayed furniture is really popular right now...not with people like us, cause we're cheap, but with people that have money to throw around. The first dresser (the little black one) has a price tag of....hold onto your britches....$2,999! Holy cajoles...most of the cars we've owned have cost less than that.  Do people really pay that much … [Read more...]

{Awesome} Paisley Stenciled Table

Let's talk stenciling. Now, I've done my fair share of stenciling, but it's always been with a homemade stencil and it takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to do. Plus the final product always looks kinda wonky when you get up close and the design is very simple. Also it takes forever....that's worth mentioning twice. So when Cutting Edge Stencils sent me a … [Read more...]

Slipcover Fail

 My newly built farmhouse table has been begging me for some new slipcovers. The greenish ones were never my favorite and they don't fit well at all - the backs are too tight and the bottoms are too loose. Most of the time they look like this.... I bought the chairs on Craigslist, I want to say it was $80 for five of them. One turned out to be … [Read more...]

DIY Farmhouse Table and Bench

Look what now resides happily in my dining room... Yeah, I'm pretty much in love with it. Here is how the dining room has looked for a while now.  Okay, that's not totally true - it's rarely that clean and usually includes a particularly messy high chair. I bought that table for $50 about seven years ago. It even came with chairs, but we … [Read more...]

DIY Bay Window Curtain Rod & Back Tab Curtains

Although this project was really simple it did take me nearly a month to complete, from picking out fabric and brainstorming about how to make the curtain rod to only really being able to work during nap time. I love the way it turned out though! Here is the before picture. Well, its not a true before picture... The first step was to figure … [Read more...]