Cowboy bedding and how to make lined curtains

Okay, sorry for the awkward long break...lots of things going on here at Casa Domestic Imperfection! Exciting news...we are we are almost finished finalizing plans for the new house and will be breaking ground much sooner than we thought. Yay! (and holy stressful!). I can't wait to talk about all of it, but first let me get out these last three … [Read more...]

Sewing a Euro Sham Pillow with Flanges

 Today I have a simple tutorial to share... A couple of weeks ago I showed you the new bedding for my southwestern guest room, and today I'm going to show you how to make the euro sham pillows. (Those are the big orange ones in the back BTW, I know different people call them different things.) Euro shams are generally large square pillows, … [Read more...]

How to Make Book Slings

 If this sounds oddly familiar to you, it's because I've already done (and blogged about) this project. I made my first set of book slings a few years ago while pregnant with boy #2, but I'm going to throw it out there again since 98% of my current readers probably haven't seen that post. Plus these slings have been really great... I mean, we're … [Read more...]

Adding Length to a Shower Curtain

It all started when I feel in love with the  Mosaic Shower Curtain from World Market. I already had a perfectly good shower curtain  from Target, but it was kiddie themed..and as much as I try I just don't like kid stuff. So I ditched it. This one is beautiful (although it - and the entire bathroom - photograph terribly) but it has the same … [Read more...]

25 DIY Shower Curtain Tutorials

Pleated accent shower curtain from Addicted 2 Decorating … [Read more...]

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DIY Tree Skirt from a Tablecloth

For years now my Christmas tree and been naked underneath...we have just had the highly sophisticated fake tree stand out there in the open. This year I decided to class it up and add a tree skirt, but of course buying premade things is just not how we roll in this house. So here is how I easily made one out a tablecloth and some burlap … [Read more...]

Crazy Easy Placemat Pillows (and Napkin Pillows and Dropcloth Pillows)

So pillows. We all love them and use them. We like them for comfort, we like them for decoration, we like them to add  color to our neutral couches. The more the merrier really...except for one little problem. Throw pillows are freakin expensive. Not like Rolex and Mercedes expensive, but even cheap pillows are $20-$30 a pop. I've seen plenty a … [Read more...]

Drop Cloth Barstool Makeover

Two years ago we bought our barstools off of Craigslist for about $40. I wasn't particularly in love with them, but they were cheap, tall, and there were three of them. And they were brown, and we all know how I love brown. But it was time for a change... after all, I am still working on debrowning the living room. I wanted to lighten them up … [Read more...]

Slipcover Fail

 My newly built farmhouse table has been begging me for some new slipcovers. The greenish ones were never my favorite and they don't fit well at all - the backs are too tight and the bottoms are too loose. Most of the time they look like this.... I bought the chairs on Craigslist, I want to say it was $80 for five of them. One turned out to be … [Read more...]

How To Make Curtains

Yesterday I told you how to make your own curtain rods, and today we are moving onto curtains!   Curtains are so superbly easy to make. If you can sew a straight stitch on your sewing machine, than you can make curtains. If you don't have a sewing machine (or just don't want to use it) then don't leave just yet, you can easily make these curtains … [Read more...]

My Big Fat Nursery Chair

My nursery list is dwindling! Good thing, cause so is my time to complete it. Here is a picture of my nursery chair as of last week. It was given to me by my mom, who got it from a garage sale a looong time ago. (Update: After posting this my mom called to let me know that she actually didn't get this at a garage sale, but rather found it on the … [Read more...]

Triple Book Slings

Do y'all remember the list I posted about all the things I wanted to finish in the nursery before the baby comes?  Well, I've completed my first slings! I first came across the idea on Pinterest and then found a tutorial here.  It's a really simple project...if you just make one. I of course had to jazz it up a bit and make three. Still … [Read more...]

How To Make an Envelope Closure Pillow

I'm not great at sewing. In fact, I pretty much stick to sewing square things like pillows, curtains, book slings, tablecloths, and handkerchiefs. Okay, not handkerchiefs (do people actually use those anymore?), but you get the picture.  Luckily sewing an envelope closure pillow is super simple and a great place to start if you're new to … [Read more...]

DIY Bay Window Curtain Rod & Back Tab Curtains

Although this project was really simple it did take me nearly a month to complete, from picking out fabric and brainstorming about how to make the curtain rod to only really being able to work during nap time. I love the way it turned out though! Here is the before picture. Well, its not a true before picture... The first step was to figure … [Read more...]