Ten home improvement projects I would do again

ten home improvement projects I would do again

Well, I didn't really expect to be sitting around my house writing posts this week, but alas, here I am...41 weeks pregnant. According to the doctor there are no signs that I will go into labor in the next week, so he scheduled me for an induction on Wednesday if nothing happens before then. I'm praying it doesn't come to that though, because … [Read more...]

Ten home improvement projects I won’t be repeating

10 DIY projects I won't be repeating

So today is my official due date. This baby is fully cooked, I'm horribly uncomfortable, and the doctor said at my appointment on Tuesday that it doesn't look like this kid is planning to come anytime soon. Darn my comfortable uterus! I was really hoping to have this kid a few days before the due date (like my last pregnancy), but it looks like … [Read more...]

Top Ten Must-Haves for the Next House

Top ten things I want in our next house

We're nearing the final stages of designing our new house (almost to the blueprints stage!) and I've spent the last couple months reflecting on this house, thinking about what we've messed up, what we love, and what we would change. I have a couple of posts coming up relating to all that, and today is the first. My list is actually much, MUCH … [Read more...]

We bought land!

creek in December

Back in October I wrote a post about how we have been land hunting. Our current house was never intended to be our forever home, it was always a place we planned to live in for five or six years, fix up (and make all our DIY mistakes on, if that's possible), sell, and move on. We've owned this house for almost seven years now, and we are ready for … [Read more...]

Adam’s Accident + 36 Week Pregnancy Update

36 weeks

Have you ever heard the saying "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans"? Well I had plans. I have about a month left till this baby is due and I've been trying to finish up the guest room, boy's room, and baby prep in the next month so that I can relax with my newborn and not have a big to-do list. I had two posts a week (a lot for … [Read more...]

Mexico, 23 week pregnancy update, and help with baby names


It's been a little quiet around here lately, but for good reason...Adam and I got back from a vacation earlier this week! We went to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico for five days, and it was amazing. This summer when Adam graduated from the police academy and we celebrated out 10th anniversary, he told me he wanted to go on a vacation. I was … [Read more...]

Life Lately


A couple of years ago I wrote monthly "Ramblings" posts where I talked about things not related to DIY. I would just write about what happened that month...mostly it ended up revolving around my kids. You know, the kind of post readers either really look forward to or dreaded and skip over. Anyway, the last ramblings post I wrote was in October, … [Read more...]

October Ramblings

a year of pictures

Well, October finally happened...we've been waiting and planning for October for a while. So what is this big event? Adam quit his job. His completely steady, stress free, well-paying job. And at the moment, he doesn't have another one lined up. Here's the story (the longish version). Adam is an adventure guy. His favorite pastimes include … [Read more...]

Summer Ramblings


I completely failed to write a single ramblings post this summer, so I'm just going to catch up in one big summer overview post.  And for the purposes of this blog post, September is totally still summer. June There are five kids in Adams family and his sister, Meredith, is the youngest and only girl. This year she graduated high school and was … [Read more...]

May Ramblings


I think these rambling posts get later and later each month. We spent the last week at the beach with a bunch of family and before we left I thought "what a great time to catch up on blog stuff!" Then we got there and guess what...I barely even cracked open my laptop. It was glorious. Also, I just happened to notice that I started my ramblings … [Read more...]

April Ramblings


May has been a bit intense so far and I haven't really touched my computer. You know that feeling when you are so crazy tired that you are basically a worthless lump of human flesh? Then you crawl into bed and it is the best thing EVER? Like comfy bed heaven on earth, even if your sheets haven't been washed recently and your bed isn't even close to … [Read more...]

March Ramblings

Elijah turns three

Alright, March ramblings time! Get ready for a whole lot of talking about...my kids. I never really intended for these ramblings to be 90% about my kids, but then again I spend every waking second with them so I shouldn't be surprised. So for anyone who is interested, here we go.... Elijah turned three this earlier this month. Three! He is hilar … [Read more...]

February Ramblings

Hold Me

My boys have been busy little dudes. They are growing up so fast...Elijah is full on talking and says the funniest stuff, and Levi is just starting to talk a bit. I should really keep a notebook of the stuff Elijah says, because I am going to want to remember it. I post them on my personal facebook page every now and then, so here are a few of t … [Read more...]

December & January Ramblings


Alright y'all, prepare yourselves for a whole lot of rambling. About halfway through this month I realized that I completely forgot to post my December ramblings. December was a crazy month and it just slipped my mind, so now I get to do two months worth of rambling in one monster post. Lets start with good 'ol December. December was both a gr … [Read more...]

November Ramblings


This month I did something a little different for my ramblings post. Usually I sit down a few days before the end of the month and try to recall everything we did (and have a hard time), this month I jotted down a reminder note for myself whenever something bloggable happened.  So as you might expect, this post was much easier to write...and it's pr … [Read more...]

October Ramblings

Kid pictures are impossible

Ah, November...time is flying. October felt kinda crazy and totally rushed, I feel really behind actually.  I have like seven finished projects that are just waiting to be blogged about but I just can't seem to find the time to sit down and finish a post. My house is a mess and my to-do list just keeps getting longer.... I need time to stop for a fe … [Read more...]

You Asked…

You asked, we answered! Here is the video Adam and I made last night answering all the questions ya'll asked a few weeks ago.  It's not quite as through as I would have liked, but evidently YouTube will only let you upload videos that are 10 minutes or less. I didn't want to make two videos, so I had to cut it down and this is what we ended up wit … [Read more...]

September Ramblings


September ramblings on October 1st...I knew one of these months I'd miss my deadline! (I'm actually surprised that it took me so long.) I feel like these monthly posts make my months feel shorter.... seriously, I just wrote one of these...how has it been a month already? So, let's get to rambling... Levi is eleven months now and the countdown is … [Read more...]

August Ramblings

August 2012 2

If I could sum up this month with one word, it would be "water". Not because it rained or anything (let's not get crazy) but because our month was filled with  two things...swimming and crying. Mostly crying. I'm not sure why the tears were so out of hand this month...maybe it's teething, boredom,  frustration (they want to do things themselves, but … [Read more...]

July Ramblings

July 2W

I'm just going to jump right in and start rambling about the thing I ramble about best...my boys. Hey, people talk about what they spend their time doing...and I do projects and parenting. So this month Elijah's vocabulary has expanded a ton. It's long overdue as he is a bit behind speech wise and I think taking away the pacifier last month really … [Read more...]