What I Learned on the Whole30

The other day a reader commented and said “I need to know how the Whole30 went!” Did you finish it?” and then I realized that I never posted part II of our January Whole30 adventure. I figured posting it now, as I sit here knee-deep in my kids Easter candy is fitting, right? So keep reading if you are interested, and if not come back next week when … [Read more...]

2016 Year In Review

Alright y’all, here comes one heck of a post. I’ve been chipping away at it for months...it’s pretty much my masterpiece. Enjoy.  2016 was a great year. Adam and I worked on building our house, moved into it, sold our old house for more than we thought we would, had a baby, and  generally lots of amazing things happened. That being said, it has … [Read more...]

Four Boys and a Man on a Mission

I figured that after a month of silence it was about time for an update on the baby and life in general, so here we go. Let’s start at the beginning...the day Abram was born. I’m one of those women that is chronically overdue with babies and I expected nothing less with this one... I don’t think I even packed my hospital bag until after my … [Read more...]

Baby #4 is here, and it’s a…

BOY! Everyone, meet Abram. Born 10/26/16 7 lbs 12 oz 20.5 inches He is the sweetest, most snuggly little thing you will ever meet. I was planning to write a whole post about him and the birth, but the second I started typing three-quarters of my kids started crying, so I will be back at a later time to share more details. We are … [Read more...]

How We Sold Our House in One Day

This post started off as a simple “tips to sell your house quickly” post...but then it just couldn’t stop writing and it kinda turned into a brain dump on everything. So keep reading if you want to hear about how we sold our house in a day (for over the asking price!), how much profit we made, the final house tour, and other various thoughts on the … [Read more...]

Life and Pregnancy Update

Hey everyone! SO sorry I fell off the face of the earth right after dropping that pregnancy bomb, my computer died and has been in the repair shop. I tried to get it fixed through Apple, but they quoted me $500 to get it working again...which I just can't/won't do. Fortunately I found a local guy to get it working again for about … [Read more...]

Boys + Bluebonnets = Four (obviously)

If you live in the Texas hill country, springtime bluebonnet pictures are a must. They’re practically a requirement to live here...I’ve heard rumors that if you don’t take at least one bluebonnet picture each year they kick you out of the state. Each spring for the 6-8 weeks the bluebonnets are out you can find cars pulled over on the side of the … [Read more...]

2015 Year in Review

(I started writing this post mid-December with the best intentions of getting it out the first week in January, but that obviously didn’t happen. Each time I sat down to collect pictures I got super distracted looking at old photos. I was even going to make a year in review video (I have so many videos!) but I eventually had to tell myself it was … [Read more...]

Party of Five

Well, I think I've kept y'all waiting long enough. Who wants to hear about the new addition? (insert drumroll) It's a.... BOY! Allow me to introduce my newest little man, Judah. He arrived on Wednesday, March 18th at 11:27 am. Not by choice though, he had to be forced out. Truth be told, if it was up to me I would have … [Read more...]

We bought land!

Back in October I wrote a post about how we have been land hunting. Our current house was never intended to be our forever home, it was always a place we planned to live in for five or six years, fix up (and make all our DIY mistakes on, if that's possible), sell, and move on. We've owned this house for almost seven years now, and we are ready for … [Read more...]

Why the guest room isn’t becoming a nursery

Since announcing that I'm pregnant with baby #3 I've been asked a few times if the guest room is going to become a nursery. The short answer is "no"....the long answer is the rest of this post :) To be honest, I'm not going to prep for this baby at all. It's not getting a nursery and I'm not altering the boy's room. We're just going to put this … [Read more...]


I've been less than honest with y'all lately. I know, you thought you could trust me...but the truth is I've been keeping a secret. A big secret, one that has taken over my life for the last few months. It's time to let the cat out of the bag... Pretty soon I'm going to be a mother of three! (I know those aren't exactly tiny little baby … [Read more...]

The Most Embarrassing Post I’ve Ever Written

Three years ago today I started Domestic Imperfection. For the first two blogiversaries I put together giveaways as a thank you to my readers for all the support. This year I didn't plan anything though, mostly because it's a whole lot of work and only one or two people win things. So instead I'm going to do something better...I'm going to … [Read more...]

In the BlogLight!

If you're here for the first time, then welcome! If you are a regular around here then you may be wondering what the heck the bloglight is all about... allow me to explain. Hometalk is a website where you can share home-related projects, ask home-related (and gardening) questions, and find a ton of inspiration. Hometalk is also very supportive of … [Read more...]

Levi’s One! (A Year Of Pictures)

Today is my little Levi's first birthday. I can't decide if I'm really excited about it, or completely sad. I want him to be my sweet little baby forever, but at the same time each day he becomes more fun and lets me see a little more of his adorable personality. Also, the older he gets the more him and Elijah play, and that is certainly a good … [Read more...]

You Asked…

You asked, we answered! Here is the video Adam and I made last night answering all the questions ya'll asked a few weeks ago.  It's not quite as through as I would have liked, but evidently YouTube will only let you upload videos that are 10 minutes or less. I didn't want to make two videos, so I had to cut it down and this is what we ended up … [Read more...]

When My Blog Grows Up

Lately I've been thinking a lot about I want my blog to be when it grows up. It's grown a lot recently and I can foresee it becoming an actual full time job in the future. Which, let me say, is amazing. When I started this blog I never ever ever would have believed that it would become what it has. Sharing my projects with y'all is seriously the … [Read more...]

Six Months and Two

Warning: There are absolutely NO creative ideas in this post. It's chock full of adorable kid pictures and me gushing about how cute they are and how fast they're growing. That's it. Consider yourself officially warned. Friday Levi turned six months old. It went by so quickly... it seems like just yesterday that I wrote this post all about having … [Read more...]

How We Paid Off Our House In 3.5 Years

This February we paid off our house. (excuse me for one second..OHMYGOODNESS, WE PAID OFF OUR HOUSE!!!!! WE'RE DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!) And I'm back. Now to be totally and completely honest, I wasn't even sure I should write this post. I don't want to come off as braggy or in your face about it. I know that there are a lot of people out … [Read more...]

I’m A Tan Van Fan

Perhaps I'm uncool, or maybe I just appreciate function over form, but I'm super excited about my new minivan! We bought it last week after casually shopping for more months than I care to admit. It's a 2004 Honda Odyssey....tan leather interior, fully loaded and only 72,000 miles. Okay, perhaps that not considered "new" to most people, but it's … [Read more...]