The Official Domestic Imperfection House Tour! (And A Link Party)

Remodel your home on a budget

Welcome to my house's been a long time coming, right!? Currently my empty house tour tab is one of my most clicked things on my site, yet there has never been anything in it. To think of all the poor DIYers and curious souls I disappoint every single day. No more! So welcome to my always in progress, blurry pictured, somewhat messy house t … [Read more...]

Guest Bedroom Frame Wall


A couple of months ago I posted before and after pictures of my guest bedroom. Though I'm happy with the main wall, the other side of the room is a bit boring. So now, my after picture becomes my before picture. I wanted to make a frame wall, so I started collecting frames. Really random ones. Then, while shopping at HomeGoods, I found … [Read more...]

Guest Room Before and After

guest room

Since the guest room was a pre-blog project I don't have any pictures of it in progress. Trust me when I say that every item in this room could be its own post! Here are the before and after pictures...I wanted this room to have a totally different color scheme and design than the rest of my house, and it certainly does! . The … [Read more...]