My Painted Kitchen Cabinets – Five Years Later

Since we have been on the subject of kitchen cabinets lately, I thought perhaps y’all would appreciate an update on the ones I painted five years ago. Truth be told they aren’t holding up that well, so if I can keep someone from making the same mistakes I did that would be great. So five years ago Adam and I took this dated, boring, builder … [Read more...]

My Painted Shower – One Year Later

Last October I did something crazy....I painted my shower. The post I wrote about the process has become one of my most popular, probably because (much like my paper bag flooring) it's just an unusual concept. Anyway, since it's been over a year I figured its high time for an update. After all, whats the point of posting crazy tutorials if I'm not … [Read more...]

Guest Room Paper Flooring (and why I’m disappointed with it)

This summer I started redoing my guest room, and the first step was new flooring. I wanted to do paper bag floors, mostly because they're cheap and beautiful, but also because I wanted the flooring to match in my boy's room and the guest room (they're right next to each other). CLICK HERE TO READ MY ORIGINAL POST ABOUT INSTALLING PAPER BAG … [Read more...]

40 Bags in 40 Days – The Results

The 40 bags in 40 days challenge ended a couple of weeks did everyone do? I did pretty well. My house still isn't an organized haven, and I wasn't the ruthless, hard-hearted, clutter destroying machine that I had hoped to be...but I still got my 40 bags. More than 40 actually. When I first read about this challenge 40 bags sounded like a … [Read more...]

The Paper Flooring Experiment, Part IV – Misfit Questions & Other Resources

  Can I paper over tile? Yes, it actually works really well. This tile has some bumps and ridges to make it look more natural, and it shows through the paper and looks pretty cool, almost like real stone (if my stain job wasn't so terrible). Just know that if you paper over tile the grout lines will very clearly show. I don't … [Read more...]

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The Paper Flooring Experiment, Part III – Sealer Options

#8 Parks (RustOleum) Water based Poly for Floors - $40 a gallon Look familiar? That's because it is...this is the sealer that I used to seal my boys floor. It finished dead last, much to my horror. Although there is a silver lining - I was somewhat impressed with it after a year of use, so if the worst performer held up alright then you really … [Read more...]

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The Paper Flooring Experiment, Part II – Stain Options

 Welcome to round two of my most well researched project ever! The first part of this experiment covered paper options for flooring (read that post HERE if you missed it), this one is all about stain. Oil based vs. water based, different colors, etc. Everyone has a different opinion on oil based and water based products, I personally like … [Read more...]

The Paper Flooring Experiment, Part I – Paper Options

Builders Paper You can pick this paper up at Home Depot near the paint section, it costs about $11 for a 140 ft roll (it will last you forever). This is the paper that I used in my boy's room. Here are my observations about it... The thickest of all the papers. The darkest of all the papers The most difficult to rip and crumple … [Read more...]

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