I’m Ashley, the voice behind Domestic Imperfection.

I’m not the best at about me’s, so I’m just going to tell you my story…in pictures, of course.
I’ll start at the beginning.
A product of the 80’s, I was born and raised near San Antonio, Texas.
I had a great childhood filled with outdoor adventures, critters, activities, and family.
When I was 17, I met a boy.
Some might say that we hit it off…
When I was 18 he asked me to marry him.
And when I was 19, I did.
About six months later money was really tight and we decided to join the Army.
Adam left for seven months of training. It was crappy, but sure did make for a sweet reunion.
Adam got stationed up at Fort Drum, NY.
It was a little different than what we were used to down in hot and sunny Texas.
About five months after arriving, Adam left for Afghanistan for a year. It was one of the hardest and best years of my life. I met some of the most awesome girls during that year and we were each others support system.
Adam returned from Afghanistan safe and sound and we had about a year and a half together before he left for Iraq. By that time most of my friends had moved or gotten out, so we decided that I should move back home for this one. In August 2008 we bought our first house in our hometown.
 I lived there alone while he was gone. Halfway through his deployment Adam got to come home for two weeks. It also happened to land on our five year wedding anniversary (the first one we ever got to spend together!) and at that time I got pregnant with our first child. Adam returned home for good halfway through my pregnancy and I moved back to New York.
March of 2010 our little Elijah was born.
Adam’s six year enlistment was up about five months later. He just missed having to deploy for another year, and I was oh so thankful. We hightailed it out of New York and moved into our awaiting Texas house.
February of 2011 I started Domestic Imperfection with this post, and the next week I found out I was pregnant again. Our second son, Levi was born in October of 2011(story here).
Then came boy number three, Judah, in March 2015
 Also in 2015 we bought a piece of property, designed and built our dream home, and said goodbye to our first home. The new house is the biggest DIY project we have ever taken on and is now the main focus of the blog.
 In October of 2016, during all the building and selling and DIY craziness we also welcomed our fourth son, Abram.
 And that, my friends, brings us to today… where I spend my time chasing boys and sneaking in projects where I can!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my website. This is just a fun place for me to share my passion and my hobby, so please enjoy yourself and don’t take any of this too seriously. It’s just decorating, its just stuff… none of it really matters in the end.

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  1. Such an amazing ‘about me’, Ashley. You are such an inspiration! I’m so happy I found your blog! Just love it! :) ~ Virginia from http://www.livelovediy.com

  2. Inspiring “About Us” and you ARE totally awesome. Love your blog and your fabulous creativity. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Small world…A friend posted on of your projects to her FB wall…I followed it here…And just left Fort Drum at the end of 2011! :) I think the best part of Drum was the friends I made for sure!! Enjoying the blog…keep up the good work. :)
    Maegan recently posted..Just keep swimming.My Profile

  4. Monique says:

    You were an accidental discovery for me about an hour ago. I just remarried at 50 years old and started reading about how you paid off your house. My husband has paid for his three times already (his sister and two ex-wives). I feel really lousy about our financial situation and have been talking to him about everything you wrote about. Thanks for using real numbers. And also thank you for freely praising Our Lord for the blessings (we) have. I am leaving you this message to let you know that for an hour or so today, you brightened my life, and gave me hope for my future. And although I’m more than twice your age, your blog is really relevant. May God bless you and your family and keep you safe in His love.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow . . . It’s about a year exactly from this post. . . .i just discovered you/your site too. . . and I’m (about) that age too! (here in NOLA we say “before you was born dah-lin”. . . . . .don’t know about the house payoff thing yet. . . haven’t read that blog, but the grout thing. . . Ooh girl. . . .i know what I’m doing this summer! Ha! I just need that 29 yr old spunk you obviously have going on! And yes, thanks for praisin’ The Lord . . . .Amen sista!
      Thanks for such a cool site and I’ll be back!
      Denise in NOLA

  5. Love reading your “about me”. Gorgeous little boys you’ve been blessed with! What a great story! I’ll be following your blog, you are so creative!
    Mrs. C recently posted..Cabinet Cleaning Leads To…My Profile

  6. Such a wonderful family, I love ur story! I´m also love for projects! I´ll be following you because you have an awesome ideas :D… God bless u and your family… Take care

  7. Beautiful ABOUT ME story. I love your photos and what a beautiful family !!
    P.s. I wrote about Chalkboard paint as a DIY too….and I am with ya sista…making homemade Chalkboard paint can be an epic fail…I didn’t even give it a shot. LOL.
    P.s. I loved the finished look with the sanded edges too. GREAT JOB in the end !
    Lynne xx
    Lynne Knowlton recently posted..DIY Kitchen Pantry Doors. CHALK it up to Childhood.My Profile

  8. I love your website, your pictures and your humor. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed almost all of your articles (the rest I haven’t read yet). I’m looking forward to a long and happy web relationship.
    Kathleen recently posted..Getting Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms – Lebanon TNMy Profile

  9. What a sweet story … and a beautiful family! I look forward to perusing the blog and learning more.

    gena recently posted..Flower Power !My Profile

  10. Oh I love you’re about section! :) My husband is in training and hasn’t been deployed yet, only TDY for a month and a month was long! Luckily he will be training to be a pilot for the next few years so I will be able to keep him close! I love your cute little home! It is soooo cute! :)

    emily hone recently posted..HouseandHone.blogspot.com is now HouseandHone.com!My Profile

    • I remember…when Adam was gone in basic it was the longest few months of my life. I would almost say deployments were easier! I mean, a year is a wicked long time, but we were fortunate enough to get to talk everyday. Plus I was well practiced in being alone by then :) I’m guessing your at Rucker?

  11. I am now not sure how I ran across your blog. I could have been the farmers table. Of which i forced my hubby to make for me after seeing Restoration Hardware’s version and having a mild heart attack at the price! lol. I don’t know you pulled me right in, especially the story about paying off your house. It really spoke to me about something me and the hubsters have been praying about. We do not own our own home, but want too and are looking into the Dave Ramsey series. Then of course I got emotional reading your “about me”. Having children makes me cry ALOT more. I too had a son in October 2011, a very hard pregnacy, but oh so worth. I just wanted to leave my mark and thank you for sharing your thoughts ans projecjts. :) Steph

  12. Hi, I just discovered your blog. I live in Austin. Your “before” photos of your closets and pantry look like my “right now” closets and pantry. Even though we rent an apartment, I was impressed that you paid off your mortgage in 3.5 years. If a young thing like you can be so organized and together AND raise 2 babies, then a 50-something like me can get it together too. I hope.

  13. Just a little fyi: your link to Elijah’s birth story is actually linked to Levi’s birth story. So both birth story links go to Levi’s.
    My first and second babies are also 19 mos apart. However, I had my easiest labor first and my hardest, second. So not the way to do it! You did it right, girl.

  14. Just found your blog today after linking up at Lil Luna….so glad I did. I’ve got two little boys as well, just 12 months apart. They’re my grandsons and I’m raising them on my own. I’m also a displaced Southerner but still live up North. Still not used to the cold, either. I’m your newest follower….Hopefully you’ll follow back and we can keep up with projects and babies.

    And I’m lovin’ that yellow table by the way! :)
    Jenna recently posted..Master Bathroom RevealMy Profile

  15. Hi, just found your blog from Pintrest, love your Paisley Stenciled Table, I so want to try that. I’m from NNY and grew up about 15 miles from Drum; your snowy picture made me homesick. You have some great ideas and a talent for bringing the details together, thanks for sharing

  16. Just discovered your blog through the magic that is Pinterest. Stayed up until MIDNIGHT reading last night, and have scoured the pages tonight as well. Really enjoy your honesty, humbleness, and family love. I just had my firstborn last July. It has been a growth process for me, but I LOVE it. We are hoping to have a little sibling for my son in the next couple of years. I just LOVED watching all the interaction between your little ones. Thanks for being open and sharing your life!

  17. I just found your blog through Pinterest this morning. Your style is great and your house looks wonderful. Since we just moved into a project, I mean a house in May, I’ll be back for inspiration.

    What a precious family and a great story. All the best to you and thank you for your service.

  18. Marlene Heringer says:

    I knew you were from San Antonio when I saw the Bolners Fiesta in your pantry! Love it.

  19. Hi Ashely! This is so weird. I was organizing my pins (on pinterest) and saw your picture when following up on the ‘make your own curtain rod’ post and thought, gee, she looks familiar. After scanning your About page and seeing you were stationed at Ft. Drum I realized you and I had met through a mutual friend, Jackie Maides. It is wonderful to see you are doing so well. You have a great blog. Congratulations on its success as well as your growing family.
    Jayme recently posted..I suppose pooping next to the toilet is as good as pooping on the toilet.My Profile

    • Jayme, yes…of course I remember you! You, Amber, Brandi, the whole group. So funny that you randomly found me (and recognized me!). Thanks about the blog and family..lots of changes in the last five years. I crept your tumbler page and have to tell you that your son is adorable. Such big beautiful eyes!

  20. Read your story about paying off your house, and see here that your husband was in the military – wondering how you make a living now? It’s always interesting!

  21. I just wanna mention how weird it is that I named my second son Elijah Levi about a year ago and those are the 2 names you picked out for your sons… Your house is beautiful and so are your babies. I am also the mama of 2 boys here in Texas. God Bless you & your family!

  22. I really like DIY websites and yours is a very down-to-earth one. :) I like trying to fix/repair stuff around the house but it is difficult because my place is old and I am relatively a newbie at this. I learned a bit from my civil engg dad, watching others, etc. Sadly, I dont see most of the gear you guys use in our shops here. It is difficult finding out alternatives too… either the guy at the hardware store understands what i am talking about or he will just ignore me. (that’s mostly because regular folk don’t visit them shops.) Then, I have to improvise or call for professional help. :P
    I also appreciate your humility — it takes a lot to say it doesn’t matter in the end. Deep. :)
    WIsh you guys all the best.

    ~ A (Mumbai, India)
    Aristarkhos recently posted..Fruit-loving visitorsMy Profile

  23. I came across your blog through Pinterest and thought that the picture with all of that cedar and rock looked very familiar lol! I live in the same area (Kerrville), and laughed about your struggle to dig out the rock for gardens.. Loving your blog so far and look forward to subscribing! You and your family and home are all adorable. I hardly get any house projects done since having my one child. I’m so impressed with all you are doing with four!

  24. Inspiring “About Us” and you ARE totally awesome. Love your blog and your fabulous creativity. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Our Ashley beautiful, inspiring story, congratulations to this beautiful family.


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