Try Something New: Macrame Edition

I think it’s time to mix it up on the blog a bit. I’m tired of just posting about house updates all the time, I miss doing fun creative projects and sharing them with y’all.

So here’s what I’m thinking, a new blog series where I pick something I have always wanted to try, or think looks like fun, or have been meaning to learn for forever and haven’t, and I actually do it. What a crazy idea, right? Not only that though, I want us to do it as a group.

These “challenges” will pop up randomly (because y’all know how much I hate committing to a schedule) and I will tell you all about the project I’m gong to try. I’ll give a deadline for having your project finished, I’m thinking two or three weeks should be sufficient time. Anyway, on that day I’ll have a new post up and tell you whether I succeeded or failed (and share all the stories and photos that go along with it), and at the bottom of the post I will have a link party so we can all share. So if you have a blog write a post about your project and add it to the party, and if you don’t then I want to hear about it in the comments (feel free to link to your instagram or however you share photos).

So here is the first project. Ya’ll are familiar with macrame, right? You know, macrame….



It was popular back in the 70’s and is back in full force today.




So here’s the thing…it’s not my favorite. I mean, I don’t hate it, but it’s not something I would hunt down to put in my house. However, I think it looks like a ton of fun to make. It looks like a challenge, but the kind of challenge you can do while sitting in front of the TV at night after your kids are in bed. That’s the kind of project I miss doing.

Anyway, on Wednesday June 28th I will post my followup where I will either come back with something looking like this (ha)….


or this…

Only time will tell.

I’ve already bought my supplies, I plan to make (try to make) a wall hanging and maybe a plant holder. I bought this cotton cord from Amazon and a dowel from Home Depot, and that’s all the supplies I need. I tried to pick a project that didn’t have a huge expensive supply list, and this one definitely fits the bill! Also, I know absolutely nothing about macrame, so here are some resources I plan on using –


So, just to sum it all up, here are the rules –

  • Pick any macrame project to try, You can make a wall hanging, plant hanger, table runner, jewelry, a hammock, light fixture, whatever.
  • Do your project. You may succeed and make something beautiful, or you may fail and curse me for making you try such a horrid craft. Both are acceptable outcomes!
  • Come back on June 28th and tell me all about it
    • If you have a blog then write a post to share at the link party, if you don’t then you can link to your (public) instagram, Facebook, twitter, pinterest pin (you can do a manual upload), or whatever you want in the comments.



That’s it…I’m interested to see how this turns out! Also, I’d love some suggestions on future projects to try…anything you think looks interesting? Please share!

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  1. Debbe Meade says:

    Oh yes I did this in 1975-1977 I made a lot of things , wall clock in gold and brown for each number.I did a hanging table with light on top.Many plants hangers.I even did a hammock and around a barrel that I put glass top on it. I also made an owl with a stick from the yard for his feet to be around.I really got into that back then now my hobby is machine embroidery and quilting.

  2. Jan Horwood says:


  3. Julia G. says:

    I noticed macramé making a comeback and thought about picking it up again. I made lots of macramé stuff – hanging table, planters, wall hanging, purses and even a crib mobile for one of my baby girls! I accept your challenge! See you June 28th!

  4. Thank you for including My French Twist in your resources! Good luck with your project – can’t wait to see what you come up with! I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog, too!

  5. Dianne Pinyan says:

    What a cute idea! And since you have loads of extra time on your hands, I am glad you found a way to stay busy. We all need to be more crafty. Can’t say that I will participate in this particular project as I have trouble tying my shoes so that they stay tied!! I will look forward to seeing what others do and will join in on upcoming projects.

  6. Heather says:

    I’ll take a pass on this one, but look forward to future projects. Here’s a list of crafty things I’ve been procrastinating starting: paint an armoire, slipcover a chair, slipcover an ottoman, make a lampshade (fabric, not macramé), make a lamp, embellish curtains, line curtains, teach my kids to Bible journal, make shell art, make melted crayon art, decorate my stairs somehow, make a sign for my chicken coop ( or otherwise make it looks less shak-like), make a dining room table…I dream big. I appreciate the idea of accountability and am excited to see what crafts you decide to tackle.

  7. I did macramé back in the late 70’s and loved making wall hangings, etc. I kept them for years but we moved a couple of years ago and I must have gone nuts and given them away because I can’t find them now when I want them. I’m loving seeing bits of macramé here and there in homes now and actually bought the supplies to get back into it but so far I’ve done nothing with it. I will have to relearn everything and set up a place to work, something that requires more energy than I have :) Good luck on your macramé project!

  8. Donna G says:

    haha, In the last 10 months I finally passed my ORIGINAL 1970’s macrame books onto the local opportunity shop. I’m 50 and now at university so decided I will never have time. Good luck with yours. It certainly is something good to do but I just never have time. When I do have time, I crochet, sew, (clothes and crafts) read and garden plus exercise; I think that’s enough. I am looking forward to seeing what you make.

  9. Kristie Turner says:

    Loved doing macrame in the ’70’s! Made a beautiful 6 ft tall hanging Oriental lighted plant stand for my MIL which went quickly at an estate sale. Thoroughly enjoyed making many other home decor projects. As a matter of fact, still have a roll of jute twine from back then that I use for other things today! Ha! May have to pull out my instruction books to start again. Very fun!

  10. Perhaps you could try an owl project like the one below. ;D
    (Better watch with headphones with young’uns around and there are volume changes)

  11. What amazing timing! One Christmas around 1985 I made some little macrame mice for ornaments and gave them to everyone in my daughters school class. Yesterday my daughter called and asked if I remembered how to make them because she wants me to make some for her daughters this Christmas. I’ve remembered!

  12. Kari Shadrick says:

    I wish I would have seen this sooner. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while and this would have given me a kick in the butt to get started. Maybe I’ll still do it anyway. I mean, I know I WILL, but maybe I’ll do it soon anyway. Can’t wait to see what you end up with.

Thank you for your comments!

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