Plans for the Master Bedroom

In the last house I never finished our master bedroom, the entire time we lived there it was an unfinished catch-all for everything in the house that didn’t have a place. We basically slept in a storage unit. Adam and I would crawl into bed night after a long day, and instead of feeling relaxed we would just look around and think “Ugh…there is so much stuff we didn’t get done today” (even if we had each rocked the socks off our to-do list).

I know I’m not alone in this. I know the master bedroom is usually the forgotten room of the house, because no one sees it. But dang it, I see it. Adam sees it. We work hard, and having a bedroom that doesn’t stress us out isn’t too much to ask. So today I want to share the plan I have in my head for the master bedroom in the new house.

We designed this bedroom to be further away from the action than our old bedroom. That one was right in the middle of the house and never really felt private, mostly because the kids were always in it. To remedy that situation we have implemented a rule around here- No kids in mom and dads room. That is not super strict of course…the baby sleeps in there, and the three other boys are welcome to come in when they need something or if mom is requesting snuggle time. But no, they may not jump on my bed, or spread their legos and dinosaur toys all over the floor like they did in the last house. And no, boys, you may not use my bathroom. There are two other toilets in this house and 2.5 acre as outside for you to pee all over…stay the heck away from my toilet.

And so, with that rule firmly in place, I am looking forward to creating a real bedroom for Adam and I. Our sanctuary. Our kid free (ish) zone that is totally relaxing and serene and all things that aren’t stressful or loud or messy.

So here is what I have in mind…

Forgive the absolutely horrendous rendering (I’m an olioboard newbie), but you get the gist.

Adam is big on our new bedroom not having any crazy prints or colors…he says he wants a bedroom that looks like adults sleep there. So I plan to keep it extremely neutral and bring in interest with texture instead, using a lot natural materials like wood, leather, metal, linen, etc. Here is what we have so far…basically, we have walls, a mattress, and two queen blankets on our king sized bed.

It’s a solid start (besides that whole two blankets thing). That limestone wall is quite a stunner and I smile every time I see it…it was definitely $1,000 I have zero retreats about spending. The walls are already painted “Silvermist” by Sherwin Williams and I think the color is perfect, it is subtle and neutral without being too boring or bland. The floor will be a rustic wood…one day. This is years down the road though, so until then it will be concrete like the rest of the house.

Then there’s the whole issue of the ceiling.

Right now it is covered in temporary drop cloths so that we could close on our construction loan, and we had planned to skin the beams with wood and do a rusty metal ceiling. I think we changed our mind though and will do a wood ceiling, since wood is easier to find and easier to install (and we already did metal in the living room). I’m not quite sure about the colors yet though…we could do wood ceiling and beams, white ceiling and beams, wood ceiling and white beams, or white ceiling and wood beams. I think I’m leaning toward all wood or wood ceiling and white beams, but we will see. I’m sure we will come back to this subject in the future.

For window treatments I plan to do plain white roman shades for the windows beside the bed. As much as I love a good full length curtain I refuse to drill into the stone or cover the wood headers.

The french doors will get fully functioning full length curtains though. As much as I love being able to see across the yard and into the living room and kitchen from my bed, I don’t so much love that it also goes the other way.

The opposite wall just has baby supplies on it now, but we have big plans for the future.

We went ahead and stubbed out a gas line in the wall for a future gas fireplace, which is why we went with small square windows instead of full length ones. The left side with get a cozy chair, and the doorway to the bathroom will get a big wooden barn door.

The wall opposite the bed now holds our old TV. I was always a ‘no TV in the bedroom” girl, but we went ahead and put one in here and it is the best thing ever. Seriously, I could not have been more wrong about the TV in the bedroom thing…if we had put one in our room years ago we probably wouldn’t have four kids, haha. Anyway, eventually we will hide all the cords and get a media center, likely the one from our living room once we complete the built-in in there.

Alright, now back to that main wall…

First, the bed. Originally I planned on an old iron bed because it feels like it the bedroom wants it, but then we went to a bed and breakfast and actually slept in one and I hated it. You cannot comfortably sit up and lean against an iron headboard, its uncomfortable no matter how you adjust the pillows. Adam wants to build the bed anyway, and after much back and forth we decided that the headboard should be leather.

source – Isn’t that the most beautiful leather headboard!? I cannot for the life if me get google to tell me where it’s from or how to buy it though. 

I already bought a set of paisley sheets from Pottery Barn (my one peekaboo of pattern in the room) and I am now hunting a linen duvet cover and shams.

I never would have considered linen before, but while shopping at a Pottery Barn outlet months ago I stumbled upon one of their Belgian flax linen duvets. My hand grazed it while digging for other goodies, and I immediately snatched it up because it was SO SOFT. It didn’t have any tags or labels on it, so I found an employee and was like “What is this material and how much does it cost?!” Turns out is was a queen  (we need a king) and it was over $200, which I gawked at and walked away. I can’t stop thinking about it though…now nothing else is good enough.

For the nightstands, I know I want them to be white, and I want mine to be a dual purpose writing desk/nightstand. I’m also kinda in love the spool/bobbin leg/spindle/whatever you want to call it furniture at the moment, so I am on the hunt for something like the photo below (but white and not $1,300).

Add in a big textured rug, some decor and some greenery, and a do believe we will have ourselves a pretty amazing bedroom. Let’s see that sweet mood board one more time…

Oh yeah.

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  1. Target has a cute Jenny Lind desk for fairly inexpensive. It is teal though so some paint would be required. Looks like a great plan!

  2. As traditional and “boring” as it might be, I’d lean towards “white ceiling and wood beams.” The wood beams would tie in so nicely with the french doors and also be consistent with the look throughout the house. A more traditional look for the ceiling would also leave you more room to jazz up the decor–lessons learned from the last living room? Lol. But giirl, go get that linen duvet cover if you want it! This is your forever home, right? Time to buy quality. I say that as someone who buys a new cheap duvet cover from Overstock every 2-3 years . . . there comes a time to get serious about your master retreat.

    • Yes, that last living room did have me trapped…this bedroom will be far away from that I hope! I love white planked ceilings too, but I feel like they are more cottage/beach house than rustic retreat? But I don’t want it instantly darken and date it with orange-y wood either (we would use cedar, I’m sure). Decisions decisions.
      Ashley recently posted..Master Closet Reveal!My Profile

  3. I bought a pretty nice linen comforter and sham set from target for about $120 for a king. It’s super soft and light grey. My boyfriend is from Eastern Europe and does NOT like top sheets, so I bought the linen set and I haven’t looked back. It’s so soft. I think ours is the Fieldcrest brand they sell. Maybe get that until you’re ready to invest in a higher priced set?

  4. Wow I needed this post. Your bedroom already looks like a retreat compared to mine. I can’t wait to see how your ceiling turns out. I love the wood/wood look but I also really love the white ceiling/wood beams look. And that leather headboard – I almost fell off my chair. It’s perfection! I’m going to attempt to make one like that. Cos really, how hard could leather tufting be? *hysterical laughter* Im really looking forward to your bedroom updates – it couldn’t have come at a better time 😀

  5. Jan Elizabeth says:

    It’s going to be beautiful! All calm and peaceful. :)

  6. Chelsea says:

    “There are two other toilets in this house and 2.5 acre as outside for you to pee all over…stay the heck away from my toilet.” That made me laugh out loud. :D I love that your posts are interesting and informative, but also hilarious. Your bedroom plans are gorgeous, by the way.

  7. If you really want a duvet this may not be for you but I bought this set and it is the softest most lux bedding ever. It has totally faked out a bunch of people that thought it looked just like a linen RH duvet

  8. This seems like it might be close to the head board you are looking for. they have over 2000 options when searching leather upholstered headboards.

    • Oh, I like that one! And the price is pretty god too…thank you!
      Ashley recently posted..2016 Year In ReviewMy Profile

      • If you are looking for genuine leather, keep in mind that the one on the Hayneedle site is FAUX. That’s why the price is so good! Talk to an upholstery shop–They may be able to come up with what you want, in real leather. What if your husband made the headboard, and you had it upholstered?

        • Yeah, I saw that it was fake, too bad. I’ve actually been thinking about doing just what you said, building a headboard and them taking it down to an upholstery shop to get it finished. I’m sure it would be so much cheaper that way, and even though I could probably upholster it myself I’m sure it would end up looking like a bad DIY job (and nothing like the inspiration photo).
          Ashley recently posted..2016 Year In ReviewMy Profile

          • Keep in mind real leather will get patina, i.e. grease spots, from where your head rests against it if you don’t have a pillow in between you and it… and you can’t clean that! I much prefer real materials too, but if you are set on that headboard you might want to consider fake leather!

  9. My aunt/uncle have a cabin that they did with white-washed wood ceilings and natural wood beams. It’s a really beautiful look. I’m not sure there’s a wrong answer here though.

  10. Lela S. says:

    Definitely love the wood ceiling and white beams idea!! <3

  11. Ria from Oz says:

    I’ve got Roman blinds in my bedroom because I love the views outside, but can block out the world when I want. Mine has sheers which you can also pull up or leave down. I love them! No hunk of curtaining for me!
    Loving the whole look you are going for. Clean, cool but with a definite modern rustic.

  12. Stephanie N says:

    I think that headboard is WELL within your and Adams DIY expertise. Little Green Notebook had a very good tutorial YEARS ago. I’m sure you could find it though.
    I’m craving linen sheets even though I’ve never even felt them! haha I just know that linen clothing is so breathable and has come a long way, why wouldn’t sheets be the same. A above commentor mentioned Target and I was considering those myself.

  13. Hey Ashley,
    Love your ideas, can’t wait to see your progress/final reveal. In regards to you not wanting to drill into your limestone wall or wood header to hang curtains, I found these curtain rods while shopping today. No drilling needed. You just place them at the top of your window opening and then twist a few times to hold in place. They might just work. Here’s a link, they sell them at Walmart.

  14. It’s looking great so far. Look forward to seeing the finished product :)
    Katy recently posted..Are Towel Warmers Worth It? – Some Things to Consider FirstMy Profile

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