Top 10 Places to Shop for Fabric Online

We are finally getting to the stage of building where I’m thinking less about the guts of the house and more about the pretty things. Hardware on cabinets, rugs, curtains, and fabrics are where my mind wanders to these days. For the past few weeks I’ve been spending most of my “stuck on the couch breastfeeding” time scrolling through fabrics looking for inspiration, so I thought I would share my favorite places to shop. I would love to be able to shop for fabric in an actual store, but I have four little boys and live out in the sticks, and taking them along on a fabric hunting adventure sounds like a special kind of torture. So online it is…for everything…always. I live and die by Amazon Prime.

So let’s get to it…

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Online Fabric Store

Online Fabric Store has a massive selection and is usually my first stop when I’m fabric shopping. They have fabrics in a variety of price ranges and it’s easy to use their search features and find exactly what you are looking for.

123456 has an absolutely insane amount of fabric to choose from in all price ranges. They used to be pretty much the only place I bought fabric because they had a great rewards program and offered lots of coupon codes, but they have since stopped both of those. I still shop there, but now I shop around much more than I used to. Also, be sure to check out the fabric made by Premier Prints if you want quality home decor fabric for under $10 a yard.




Spoonflower is different in that it allows you to actually design your own fabric. I haven’t actually done this, but I have bought designs made by other users. For example, I purchased this underwater fabric for my boys bedroom makeover (which I will get to one day). They have a huge selection and prices are reasonable ($17.50 a yard for cotton fabric), and you can also have the designs printed on wallpaper, gift wrap , or made into pillows.

Squid Sandwich



Ebay is a great place to buy, well, everything and fabric is definitely included in that list. You can get your hands one of a kind and vintage fabrics that you can’t find at other online retailers, plus you get the thrill of bidding on it (or buying it now, if you like your purchases thrill-free). I recently fell in love with a fabric and could only find it at a few one online retailers (I think it’s been discontinued? Not sure.) but I was able to buy a bunch if it on Ebay for a 1/4 the price. Score.



I absolutely love Etsy and have bought many, many things from their site. If you’ve never been and like unique homemade and vintage items, then stop what you are doing and visit right now. On top of everything else it is also a great place to shop for fabric, or if you have a particular fabric you want to use and don’t want to make the item yourself you can always hire an artisan to custom make it for you (usually at a very reasonable price). I’m currently eyeing some gorgeous handmade linen bedding from this shop for our master bedroom.


I was recently introduced to WeaveUp and really like the website and fabrics. It is similar to Spoonflower in that you can design your own fabric or choose from others designs, but the coolest part is that you can customize those fabrics. Take a look at the screenshot below…you can change the repeat, make the design larger or smaller, and on some you can even change the color. Then you can choose what kind of fabric to have it printed on, ranging from simple cotton, linen, velvet, and much more.



You have probably heard of Minted, they are a great resource for paper goods (wedding invitations, Christmas cards, etc) and also have an amazing selection of unique art. They have recently started selling fabric made by independent artists and the designs are super cute. The prices are mid-range, $32 per yard of premium cotton and $37 for linen. Definitely one to check out.


Caitlin Wilson

The prices here are on the high end and the selection is small, but the designs are beautiful. I really just use this site for window shopping, but this navy buffalo check fabric might just change that…


Hawthorne Threads

Hawthorne Threads is run by a husband and wife team in Upstate NY. They have a unique selection of designs at affordable prices, most are priced between $7 and $13 a yard. I especially like how they pull colors from a fabric and offer you a selection or coordinating fabrics from whichever color you choose.




You can’t really do a fabric store roundup without including Joann. While their brick and mortar stores are full of fabric goodness, their online selection is even more legit. They have a huge selection in a variety of prices and you can usually find coupon codes and sales to make the price even lower.


I know this list just barely skims the surface of great places to buy fabric online, so if you have a favorite that isn’t included leave a link in the comments!

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  1. Pretty selection! Love all you’re doing! has a ton of fabric in a lot of price ranges and has EXCELLENT customer service.

  2. Wow! Thank you for this! You have some great websites listed that I’ve never heard of before. This post is going on my PIN board for future reference (we’re moving soon). I look forward to seeing how you pull all the pretties together in your home. :-)

  3. MaryJos in Gastonia North Carolina has a large store with all kinds of fabric and also a staff that will assist you on phone or on line.

  4. Patti Will8ams says:

    I also like, with sales up to 75% off retail.

    • Julie Spear says:

      I was also going to mention, (their selection is AMAZING for decor fabric) but Patti beat me to the punch!!! I recently bought a designer fabric I wanted so much, that retails for $23-$30/yard depending where you look, and I purchased some that said it was “off register” for $5/yard and I can NOT see where anything is wrong with it?!?! Anyway, I know that is probably risky and maybe I got lucky, but for other thrifty folks like me, I thought I would share my experience…. Your individual I am so in love with your new home, and am SO enjoying seeing your progress… Thanks for sharing Ashley!!!

  5. As a designer at both WeaveUp and Spoonflower, I appreciate your letting people know about both places!!

  6. Years ago I used to sew patchwork full time & used occasionally. Then one day I saw a note about an ‘open warehouse’ sale they were having where you could actually come in & shop, and realized it was super close to our house! It was so fun to go & visit! (Not near them anymore, that was my parents house.)

  7. Thanks you for this list. Is an amazing selection with fair price.
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  8. Great post! I would go with ebay because you can buy directly from the company and get it very cheap (if you know how to look properly) I didn’t know fabric was sold on etsy as well. Very informative post!

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