A Shoji White Farmhouse

I think my favorite week of the whole year is the week between Christmas and New Years. I love Christmas, but it’s nice to have all the chaos behind you and a fresh new year in front of you. Plus, it’s the only week of the year where it’s not only okay to be lazy, it’s actually encouraged. I’m happy to report that I’ve slept in past 8 am every day since Christmas. I feel like a new person.

Anyway, enough chit chat…let’s get to the good stuff. Check this out…

white board and batten 3

The house is painted!

It was finished a few days before Christmas, and I’m happy to report that Adam and I both love it. It’s clean and bright without being blinding, and gives the house a classic farmhouse look that we are going to put our own rustic spin on. Also, after all my window shopping and fuss over getting dark bronze/black windows, I actually think the clay colored ones turned out to be a better choice. I like that there is a contrast between the windows and white siding, but it’s subtle and not in your face.

The color is Shoji White from Sherwin Williams, here it is in the lineup of all the colors I tested.

Shoji White paint swatch

It’s so pretty, I honestly couldn’t be more thrilled with it.

Texas Farmhouse

Here is a shot from the same angle nearly two months ago.

front left

and three months ago.

Framing a house - front exterior

Ahh, progress.

So the siding is Hardie Board, which is a masonry siding (basically concrete sheets), and we got it in a smooth finish. The board and batten is a spaced 12 inches on center with 1 1/2 inch batts.

white board and batten 2

I can’t really think of anything else to write between all these pictures, so I’m just going to shut up and let them do the talking.

white board and batten

rustic farmhouse - progress

white siding clay windows

shoji white board and batten

Shoji White garage

painted garage and breezeway

white and wood

house progress

White Texas Farmhouse - Progress

After a bit of slow going things have really picked up in the last week or two. The roof is about halfway on, door frames are going in (which Adam is doing), beams are going in, we are trying to finalize our rock selection, and all the little fixes are getting fixed before the inside gets spray foamed next week. The updates should be a little more frequent from here on out!

Happy New Year everyone, see you in 2016!

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  1. Ashley it has been so much fun to watch your house go up. It’s very exciting to think that you and your sweet family will be moving in soon. Blessing to you in the New Year!

  2. Hi Ashley! The house is looking amazing!!! So if I remember correctly from past posts, I live near you. We are also interested in buying property, especially with some sort of water source like a creek or “tank”/ pond. I’m curious as to how you found your property??? We haven’t had much luck.

    • My brother actually found this particular lot, but he found it and we always look on realtor.com. It can be a little challenging if you’re looking for empty land because they don’t have addresses… You have to be somewhat of a detective to be able to locate and walk the exact properties. If you email me at domesticimperfection@gmail.com we can talk specifics, Adam I found a bunch of properties with water that are still available.

  3. Congrats on the progress, I agree the window color is good, I think black would have been too much of a contrast. Happy New Year to you as well! See you in 2016.

  4. Love love the colour! You’re right– the windows are perfect. Subtle but contrasting.

    Can’t wait for more updates!

  5. I cannot even imagine how excited you are to have your brand new beautiful house completed! I love everything so far and can’t wait to see it done! XO

  6. Jan Elizabeth says:

    The house is going to be SO PRETTY!!! I already love it. Great choice on the Shoji white, it’s perfect. This is where it just gets more and more exciting!

    • Thank you! It is getting exciting, though now I’m starting to actually make design choices, and quickly. I’m currently swimming in tile samples and can’t make up my mind, because the pretty ones are so dang expensive!
      Ashley recently posted..Rustic Picnic Style Dining TableMy Profile

      • Jan Elizabeth says:

        Yeah…but they’re so pretty!!! Lol. I’m sure I could lose a million bucks in tile store if I had a big project like yours.

  7. I just read 5 months of posts, I couldn’t stop! I LOVE everything.

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