Introducing Paint-A-Pillow + A Giveaway

Many of you know that Cutting Edge Stencils is a sponsor of Domestic Imperfection. It all started when I won one of their stencils in a giveaway and used it to create the paisley stenciled table, which became the project that got my blog off the ground. I have worked with Cutting Edge ever since (almost three years!), they are a fantastic company and my biggest cheerleader.

So recently Cutting Edge launched a new company called Paint-A-Pillow.
Paint-A-Pillow screenshot

I know this is going to come as a surprise, but they sell pillows…that you paint. If there was ever a company name that didn’t need explanation, this is it!

Their kits come in a completely overwhelming amount of possible combinations to create the perfect accent pillow for your home. You know, the one you have in your head but aren’t able to find in any stores. Now you can stop looking.

The kit is priced at $45 a comes with..

  • Stencil pattern of your choice (which is reusable for other projects…furniture anyone?)
  • Fabric paint color(s) of your choice
  • Linen pillow cover (white or natural) with zipper closure
  • Down filled insert (not the cheap poly ones)
  • A roller, paint tray, and stencil brush
  • Practice stencil and scrap linen
  • Embellishments (like round or square metal studs, these cost extra)

If you order a kit this may or may not be how the whole experience plays out…

One day you are doing a sink load of dishes, per usual, when you hear a knock on the door. You freak out because you look like a hot mess and the last thing you want to do is open the door. Peering out the window you see the UPS man (known to your kids as “the nicest man in the world!”) driving off and notice a box on your doorstep.

It’s your paint-a-pillow kit! You abandon the dishes and admire how much the paint-a-pillow box looks like a giant pizza box.

Paint-A-Pillow packaging

Inside, arranged neatly, is everything you need to make your pillow…it even has your chosen stencil already secured over the pillowcase, which is pulled tight over a cardboard insert.

VIP crafting with paint-a-pillow

At this point you’re starting to feel a little spoiled, like a crafting VIP or something. You imagine this is how Kate Middleton crafts…except that she probably crafts in beautiful dresses, and you’re in pajamas. Not your own pajamas though, because your 33 week pregnant body doesn’t fit in those anymore. No, you are now the woman who wears her husbands pajamas on a daily basis. The Queen would be so ashamed.

practice bird

After you have perfected the technique on the practice stencil and linen (and have learned your lesson about having too much paint on the roller), you go for it and roll the pillowcase.

stenciling fabric

Then you brace yourself for the scariest part…lifting off the stencil. What if it looks terrible? You loosen the brads and pull it off….perfection. You’re awesome at this.

how to paint a pillow

The instructions say that if you plan to wash the pillow in the future you will need to set the paint by placing it under some buffer fabric and ironing (after its dry). Since the main function of pillows in your house are as pillow fight ammunition and fort building materials, there is a chance you may need to wash it at some point. Only like a 100% chance though.

How to set paint on fabric

After ironing you stuff in the pillow insert and admire your handiwork. That was easy. You reward yourself for a job well done by sneaking a handful of chocolate chips from the pantry when your kids aren’t looking. Kate Middleton probably does the same thing anyway. So does the Queen…she is a woman, isn’t she?


So that’s a little look into the paint-a-pillow experience. I actually made two, the one on the left is the Tribal Arrows kit with a natural cover and black paint, the right one is Drifting Arrows kit with a white cover and emerald green paint. I’m making a little reading tent for my boys and plan to put these in there, I think they go really well the cowboy fabric I’m using in their room.

DIY painted pillows

Alright, so it’s a lot of patterns….but it’s a kids room, anything goes in a kids room.

painted pillows

And now for the giveaway! To enter use the rafflecopter below. I will e-mail the winner after the giveaway is over, no need to check back.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Jan Elizabeth says:

    Those are really cute! They look like lots of fun to do. I can’t wait to see your boys’ room! :)

  2. Kelley Kay says:

    I love your posts. They always make me laugh:)

  3. Pam @ House of Hawthornes says:

    Those pillows are too cute! Love them. Love the cowboy pillow too, but I assume you didn’t paint that one :)

  4. We just used one of their stencils to do an accent wall in our teenage daughter’s room.
    Totally heard about them from your blog!

  5. There are so many patterns that I love. Mostly in the Nature category. I wonder if they would consider doing a bulrush/cattail design and a bamboo design?

  6. Hilarious. I never thought of Kate Middleton crafting, but this is totally how she’d do it. Although I expect she does occasionally craft in pyjamas. Beautiful pyjamas, but pyjamas nonetheless. Oh, and the Queen totally eats chocolate chips.

    • I expect she does too. I saw a video a few months ago (dang Facebook click bait gets me every time!) where Kate used her hand to wipe snot from her babies face and then wiped it onto her beautiful clean white dress. I think I fell a little in love with her that day.
      Ashley recently posted..The Top Ten Projects of 2014My Profile

  7. Nice piece of art .I love it.
    pillows center recently posted..Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover ReviewMy Profile

  8. I really like those pillows! And you did an excellent job painting them. And yes, I agree the Queen sneaks chocolate chips when no one is looking!!

  9. These are awesome! Do you think it is worth it though to order the craft kit or to just simply by the materials yourself? I agree with what you said though, the way they package the materials and products looks very Kate Middleton-esque!! Xoxo, Sam.
    Sam recently posted..Heavenly Cream Cheese EnchiladasMy Profile

  10. Ahh I want one! I just found your blog over the weekend and promptly read it cover to cover. Some people have netflix watching binges, I have blog reading binges. My boyfriend and I have just started house hunting and your budget renovation tips and projects are definitely going to come in handy!

  11. This looks pretty awesome! Perfect for the throw pillows on the couch my wife bought :) I’ll share this with her, I’d probably mess it up but she loves this stuff!

    Also – Congrats Samantha V. for winning!
    Paul recently posted..How I created 1095 Hours of Extra Time in a Year to do What I WantMy Profile

  12. My gosh you are so funny! Love this post and will be back for more inspiration often. I am addicted to paint. I am addicted to laughter. Thanks!

  13. I truly like those pads! you made a fabulous showing painting them. What’s more, yes, I concur the Queen sneaks chocolate chips when nobody is looking!!


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