Let’s finish a room already (to-do lists and self-imposed deadlines)

You may have noticed (or maybe you’re blissfully unaware), but I haven’t finished a room in a while. A long, looong while.

Plenty of rooms are in the works (let’s be honest, they’re all in the works), but I just can’t seem to finish any of them. Maybe it’s some sort of mental block I have against actually finishing rooms and publicly proclaiming them “DONE!”, or maybe my project ADD has been flaring up for the last year or two and that keeps me from finishing. Or heck, maybe I’m just lazy. Whatever it is, I’m owning it and moving past it. Rooms don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, right?

My goal is to have both the boy’s room and the guest room completely finished by February 1st (I almost put January 1st, but I’m trying to be realistic…we have a lot of stuff to build.) Both rooms have come a long way, but still have a ways to go. So I’m making a list (because everyone loves lists) of what we’ve done in these rooms and what still has to be completed.

Let’s start with the guest room. Here it is when we first bought the house
guest room before
Here it is after the first makeover
purple and yellow guest room
and today.
southwestern bedding and rug
Here is what we’ve already finished –

Still left to do –

  • rock the main wall behind the bed (SO excited about this)
  • make/buy side tables (already in the works)
  • buy and hang lights above side tables
  • something for above the bed
  • organize and decorate side wall with shelf
  • build some kind of door (barn door?) for over the closet
  • curtains
  • turn closet into and office/craft area (this won’t be done by February)

Next up is the boy’s room, which I’m turning into a cowboy themed room and has embarrassingly been dragging on for years on end. Here it is when we first moved in (okay, this is actually the guest room again, but I never took a picture of this one)…
Then I made it functional for a baby…. (functional, not pretty)
one baby
Then for two babies…
and here it is today…
cowboy room progress
Here is what has already been done –

Still left to do –

  • build, paint, and organize toy shelf
  • decorate above toy shelf
  • build bunk beds
  • bedding/buy twin mattress
  • lighting (lamps?)
  • make saloon doors for closet
  • giant chalkboard for wall

As you can see we have our work cut our for us, but I’m excited to dive in again and get things finished. It will be really nice to get to enjoy these two rooms instead of seeing them as giant to-do lists. Plus, my boys are thrilled about getting bunk beds. I’m slightly terrified (since jumping off things is one of their favorite past times), but Adam assures me it will be fine. I’m skeptical.

Also, if you’re wondering why the guest room isn’t becoming a nursery for baby #3, I’m writing a post about that exact thing next week!

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  1. Jan Elizabeth says:

    That is a big to-do list! I think it will be lots of fun to build up some momentum again, especially now that Adam is done at the academy. You’ve got your partner-in-building back again! I’m excited to see the “finished” products. :)

  2. I feel your pain! The nice thing about winter weather is that I can get stuff done inside! When it’s nice out I’m all about the yard and being outside. I think project ADD is a good thing, you tend to not get bored right

  3. Nothing like a pregnancy to kick up the desire to finish a project once and for all. (Which, yay! Way belated congratulations!!)

    One of the things I’ve always loved about our bunk beds is that the ladder isn’t actually attached, it hooks on to the rail of the top bunk. During the day I take it off and lay it on the top bunk so no one can go play up there and fall off and crack their head :-) Granted, a truly motivated climber can still get up there by scaling the other parts of the bed, but it at least slows them down a bit.
    Jayna @ Yankee Drawl recently posted..Thirty Four {and three fourths}My Profile

    • Congrats to you too!! I was actually reading your blog last week and saw the pictures of E in her first and last day of school. She looks so grown up in the second picture! I remember reading you blog when she was first born and your husband was deployed… seems like yesterday.

      It’s funny you mention the bunk bed ladder, I found some bunks on craigslist this weekend with a ladder like that and I told Adam we needed to buy those. I loved that the ladder came off (and that we didn’t have to build them). Unfortunately dude man won’t call me back so we didn’t get them, but a removable ladder is now a top priority.

  4. Ashley, you are a decorating genius! I love the paper-the-floor concept. As always, your experience guides us in what and what not to do, and you are thoughtful enough to explain which products work better and why. You are such an inspiration! Plus those little Hey, Girl comments are priceless because they are true and honest and universal to us all. You are just blessed to have a man with a gentle way of chiding. Keep up the good and inspiring work, Ashley and Adam!

  5. Because….your putting the house on the market?

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