The Top Ten Posts of 2013

Before we jump into the top posts of 2013 I just wanted to say thank you for all the sweet comments and e-mails I got after posting my Christmas house tour.  I haven’t had time/energy to respond because the flu hit our house on Christmas Eve. I am just starting to feel somewhat normal, the kids are still deep in the flu trenches, and by the grace of God Adam had off all week and didn’t get sick. Anyway, after having such a great response to my messy house tour pics I’ve decided to stop working so hard completing DIY projects and just post pics of my trashed house, burned dinners, pantsless kids, and the penguin print pajama pants I’ve been wearing for the better part of a week. That way y’all get posts you enjoy, and I get to lounge around and never take off the penguin pants. It’s a win-win.

So, the top posts. I debated for quite a while on how to go about this….should I go with the top posts that I wrote in 2013, or the top most viewed posts in 2013? Because really, those lists couldn’t be more different. In the end I decided to do a countdown of the most viewed posts and throw in a few 2013 successes/failures at the end.

10. 25 DIY Shower Curtain Tutorials

25 Shower Curtain Tutorials

I’ve only ever written two round-up posts, this one and one that was a round-up of my furniture projects….both posts made the top ten. What does this mean? Do y’all love roundup posts? Should I do more of them? Cause I could write round-up posts till the cows come home. In fact, I could post messy house pictures and roundup posts only, then everyone would be happy and I would never have to leave my “work spot” on the couch.  I feel like we’re really making progress tonight, guys.

 9. How we paid off our house in 3.5 years

paid off mortgage

I wrote this post the beginning of last year, and it’s still going pretty strong (it was number five last year).  It was really scary to publish but it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done (that and actually paying off the house, of course).

8. 15 Ways to Give Furniture New Life

furniture makeover ideas

My furniture posts are usually the most popular, so it makes sense that this one did well.

7. DIY Farmhouse Table & Bench

farmhouse table

I wrote this post back in 2012 and for some reason it stays popular. I don’t really understand why…. it’s not a tutorial (more of just a show and tell) and there’s nothing groundbreaking or super creative in it. Plus we built another farmhouse table this year (out of pecan) and that post was a big ‘ol flop.

 6. Kitchen Reveal

Budget kitchen remodel

My kitchen! I love my kitchen….turns out y’all love my kitchen too. It even made it into a magazine this year (Kitchen + Bath Makeovers by Better Homes and Gardens.) There are so many projects in here (and we still have a few to do), if you want to read about something click-through to the post and scroll to the bottom, there is a link to each and every one.

5. Organized Pantry Reveal

organized pantry

Another 2012 post that just won’t quit.

4. Penny Countertop

Penny Countertop

Another post from 2012. Man, 2012 was a good year for blog posts…2013 can’t seem to keep up. This countertop is one of my favorite projects…I should really take an updated picture, the countertop looks the same but everything in the background looks pretty different (and better).

 3. DIY Bay Window Curtain Rods & Back Tab Curtains

Bay window rods and curtains

This one is weird. This post was the third post I ever wrote (summer 2011), and it never had many views…then one day this year it randomly went crazy. When I saw how many views it was getting I got embarrassed because of how terrible the pictures were, so I went back and took new ones where I could, re-edited the rest, added a pinnable image, and it went even crazier. Cannot believe this old post is number three this year.

2. Paisley Stenciled Table

Paisley Stenciled Table

This was my number one post by a long haul last year, and it’s still going strong. Thank you Pinterest.

1. Paper Bag Floors

Paper Bag Flooring

This post had more than four times as many views of my number two post. I always figured it would do well, but I NEVER though it would do this well. See, this isn’t an original idea at all. It started in the 70’s with people doing it as a wall treatment, and I had seen it on a ton of blogs as a floor treatment before I did mine. I’ve had lots of readers comment and say that they have successfully had this flooring for five or ten years. I even had a reader say that she did this in her bathroom 17 years ago and it still looks great!  Pretty crazy.

2013 Project Honorable Mentions

Here are some actual 2013 posts that did well this year…not top ten well, but not bad.

How to raise your cabinets and add a shelf

How to raise your cabinets

My butcher block countertops, two years later

My butcher blocks counters, two years later

Kitchen Command Center

Kitchen command center

How to turn a dresser into a bathroom vanity

dresser to vanity

How to refinish outdated tile

How to paint a bathtub

2013 Project Flops

“Projects flops” is actually not the best description of these, because they are in no way project flops…they’re actually great projects. Pageview wise though? Flops. Posts become popular and get views because readers share them, so if no one shares, them no one views. And if no one views them then they end up on my year-in-review project flop list. So here they are….

Pecan Farmhouse Dining Table

pecan dining table

Adam was never in love with the first farmhouse table he built (he’s not a fan of pine) so he build this one to replace it. It’s seriously gorgeous. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that this post wasn’t viewed much (it’s not a tutorial, and it’s not an easy project) except that the old farmhouse posts is so dang popular. I’m not sure what gives, but I’m pretty surprised that my terrible post on carving pumpkins with a drill did LOADS better than all my flop posts. That’s messed up y’all.

Bright & Rustic Button Sign

Large Button Monogram

This post did not crash and burn by any means…but it also hasn’t been very popular. I had high hopes for it.

Front porch reveal and a history of clutter

Front porch reveal

This post was by far the biggest flop of the year, no doubt about it. I’m not quite sure what that means about my porch, but I love it…and the post isn’t bad either. If you like messy house pictures the you’ll appreciate it for sure.

So there it is…. the good, the bad, and the ugly in 2013. My personal hope is that 2014 brings about lots of finished room reveals and furniture makeovers (and a back deck … coughADAMcough).

top posts of 2013

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  1. It’s a bit of a puzzle, isn’t it, why some posts do well and others don’t. Who knows? That’s exciting that your kitchen made it into a magazine! I didn’t know that. Could you put up a link, now that it’s in the past? That idea of raising the cabinets and putting in a shelf is seriously brilliant.
    I’m sorry to hear you guys had the flu over Christmas. We had it here, too, but I escaped – maybe because I had my first flu shot this year? I don’t know. I hope everyone feels better soon.
    Happy new year, Ashley! Thanks for the work you do that so often brightens my day. :)
    Jan Elizabeth recently posted..A bowling ball with a history, and big plansMy Profile

  2. Well, when they’re all stacked up next to each other, it’s incredibly impressive what you’ve done, Ashley! Your “DIY resume” is incredible.

    Happy New Year, lady, and good luck with the flu. It can be so terrible… take care of you!
    Tara recently posted..20 Awesome Upcycled Organizing ProjectsMy Profile

  3. Keep on truckin’! You’re doing great. I always love your posts and your honest style of writing. Your Mallory post was one of my favs, but I have to say that the thought of gluing all of those buttons is somewhat daunting. I would love to try it tho, maybe with my initial..less daunting. That stenciled table remains my all time fave. I have that same table! I use it as my sewing table, but someday…someday…it will get a makeover. Looking forward to the new year!

    Kim in San Antonio

  4. I thought for sure the button name would make the top ten. I just loved it!

  5. Ellie a.k.a :) says:

    Happy New Year ! Can’t believe it’s been 3 yrs. since I started following your blog. It’s been interesting, inspiring, creative and GREAT fun! Keep up the good work Ashley.

  6. I love the button name thing! I have it pinned to make for my niece’s birthday in February.
    Sarah recently posted..Fussy Librarian Synopsis of the Day | Jan 1My Profile

  7. The pecan table is nice but I wonder if it didn’t fare as well because of the X’d legs? It does put one in mind of a picnic table. ?? Maybe?? Looks fab tho. Great job, Adam.
    Happy New Year, Ashley.

  8. I WANNA SEE YOUR PENGUIN JAMMIES. Yes, I know I yelled that! Hope the family is healthy again soon.

  9. Ya know, saved this post from the spam pile and glad i did. I followed you back when I was searching for…those bay window curtains. Your DIY was in a round up post from View along the Way. I pinned it. Still haven’t done the project. You have certainly given me inspiration to do my own imperfect home tour video tour. Tree’s still up too.No flu epidemic to blame for that. I like your style Ashley and Early Happy Blogaversary.
    Shalagh Hogan recently posted..The Truth For HerMy Profile

  10. Wow these are great
    I really love the bathroom vanity

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