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Good morning everyone, hope y’all had a great holiday weekend! I have something  slightly different for y’all today…how would you like to meet an online interior designer and have a chance to win one of her room packages? I KNOW y’all are interested in this because I get e-mails asking if I will do room designs. I’m very flattered that some of you think that highly of me, but I simply don’t have the confidence or the training (okay, I have NO training) to design someone elses home. So I’m offering y’all something better…a real professional. Meet Lisa, an actual interior designer – with lots of experience – who is also a mom and entrepreneur.

Lisa - Interior Design Service Online

Lisa is the owner and founder of Interior Design Service Online. She takes spaces that need help and evaluates them based on style, budget, function, current furniture, etc., and comes up with a clear design plan for your room.


She has two main room design packages, and the winner of the giveaway will get the one of their choosing.

The custom room design package ($285) includes the following…

  • Custom Floor Plan / Furniture Layout
  • A Written Explanation of Your Design
  • Furniture Specifications
  • Accessories, Art and Lamp Recommendations
  • Paint Color Suggestions
  • Professional Interior Design Tips
  • Personalized Project Binder


The room master plan ($375) aims for a higher end look and includes the following…

  • Color & Material Inspiration Board
  • Scaled Floor Plan / Furniture Layout
  • Specification and Ordering Information for All Items
  • Custom Shopping Guide
  • A Written Explanation of Your Design Furniture Specifications
  • Accessories, Art and Lamp Recommendations
  • Paint Color Suggestions
  • Professional Interior Design Tips


Now, you still have to do all the work yourself (like painting and purchasing), but if you are a reader of my blog then I’m pretty sure you don’t mind a little work. In fact, you probably love it.

Lisa also offers a la carte services for those of us that need just a little help and not a whole room design. My favorite of these is a whole house palette..I think that would be incredibly helpful, especially when moving into a new home. Like the perfect starting place to let your creative juices flow.


Now for the giveaway…just use the rafflecopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Hi Ashley,
    When I read your post on my computer the rafflecopter doesn’t come up. Is there any other way I can get to it?
    Thank you,

  2. I hope that first picture of the chevron floor is considered an ‘ugly’ room lol! If that was mine I’d be walking around all day with a bucket in front of my mouth and tripping! Kind of makes me seasick just looking at it here, but then that’s just me ;)
    Wish I could enter :(

  3. Ashley, I absolutely love you website. I live in an apartment and am completely changing the style. I really love the table with the bench. However, since I am a single and disabled. I cannot do the work involved as much as I wish I could. I have looked into old doors and tried to find he the table legs at Low’s. I haven’t tried Home Depot yet. I find most old doors have the large indent-squares. Sorry I really do not know how else to describe that one. This would mean I would have to buy the glass to top the table. Which would be very costly. I cannot afford costly. My dinning room area is approximately 11x11ish?? This is why it is very important to have the bench so I can tuck it under the table and push the table up against the wall. Do you have any other suggestions or ideas. I am doing my living room, dining room, and kitchen all in grey, a little red, white and black. Changing from French décor to a clean-cut modern style. In these rooms only. My bedroom is county, and guest room is the French style. The table is my main worry right now. I paint most of my own pictures. Thank you so much for this website. It has been very helpful.

    • I would put plexiglass on top of the table instead of glass if you are concerned about cost. You can get it at HD/Lowes and they will cut it to size for you. I would guesstimate it would cost about $25.

  4. Very sorry for the typos. One more question. Since closet doors are also very expensive. Oddest thing, this apartment complex did not have any closet doors at all with the exception of the two hallway closets. There are two closets in each bedroom, one very large across and the other as the size of a regular door. I have hung curtains however, this in my own opinion show the “White elephant”. What creative suggestion/s would you happen to have concerning this ever-living nightmare. lol It’s wonder why I cannot sleep at night. I have tried to brainstorm this one but cannot come up with anything. Unless I should spend the money and honestly, I just do not have it.

    • That’s a tough one. I don’t really have a great suggestion for missing closet doors besides curtains…I would just try to find cheap closet doors honestly. Have you tried the ReStore? You would be pretty much guaranteed to find something there for cheap.

Thank you for your comments!

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