Welcome to the New Domestic Imperfection!

Ta-da! Surprised?

Welcome to Domestic Imperfection 2.0. Brighter, fresher, and more organized. Actually this is like Domestic Imperfection 5.0, but this one was done correctly and will be sticking around. The previous design was done mostly by me, and although it looked alright to y’all it has some serious flaws on my side. But now it all better, thanks to the wonderful Kristi Lineaur of Addicted 2 Decorating.

Blog Screenshot e

new blog screenshot

The new header isn’t a complete departure from my old one, it’s just updated. There are two navigation bars along the header, the top one is admin stuff and the lower one will take you to all the DIY goodness. The project gallery (and really the whole lower bar) is still being an organized, so if it’s a little crazy and confusing just know it won’t last long.

Probably the biggest change is that the homepage is now truncated with only snippets of posts instead of full posts.

Here is the part where I tell you that if you don’t care about truncation (or even know what it is) then you should stop reading and go do something else. Seriously, Adam just proofread this post, called it “brutally boring”, and said he never would have read it if he wasn’t married to me. You’ve been warned. (But do read my announcements at them bottom.)

Here is the thing about truncated homepages…I love them, and have been wanting to truncate mine for a while. Then a couple of weeks ago Mandi from Vintage Revivals (who is also doing a blog redesign) asked her readers if she should truncate her homepage or leave it full posts. Her posts spurred this similar one from Brooke at All Things Thrifty (whose design I like so much that I based mine off if it). The answers from their readers shocked me…people HATE truncated posts. Seriously hate them. I had no idea. I almost decided not to do it, but here is the thing…I LOVE them. I love them as a reader and as a blogger.


Well, as a reader I like to see a lot of post options right in front of me. I read a lot of blogs, but 95% of them I read sporadically and don’t follow super closely. So I like to look at their last 10 posts or so, pic out the best sounding one, read it, and move onto the next blog. I like truncated posts as a blogger for basically the same reason…sometimes I post great stuff and I don’t mind that it sits on my homepage for a week, but other times a post just isn’t related to DIY (like my monthly ramblings) and people looking for DIY see that and leave forever. Also, when I do sponsored posts I am required to only have them be snippets on the home page anyway, which is why sometimes you see random truncated posts. And I am always forgetting and getting reprimanded.

Here is the main reason though…Pinterest. Pinterest is huge for bloggers. HUGE. I would say at least 70% of my traffic comes from pinterest. When you have full posts on your homepage people pin from there instead of from the actual post. Then, when a pinterest user clicks on it, it brings them to the homepage….where the tutorial they were looking for is long gone. When this happens to me it is super frustrating, and when I come across a pin from my site that has been pinned from the homepage I shake my fists in fury. Okay not really, but it is basically a wasted pin. Wasted pins = bad. If posts are truncated then readers HAVE to pin from the actual post, which me and other pinterest surfers appreciate.

If you absolutely hate truncated posts, don’t leave yet…I have something that might change your mind about ditching me. In those posts by Mandi and Brooke, I think people were a little confused and thought they were asking about truncated feeds (what goes into readers and e-mail). As a blog reader I don’t use RSS or e-mail, I just type in the blog URL or click over from facebook, so I don’t know firsthand how frustrating an extra click from your reader is. All I know is that the whole topic sparked some passionate responses from readers. So, I’m giving you a peace offering. An olive branch. I’m going to UN-truncate my feed. You will now get full posts in your readers and e-mail inbox. This puts me at risk for having my content scraped and stolen (which is why bloggers truncate feeds in the first place), but if all my readers are annoyed with it then I’m going to try to make reading my blog less annoying. I really want y’all to have a good experience here, and if that means not coming to my actual blog then that is what I’m going to do. Whew, such a long explanation! I just wanted y’all to understand a little of why I did what I did. Anyway, go ahead and explore, and if you find any kinks or broken links then please let me know so I can fix them.

Also, I also have a few other announcements…

Announcement one –

Tomorrow morning (June 24th) I will be posting my house tour. Yes, it is true…I bet y’all never thought this day would come! I’m telling you in advance because I’ve decide to make it a link party as well. This will be a link up for house tours ONLY, so if you are blogger and have a house tour I want to see it! And if you don’t have a house tour yet I want to give you a little kick in the pants to get it done. So come back Monday, June 24th at 8am (central time) to link up!

Announcement two-

Have you been inspired by one of my projects and created your own version? Sweet. Perfect. I want you to e-mail it to me. I’m putting together a post of reader projects and I need submissions! So if you have stenciled a table, organized your pantry, made something awesome with pennies, pillowified a placemat, or put your own awesome spin on something you first saw over here then I am talking to you. I will need one or two pictures of the finished project, your name, and a sentence or so about it, and which project it was inspired you, and if you are a blogger a link to your post. Please e-mail all submissions to domesticimperfection at gmail dot com with the title “reader project”. If you have sent me your project before then please send it again, I wasn’t very good about keeping and organizing them. Also, I have no idea how many submissions I will get and I can’t guarantee every project will get featured. Maybe I’ll just get a few and can feature everyone, but if I get more than 30 or so I’m going t have to get choosy. Just so everyone knows beforehand.

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  1. Looks great! Except for one thing: I’m using Chrome on my phone to read this & the right side is cut off…. I can only see about 3/4 of your sidebar & it won’t scroll sideways or shrink to fit (& it doesn’t matter what orientation my phone is in)… hope that’s helpful! And thank you for untruncating your feed!! :)

  2. I’m having the same problem Amanda is only I’m on my IPad. I also like your new look and really like that you have your popular posts on your sidebar! I love your blog!

  3. I am a fan of truncated posts, but definitely not truncated feeds. The truncated feeds are a bit annoying to click over to, but in the end, if it’s something I really want to read, I’ll click on over. I like the truncated posts for the same reason as you – if you aren’t caught up with all of a blog’s posts, it’s a good way to get a quick view of ones that might interest you instead of forever scrolling and scrolling and at some point, I give up.
    Anyhow – loving the new look!
    Chrissy Floyd recently posted..“Monsters Inc” Movie DayMy Profile

  4. Love the new look! It looks great from my phone. Can’t wait for the house tour. And you KNOW I can’t wait to share my stenciled table!
    [email protected] recently posted..A Scary Saturday – Monsters UniversityMy Profile

  5. Love the new look, Ashley! I been a follower for a while and I’m a big fan. I don’t mind the truncated feeds. At. All! What’s one more click???!!! Can’t wait to see the house tour!

  6. I really love the new look! And I agree with you about truncated posts. I wish I had a way to do mine, but I don’t have as much freedom since I don’t have my very own site. But your changes are awesome, and I’ll definitely be (still) Pinteresting away from your posts! Thanks!
    Mary Beth recently posted..Letters, Lightsabers, and Love: Chapter 21My Profile

  7. I read the whole thing just to see if Adam was right. And I even have a question. So can people pin from a reader? I don’t read blogs in a reader either. Adam honey, it wasn’t so bad, your wife has a way of making things fun to read.

    Bliss recently posted..Supervising Rock and Mulch MovingMy Profile

  8. Margaret says:

    Thanks for all the info… didn’t think it was boring at all. I can’t really comment on the truncated or un-truncated thing… mostly because, even after reading your post, I’m still basically a tech-illiterate and am not sure what all that means. I can however say, that for me, I like the ability to read stuff in my email rather than clicking over, simply because it’s quicker that way. I’m not on Facebook – hard to believe, I know – and I don’t follow Pinterest, except on rare occasions – I just don’t have time for all that stuff. If however, clicking on a link in my email gets me to your page to see what I want to see, that’s OK too.
    Have a good one!

  9. It may not have been DIY-tastic but I actually learned a lot from your post. I just started using an RSS feed last week… you still have to do the extra click on truncated posts when you visit the site directly so I don’t see that it’s much different. However I am new to it! I do hate truncated posts. I have no problem paging down through long full posts to see what sort of blog someone has when I visit the first time.
    Julie S recently posted..And I Didn’t Even Need My Whole $10 BillMy Profile

  10. I agree with Bliss, you have a way of writing that makes it a lot of fun to read. Plus, guys don’t get the whole Pinterest thing and I TOTALLY agree with your frustration when people pin from a homepage instead of the actual post. Often if it’s a project I really want to find I’ll spend the time digging for the post and then update my pin with the correct url, but if I was only mildly interested I don’t end up pinning it at all. So good for you for helping to cut down on that! And I LOVE the new look of the site! Great job!

  11. From a pinner – truncated posts ftw!! Great idea :)

  12. I detest truncated feeds. I understand why so many bloggers use them, but still think it is a damn nuisance. Thanks big heaps lots for untruncating your feeds. What that means in real terms is tat I will fully read the posts. When the posts come in as truncated, if they don’t grab my attention with the little bit posted, then I just don’t bother clicking over to the actual blog. I can’t stand all the adds and ‘crap’ on most blogs and would rather read the plain text version in my email. When I want to comment (which is only occasionally, I take the extra time to click over.
    I also hate truncated posts. The reason why is when I discover a new blog I like to do some catch up reading of the treasure. It takes ages to click into a post and then back to the feed and then scroll to find where I am up to and click into the next post – I value my time too much and only have a certain amount of blog-reading time each day. When I find truncated posts I have second thoughts about whether I really want to bother with following that blog.
    My biggest pet hate is moving adds. Please Never succumb to the painful moving adds – I have unsubscribed from a few otherwise great blogs because I was forced to read them in the blog and endure moving adds.
    I love the clean look of your page.
    Dee recently posted..Little Black BagMy Profile

    • Thanks for your honest opinion Dee. I read the same opinion on the other two posts about truncation (from Mandi and Brooke). My only solution to that is I had Kristi add a older post/newer post button to the bottom of each full post so that you don’t have to go back to the homepage if you want to read in order. I hope that makes reading a bit less painful. As far as moving ads…do you mean ads that move around the screen (like pop ups) or ones that have moving pictures but satay put? Just know that I would never purposefully put a moving ad (or one with sound) on my site. When the ad networks sneak one in I e-mail them and ask to have it removed ASAP. If you talking about moving pictures, well, I don’t get a choice..its that or nothing. And I like making money :) Anyway, I’m glad you like the clean new look and thanks again for your comment!

      • I think I know what adds Dee is talking about – the ones on the sides of the blog that keep flashing to grab your attention. Those are VERY annoying because it’s hard to concentrate on reading the blog with something flashing in your peripheral vision. Also some ads pop up on every picture the blogger puts on and covers most of it and you have to keep closing them! I’ve dumped a few bloggers for that reason. It’s all fine to make the money for the ads and I don’t have a problem with that, but it’s you the bloggers we want to read, not the ads. They are just fine on the sidelines. Like the new look but will miss the simplicity of the old one. BTW you’re still my favorite <3

        • Thanks Eliie :) I agree with you about the ads and wish we (the bloggers) got a little more say in them.
          Ashley recently posted..The Official Domestic Imperfection House Tour! (And A Link Party)My Profile

          • I don’t mind the ads so much, although the ones that cover part of the post (the ones you have to close out to see what you’re reading) are annoying. The ones I had problems with are the videos. My old Mac got to the point that I couldn’t watch videos without them shutting down my computer, so those ads always messed up my computer. It got to the point where I stopped reading those blogs. Also, sometimes, when I didn’t know the videos were there and started hearing the voices on the video, it would scare the crap out of me thinking someone else is in the house! lol
            Chrissy @ Adventures in DIY recently posted..Entryway MakeoverMy Profile

  13. Haha, I was about to comment on “oh no! you truncated your posts!” (only I didn’t know the technical term for it) when your explanation beat me to it. That helps me understand why bloggers do it, and I REALLY appreciate that you did an older/newer post option; that basically solves that problem for me. The blog does look nice. I would also like to second Dee’s comment on moving ads…they are very annoying, especially the ones that expand and move your whole page down while you’re trying to read the story, then move back up. At least stay away from those. My favoritest blog went to that kind of ad and it’s pretty annoying. Now I’m on to your home tour!

    • I’m so glad that older/newer button solves the problem for you! I really really want to try and please everyone, even though I know that isn’t possible. Do me favor, if you see any of those super annoying moving/expanding ads on my site, please e-mail me and let me know so that I can e-mail the ad networks and have them remove it. I would never put those on my site on purpose, but the ad networks sometimes put them on without consulting the blogger.
      Ashley recently posted..The Official Domestic Imperfection House Tour! (And A Link Party)My Profile

  14. Hey Ashley, how exciting!, This looks great! You have perfected perfection! ;)

  15. Jan Elizabeth says:

    Interesting to understand these reasons for truncating vs. non-truncating feeds and posts. I agree with detesting pins that don’t lead to the post, but I do like the full post in my email. (Though I always click over to comment. Lol, I guess that defeats the purpose?)

Thank you for your comments!

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