February Ramblings

My boys have been busy little dudes. They are growing up so fast…Elijah is full on talking and says the funniest stuff, and Levi is just starting to talk a bit. I should really keep a notebook of the stuff Elijah says, because I am going to want to remember it. I post them on my personal facebook page every now and then, so here are a few of those..

Conversation 1:

My conversation with Elijah over dinner (I was trying to get him to eat salad)…

“Hey Elijah, why don’t you try some of this….it’s rhino food” (cause hes obsessed with rhinos)
“No mommy, rhinos no eat that, rhinos eat grass.”
“Of course they eat that…and how did you know rhinos eat grass?”
“uhh mommy… rhinos just eat grass and cheese”

Conversation 2:

I was trying to get Elijah to clean up his toys and he says to me…”No mommy, I don’t want to clean up, I want to talk to you” “What do you want to talk to me about” “I want to talk about how I have a little butt and you have a big butt.”

Conversation 3:

So I’m just finishing up my third and final load of laundry when Elijah comes running up to me and yells “Mommy! Poop everywhere! Poop on mommy’s bed, poop on the floor, poop on brother…come, follow me!”

That last ones brings me to my biggest headache of the month (last few months really). I’m not going to get into details because I don’t want my boys to still talk to me when they’re teenagers, we’ve been having some serious potty related issues with both boys. I feel like my house is a toilet and have to do a TON of laundry every day. Not fun.

Anyway, Levi just says a few random words here and there, but he does have one funny “converation”. I guess whenever I answer the phone I say “Hey baby” (if its Adam, which 90% of the time it is). Levi has picked up on that, and when he plays with toy phones he always says “hey baby” instead of hello. It’s adorable, although I can never get it him to do it when I want to show someone.

Normally I would insert our monthly video here, but I haven’t been able to make it. I have always used Windows Live Movie Maker to make them and it has always worked like a charm. Now suddenly it won’t work at all. It uploads my clips and plays audio but shows a black screen. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, googled my brains out, tried three different video converters… I’m about to throw my computer across the room. When I get it figured out I will come add it to the post (I won’t let you d0wn Maureen!), but in the meantime, if someone has a suggestion of another free movie maker (or even a paid one at this point) then I would really appreciate a recommendation.

What else? Well, Adam and I have been sucked into Downton Abbey. I had never watched it (or knew anything about it) until I was going through the link ups at the “Hey Girl” link party and every tenth one mentioned that show. I decided that it had to be good and sweet talked Adam into watching the pilot with me. That was last week, now we are nearly done with season two. I have to give Adam props for watching it with me every night, cause it’s not the manliest show around. It’s not crazy girly or anything, but it’s not The  Walking Dead either. I think he just likes the ridiculous things that Granny says, haha.

This month we finally met up with a financial consultant and started some investing. This month last year we paid off our house, and then we declared the rest of 2012 “the year of spending”. We had been living so cheaply and putting all of our money toward the house for so long that we had quite a list of things we wanted to buy after the mortgage was gone. So we built a garage and a fence, Adam bought a truck, guns, and spearfishing equipment (hes such a boy), and I got a new fancy camera.  Don’t worry, we didn’t break our rules…we paid cash for everything. We agreed that as soon as 2013 rolled around we were going to get serious again and start investing. So we did, and now we basically have a mortgage again. But it feels good to be saving for our future, even if it means firing up the ‘ol coupon clipping scissors.

So with that, here are my favorite pics for February. I have a severe picture and video shortage this month because of the potty training. Elijah is usually naked from the waist down (less accidents that way) and I hesitate to snap a ton of pictures of him that he is just going to hate later.

February 2013 Hold Me

Feb 2

And in case you missed any posts this month (the shame!) then here are links to them all.  All six of them :)

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  1. I so enjoyed reading your conversations with Elijah. I have a 3 year old girl whose speech is delayed. I love our interactions, but I am waiting in earnest when she will just “want to talk to” me. :) Congratulations on your investments and having a year of spending!
    Yvonne recently posted..Project: Wooden Lantern TreeMy Profile

  2. haha :D “Hey baby” instead of “hello” is so cute! :) and those series of “hold me” pics where levi ends up crying eventually is adorable..makes you wanna eventually hold him,doesnt it? :) you have amazing boys!

  3. Maureen says:

    I had to laugh when you mentioned me by name, I lurk here all month but hardly ever comment except for these posts. . . Lol! Sorry, I enjoy them all, I am just bad about commenting most of the time.

    Love the story about Levi saying “Hey baby” into the toy phone, all the cute pics of both boys, and I truly hope your potty training dramas are short lived caused that doesn’t sound fun at all.

    I ADORE Downtown and am so glad you guys discovered it. Now, I want you both to trust me and try watching the Lizzie Bennett Diaries on YouTube. It is a modern take on Pride And Prejudice done in a vlog style. I I ow it might not sound manly enough for Adam, but I think he’ll like it. It is funny and each video is fairly short. Start at the beginning and you will be hooked and want to watch every episode in a row! Trust me!

    Thanks for the update and the pics. What state are you guys in again? I will be moving to Atlanta, Ga soon and wondered if you would be nearby?

    Sorry about the video editor. I hate when things like that happen and you have no clue why. Hope you can figure it out, but I appreciate the post and the pics!

    Have a great day,

  4. I love the pic of the four binkies in the mouth…too cute!

    I broke down and bought a movie maker last year because I didn’t like the updated Windows Live. I bought the Magix Movie Pro, but I notice now they have one that’s specifically for photos (Photo Story). I love the Movie Pro…it takes a little getting used to, but after some fiddling you can make awesome videos with neat effects. I made a 20 minute video after our most recent deployment with it and I’m still amazed at how professional it looks!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Someone told me about this journal for recording the funny little things kids say every day. I keep meaning to order one. It seems like it’d be an easy way to quickly jot them down… and a good read on the trying potty training days.


  6. I about snorted DDP when I read the conversations – those are adorable! My little guy is 20 years old and 6’3″ so I don’t get much of that anymore, lol. I got sucked into Downton Abbey last year by reading about it on someone’s blog too … I wonder how many viewers they’ve gained from the blogosphere :-) Granny is also my favorite – Maggie Smith is a wonderful actress!

    Good luck with the potty training. I was told that boys are just harder than girls in that respect, sigh. Mine was well past his 3rd birthday before settling down and accepting it (he’d be so embarrassed if he knew I just wrote that!).


  7. Ashley your boys are gorgeous! I have three of the little monsters, so I know what I’m talking about!

    You know, with #1 it was the foaming hand soap. An entire bottle every time he visited the bathroom unsupervised and decided to clean every surface. #2 was lazy and really didn’t care about being in a dirty diaper. He was chill, so we were chill, and he ended up doing it on his own once papa showed him how to pee on the fence in the backyard! #3? Well, #3 was every. single. horrible. potty-training-story. I’d ever heard. And then some. He was a finger-painter. Poop on the walls, on the floor, on his crib, on his body, under fingernails and the crack of the baseboards. He even managed to fling it up on the ceiling fan on more than one occasion! He was also a fan of flushing absolutely anything BUT poop.

    Thankfully, it all passed (ba-dum-dum) and all 3 of them are regular bathroom visitors. Without my supervision. Of course, they don’t feel the same way, and #2 and #3 still regularly intrude on my only quiet time!
    Julie recently posted..I’ve got nothingMy Profile

    • OMG, Julie, this whole comment made me laugh. I feel so much better knowing that other people have suffered as much as I am! Elijah is doing okay actually…he has plenty of accidents, but not a ton of poo related ones. Just pee…pee everywhere. It’s Levi, whos not even potty training. He’s a “digger”, if you know what I mean….

  8. Ashley, you made my day! I have been a bit under the weather for a few days and am just starting to remember what feeling human feels like. I couldn’t stop laughing at your sons request to talk about the different sizes of your butts. Thanks I needed a few good laughs.
    Lois recently posted..A Heartfelt RequestMy Profile

  9. Awww your poor little poopy boys! That’s cool that you guys are moving on to investing. I can’t wait til we’re at that point!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way recently posted..Operation: Prepare for Better Homes and GardensMy Profile

  10. Jan Elizabeth says:

    Great pix! I love the multiple soothers, and the one of you and Eli is a beauty. The conversations are hilarious, esp the big butt one, haha. Kids are so funny. This year the 4 yr old I was looking after, after I asked where her daddy was on his business trip, said, “He’s in a faraway place – like Japan or Vagina. I may have snorted in an undignified way…


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