December & January Ramblings

Alright y’all, prepare yourselves for a whole lot of rambling. About halfway through this month I realized that I completely forgot to post my December ramblings. December was a crazy month and it just slipped my mind, so now I get to do two months worth of rambling in one monster post.

Lets start with good ‘ol December. December was both a great month and a terrible month. For time and simplicity sake I’m just going to make a list for both categories. So here are the great things…

It’s December! It’s full of holiday cheer, Christmas music,  decorations, food, and family.

It was my birthday. I turned 28 and Adam took me out for a night on the town, we did dinner and a play. I even got to dress up…that doesn’t happen very often these days.

Adam bought a new truck.


Well, not new…just new to us. We sold his VW passat AND motorcycle and bought the truck with that money. We have needed a truck for a long time, but Adam is also a gas mileage guy. His commute is about 2 hours a day so good gas mileage is a must. He bought a 2003 Mazda B2300 (its like a ford ranger), but he wanted the four-cylinder 5 speed in an extended cab. Let me tell you something, this is a weird combination and is nearly impossible to find. But eventually we did and it gets about 28 miles to the gallon. Plus he can pick up Craigslist furniture for me now AND he’s not riding a motorcycle for two hours through traffic everyday, which is a plus in any woman’s book. If  for any reason you want to know more about our vehicle history, I wrote a post about it HERE.

I got a haircut. I know this isn’t a noteworthy event for most people, but for me this only happens every year or year and a half. I had six inches cut off and that should last me until next December.

Elijah started potty training himself! He had no interest for the longest time and I wasn’t forcing it (yet). Then one day I had leftover cake from one of the eight or so family birthdays in December and I told him “this cake is for when you go poo poo on the potty”. He just looked at me confused and clarified “Go poo get cake?” ….and just like that I can’t remember the last time I changed a #2 diaper (well, on him). We’re still working on getting number 1 down, but he’s doing great and its been relatively pain-free. That’s the power of cake people.

We converted Elijahs crib into a toddler bed (we might have done this in January, I can’t remember). We had a few rough nights trying to get him to stay in his bed after we put in there at night, but we have pretty much gotten that part down. Now the trouble is that as soon as he wakes up, instead of rolling over and going back to sleep like normal he sneaks into our room. Sometimes we hear him and put him back, most of the time he slips in like a phantom in the night. Suffice it to say we have woken up to find him in some very interesting places…sleeping on the floor, in our bed, on a pile of laundry….a few nights ago we woke to find him standing next to our bed with his head on the mattress, fast asleep. Impressive.

I can’t actually remember much else, December seems so far away now. We had a great Christmas though, my boys were spoiled completely and we are very blessed to have families that we thoroughly enjoy spending time with. Plus Elijah was old enough to be excited about “Jesus’s Birthday” and I loved that.

Oh we had family pictures taken, my friend Amy took them. She did a great job despite the fact that Elijah was the grumpiest he has ever been for the entire hour or so. He had fallen asleep in the car after a failed nap time attempt earlier that day, and we had to wake him up for pictures. Moms of two year olds are groaning for me. We had to get a little creative and work around the fact that he was a crying and rolling around on the ground. Anyway, please allow me to photo bomb you…








Now the bad….

My kids were sick THE ENTIRE MONTH. If you are a parent you know that having sick kids is the worst. Literally I don’t think there was a single day in the month where both kids were healthy. Blech. Oh, and on Christmas I got (according to Adam and google) food poisoning.  It lasted less than 48 hours, but it was not fun either.

So here is my monthly video for December. Adam was proof watching this with me and commented that “you sure do make people watch a whole lot of boring stuff”.  Haha, he’s right, they aren’t exciting. I’d just like to say that I don’t make these for y’all, I make these for me so that I have all my videos condensed into a watchable format and I just happen to post them here. I know they aren’t exciting.  Truth is we really just aren’t that interesting. In fact, on New Years Eve we pulled our patio chairs to the end of the driveway and watched other peoples fireworks – cause we’re to cheap to buy our own. Then we went to bed around 10:30. So yeah, “thrilling monthly video” isn’t my middle name, lol.

And now for January.

I actually can’t think of what we did this month. I had taken notes for December and not for January…my mom brain is failing me. I do know that January is one of my favorite months. It’s the beginning of the year, everyone is pumped up with new goals and you get a fresh start. Plus Christmas is over and all your decorations are taken down and packed away. I love Christmas but I know I’m not the only one who is relieved when it’s over…the Christmas season is BUSY. January is like a nice deep breath of fresh air.

I do know that my kids have NOT been sick this entire month, thank goodness. And the January weather has been awesome, it’s been 70 and sunny a whole lot and we have been getting lots of outdoor work done. We went to the zoo a lot. Wow I’m really struggling here.

Okay, I remember what we did last week so I’ll just go from there. So I had an allergic reaction to something and it was not fun. I’m not allergic to anything that I know of, but one night last week I started to break out in a red, swollen, INSANELY itchy rash. It started on my upper arms and then over the course of a few hours spread to my entire body, from the soles of my feet to the top of my head. It lasted less than 48 hours (just like my food poisoning or whatever it was) but it was miserable, I didn’t get a wink of sleep, and Adam thankfully got to stay home from work for a day. I’m suspecting it is related to the 15 yards of (free) mulch we have been moving, but who knows. Either way we now have a giant pile of mulch in our yard that I’m afraid to touch…at least now I’m stocked up on Benadryl!

This weekend Adams Dad went into the ER with chest pain and ended up having emergency triple bypass heart surgery. He is doing great now and will be in the hospital for a while longer, but he/we are very blessed to have discovered it in time. Thank goodness for modern medicine and skilled doctors (and awesome father-in-laws).

Two days ago our internet went out. You know when your internet goes out and you look at you spouse and wonder what y’all going to do all night if you can’t watch TV shows online? We totally did that, then we worked like mad to try and fix it and didn’t succeed. The next day (yesterday) I figured out it is our router and after many attempts to fix it I had Adam pick up a new one on his way home from the hospital. We set it up and it worked….for like five minutes. So frustrating. It’s still not working… the only reason I’m able to write this is because we got a longer blue internet wire and I’m sitting on the kitchen counter with the computer on a stack of books so the cord can reach.  That is how dedicated I am to my readers. Are you feeling the love right now?

So here is my January video and my favorite pics from the last two months.

Dec 3 Dec 2 Dec 1 Jan 2 Jan 1

Also, I would like to announce a Valentine inspired link party that I’ll be hosting with a few other bloggers next month. This is not for your valentine crafts, oh no…this is so much better. This is the “Hey Girl” link party. Many of you are probably familiar with the “hey girl” Ryan Gosling pics that have been taking over the internet lately…..and if you’re not then here are some examples of my favorites…

hey girl 2

hey girl

hey girl 3

For this party you are going to “Hey Girl” the man in your life. Your husband, your boyfriend…your dad, whomever you want. I’m not picky, you can hey girl your dog if you want. This is just a lighthearted, totally ridiculous, link party just for the heck of it. You don’t have to be a blogger to link up, you can upload your hey girl as a pin to pinterest and then link to that pin. The party goes live February 7th and will be open for a week, then I will feature my favorites on Valentines Day. My only request is that you get permission from your man, I don’t need any upset husbands/boyfriends/dads/brothers/sons/dogs on my hands!


 Well, that’s all for now. I know y’all are patiently waiting for me to show you my kitchen shelves all decked out, but I have got to get these computer problems figured out first. A girl can only blog on top of a kitchen countertop for so long, you know?


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  1. [email protected] says:

    Your family is darling! Love your skirt too!

    I do disagree on getting permission from the men. I don’t think we’d have a link party. ;)

    • You don’t think? I think most men have a pretty good sense of humor about that stuff…of course I know some men that would be pretty darn upset too. Just trying to keep everyone happy :) And thank you…that is actually a dress from Shabby Apple, its like the only nice dress I own so it’s in way too many family photos, lol.

  2. I’m so excited about this ridiculous link party! Congrats on the new truck! We’ve been looking for a fuel-efficient car for Andy that can fit both car seats for literally one whole year, so I know that’s a big deal. And yay for no more motorcycle commute! :) LOVE your family photos, such a gorgeous family!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way recently posted..DIY Dodecahedron Pendant Light {And an Announcement!!}My Profile

  3. My favorite pic is your son and the eyelash curler! (With the teensy Christmas tree in second place). With digital cameras and phones always at hand, moms today can catch every cute moment. Thanks for sharing. recently posted..Moral CompassMy Profile

  4. I LOVE your skirt in your family pics-gorgeous! Excited to see the Hey Girl party-not sure my hubby is going to go for me entering a pic of him though! I’ll have to brainstorm alternatives!
    Melissa-TheHappierHomemaker recently posted..Strawberry Heart Mini Cheesecake BitesMy Profile

  5. Ashley, What a ride you two have had! Wow! Praying for your father in-laws health, praying for your little family. Speaking of your family……ALL TOO CUTE! Absolutely love the pictures of you two, and the boys! Thanks for the dedication. Keep up the hard work.

  6. I totally enjoy reading your blog! I’m a stay at home Mama of 6 and we are in full time ministry, so getting creative with decor and stretching $ is must (and a fun challenge). You totally inspire me! Your honesty about not having a PERFECT house is totally refreshing :) We all know a picked up house with a house full of children is an urban legend! Hehe
    P.S. my kids range in ages are: 14, 11, 8, 5, 3, 6 weeks!

    • Woo doggies Heather…your house must be a disaster, lol. But seriously, I bet the older ones are such a great help. I’m hoping that for my next kid I give birth to an eight year old girl…what do you think my chances are? I’ll have to talk to Adam and see what he can do, haha. Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  7. Aaahhh! I love spaghetti face! Too cute! The family pics are adorable. Have you had any more breakouts? I went through a period of about 4 months last year where I was breaking out in hives everyday. No rhyme or reason to it, and they weren’t too picky about what body part they chose on what day. Allergist couldn’t figure it out and put me on an Allegra a day. Then as quickly as they came, they left. Weird. Hopefully it is just your mulch. All the more reason to make Adam take care of it. Ha!

    • No, I haven’t had it come back. Hives for four months sounds terrible! Even worse than the hives is not knowing what caused it…I hate not knowing. I would shift the mulch moving responsibility to Adam in a heartbeat, but he is allergic to it in the sneezing sort of way. My Mom actually came over and moved a ton of it!

      I love spaghetti face too :) Unfortunately along with spaghetti face comes his friends… spaghetti floor, spaghetti highchair, and spaghetti curtains!

  8. Well since I watched all the videos, and have to confess I’m not getting permission to Hey Girl my man , I will leave you with these 3 thoughts….
    I need to know if they ever got the kite in the air?
    At first I thought you had a rhino in your backyard.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Imperfection in his Hey Girl debut. Or maybe I should call him Mr. Domestic. Yeah I like that better and I can see him now in his apron.

    Bliss recently posted..Another Copy Cat & A Hey Girl PartyMy Profile

    • Well, lets see…
      No, the kite never made into into the air. Running down the street with it is as close as we got.
      Elijah is freakin obsessed with rhinos. He hunts them down, beats them up, and generally talks about them all day. There are rhinos covering every inch of or property and house!
      I have no idea what I’m going to do for Adam, but an apron isn’t a bad idea. At least my wheels are turning now…
      I give you serious props for making it through both of those videos, and you do what you want permission wise. I personally ask permission before posting anything about Adam online (in the form of him proofreading everything and not telling me to change and/or remove things.), but every relationship is different!

  9. My favorite posts every month! You are a beautiful family and the boys are simply adorable! Thanks for sharing with us all. I wish you all health and much happiness this year.

  10. Love your pictures, what beautiful blue eyes your little one has. On a more serious note, I hope your father-in-law does well recovering, what a horrible thing for all to go through. Hope February is calmer for you.
    Lois recently posted..Sharing my favorite posts of the weekMy Profile

  11. My dogs are all in – anything they can do for more exposure they’re sweet on. Instagram hasn’t been performing well lately and there’s this new dog on the block stealing their thunder. {You think I’m kidding don’t you? Ask me about Bubba Louie next time you see me on FB. It’s total dog-eat-dog.} So count us in for +2. Btw – I <3 the lovey-dovey pic of you & Adam w/the kids in the foreground. And the kids' expressions are priceless. I think you should do a 'caption this' contest with them… ~ Dee
    Dee @ recently posted..A Dose of Reality &#8211; TelevisionMy Profile

  12. Great family photos! The skirt is awesome!

    And I’m so glad that you are still rocking the 5-speeds!

  13. That was awesome! I love your cute family photos too.

  14. Wow! I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and love everything I’ve read and seen!! From one Texas girl to another, Honey you are awesome! ;) Don’t know how you manage to do so much!!! I too have two boys! They are younger than yours, but Canyon is beginning that stage of getting into EVERYTHING! *sigh* lol
    Just wanted to say you have a beautiful family! (LOVE your dress btw!) And I will be dropping by often to see what you’ve been up to! :)

    • Thank you Shannon! Little boys sure are busy aren’t they? Mine tag team the destruction and it’s getting crazy, lol. Glad you found me…oh, and I have to give mad props to my husband. The only reason I get so much done is because he does as many projects as I do. I am not super woman, I swear!

  15. A truck with 28 mpg..that’s amazing. My hubby travels about 45 minutes to work now and I make him take my small car to work and I drive his old 2002 Dodge Ram since I’m 7 min. away from work to save money! Once his truck isn’t worth repairing (lucky that he does most of his own repairs)..we’ll be looking for something similar. I really had no idea that an older truck could have such good mpg. Glad you mentioned that.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else
    Margaret recently posted..EASY Homemade Apple Juice and Apple SauceMy Profile

  16. Jan Elizabeth says:

    So funny to see the creative ways you managed to get portraits around the “crying rolling” kid, lol. We have this portrait where only a mother can see that my daughter’s cheeks are flushed and her eyes are puffy…it was a horrible evening. After the portrait we ran out of gas on the way home, plus we had our two cats with us besides the three kids because it was a free portrait if you brought your pets. A perfect storm for insanity…the portrait does crack me up, at least!

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