DIY Tree Skirt from a Tablecloth

For years now my Christmas tree and been naked underneath…we have just had the highly sophisticated fake tree stand out there in the open. This year I decided to class it up and add a tree skirt, but of course buying premade things is just not how we roll in this house. So here is how I easily made one out a tablecloth and some burlap ribbon.

Tutorial on making a Christmas tree skirt from a table cloth and burlap ribbon

Start with a plain (or not plain, whatever tickles your fancy) round tablecloth. Since I avoid shopping with my toddlers I bought this one off of Amazon.

So to start, fold your tablecloth in fourths and use something circular to mark off a quarter of a circle. I used  cup because I wanted a tiny circle, but that was a bad idea and you should probably use a small plate.

Then just cut out your circle and a slit leading up to it.

Next hem your raw edges. Here is where you will find out that using a small circle is a bad idea. It is impossible to hem in  a tiny circle. You might be a better seamstress than I am and you will be fine, but I had to cut the circle bigger three times. I tried to hem with my machine and then thought needle and tread might be easier… but it wasn’t. Behold…

My recommendation? Just hot glue it.

If you want a big plain tree skirt you can stop here…if you want something a little more “Disney princess” then you will have to keep going. So next I gathered sections of the tablecloth by laying it out upside down and using a yardstick to draw four lines (like I was cutting a pizza). Then I gathered it in eight sections (on the lines) by folding it up about halfway and running a needle through it. This is what it should look like…

(For the section around the slit I just gathered each side individually near the hem.)

You  can also stop after this point if you like what you have going on… I wanted to add some rustic touches so I kept going. I also completely failed to take a picture of what it looked like after this step…I was mindlessly crafting away and just didn’t think about it. I’m sure you can imagine…just think about Belle’s dress laid flat.

You can use whatever floats your boat for this part, my boat is floated by burlap. I just used a hot glue gun and attached my ribbon to the underside of my tablecloth, like so…

Then  just flip it over and admire your handiwork!

If you’re most people than it will look just like that placed around your tree. We however are not most people. Our tree is a tiny little four foot tree placed on a tiny little table. We have good reason for this…last year we had a full-sized tree and it my kids made it their mission in life to confiscate any ornament within reach. Therefore we ended up with a giant tree that was completely naked until about four feet up. It looked ridiculous, not to mention the fact that I felt like the giant tree was taking over my living room. I much prefer the tiny (yet fully decorated) tree. Anyway, here is what my tree skirt looks like in action…

Although this year my kids favorite pastime is to try and whack the ornaments off using their toy hammer/baseball bat. Never a dull moment around here.

So there you have it…this and my advent calendar are all the Christmas crafts I have planned for this year. I have a ton on my idea list, but they will have to wait to next year when I will hopefully learn my lesson and start in November. Or maybe I will just do them now and not write about them until next year…hmmm…


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  1. Hey! I made a tree-skirt out of a tablecloth too! Great minds think alike I guess! I really really love this. It’s just superbly gorgeous. Now I wish I would have put up that second tree after all!
    Courtenay recently posted..My No-Theme, No-Scheme TreeMy Profile

  2. That’s so cute! Is yours sewn together at the bottom of the slit?
    Becca recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: ButterfliesMy Profile

  3. When you were hemming the inside of that circle, you needed about 3-4 times as many slits as you had in order for it to go more smoothly. Spray it with some starch and iron it folded under before you start sewing. Or, you can buy some bias tape at the fabric store and sew that over the raw edge.

  4. I forgot to say, I love the skirt. It’s a perfect combo of girly and rustic.

  5. This is gorgeous – love the draping and the burlap edge is the perfect accent! Pinning!
    Heather recently posted..Tradition with a Red and White Christmas TreeMy Profile

  6. I love reading your blog – I can so relate! I’ve got a 1 & 2 year running around my house. I didn’t even put ornaments on the tree this year, just lights. I didn’t want a 1/2 decorated tree and I didn’t feel like battling over it so I just left them in the attic! Happy birthday, I hope the kiddos let you enjoy.

    • haha, I might have done the same thing if the tree wasn’t going on the internet! One and two year olds are adorable little devils aren’t they ;)

  7. Okay, several things. #1: This is gorgeous. Seriously, like my favorite tree skirt. #2. Your teeny tiny microscopic hole is awesome. I really enjoyed that one. That’s something I do on every project….start out way too small and have to butcher it to get it right. and lastly #3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I did not realize we are only a year apart. For some reason I thought you were like 12. That’s a good thing. Hope your day is super duper awesome and your mister finds some time to take you on a fancy date where you get to wear your smokin’ hot dress again. Or maybe just a date to Cracker Barrel, cuz that’s where we go and it’s better than any fancy restaurant. :)
    Virginia @ LiveLoveDIY recently posted..Easy Christmas Crafts: How To Make Beaded Snowflake GarlandMy Profile

    • #1 Thank you kindly #2 I’ve learned my lesson so now I am careful…you can always cut more, can’t add it back. #3 I’ve had lots of people tell me I look young, but twelve takes the cake! That smokin hot dress was my birthday date dress…Adam took me to dinner and a play downtown last weekend…last night we had lasagna and cake at home :)

  8. Happy Birthday!!!! You should stop what you’re doing right now & run out and get yourself a latte or diamond ring or something. :) The skirt is adorable. It was probably your Disney princess references but I couldn’t help but chuckle envisioning the table legs wearing glass slippers. :)
    Dee @ recently posted..DIY Air FreshenerMy Profile

  9. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that has so. much. trouble. hemming a circle! I love the tree skirt, we just have a folded up red fleece blanket under our tree, one of these years I’ll get around to making something a little more presentable…

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday, My friend!!!

    You tree skirt is crazy cute! I hope those little one’s gave you a break today!!!
    Gwen recently posted..Not Your Ordinary Christmas WreathMy Profile

  11. Okay this is cool! This reminds me so much of my grandmother’s tree skirts from wayyy back when, makes me smile!
    Jacque recently posted..Dollar Tree Nutcracker ( West Elm Knock off)My Profile

  12. little trees are the best!!! I decorated my little 900 SF guesthouse for a Christmas tour and cannot lift a finger for my own home.. which is weird.. just not in the this Texas weather is kinda strange too.

    Happy Birthday! !

    • Haha, I love that you decorated your guest house and not your actual house. I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas decor, most of it just ends up feeling like extra clutter…. I bet it looks great in a nice clean guest house though :) And it is weird decorating a tree when its 80+ degrees outside!

  13. Donna Woods says:

    Happy Birthday! The skirt turned out beautifully. I bet there is some type of iron on product you could use for that hemming issue.

  14. Happy Happy Birthday!! I loved this tree skirt & it’s scallopped goodness :o)
    Laura Beth recently posted..Peanut Butter & Chocolate Sleigh Ride BarsMy Profile

  15. This is so beautiful. Makes me want a real tree skirt. I have a square tablecloth wadded up under my tree. It’s horrid. I love the Disney references and that this looks like Belle’s skirt. And happy birthday. You are just adorable.
    [email protected] recently posted..Giddy for PrincessesMy Profile

  16. I Play Outside The Box says:

    I like that!!

  17. Very pretty-it turned out really nicely!
    Melissa-TheHappierHomemaker recently posted..Date Night in a BoxMy Profile

  18. happy belated day of birth ashley! so……how did that go???? you know. toddlers cleaning up after themselves and not fighting on mom’s birthday? ;D

    • Thanks Steph! The boys were pretty much the best behaved they have ever been..whaaaa? They slept in till 10:30 (three hours past normal!) and were perfect till about 4:00. I’ll take it!

  19. Totally looks like an expensive PB version. Add my name to list of people who had big plans and intentions for christmasy crafts this year but just didn’t make it happen!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way recently posted..Progressive Dinner of Recipe FeaturesMy Profile

  20. This is just about the cutest little tree skirt I’ve ever seen! If you get a sec this weekend, I would be super happy if you linked up at Get Schooled Saturday at Too Much Time On My Hands. Have a great weekend, girl!

  21. I love it! What a genius idea to use a round tablecloth! The gathering looks beautiful and the burlap adds such a nice touch. I’m with you on the projects. I had mine all planned out and I’m yet to finish anything on my list! Here’s to hoping today will bring with it many project accomplishments ;)
    Lauren recently posted..Baked Cheese Herb Dip, a Great Holiday AppetizerMy Profile

  22. Happy Birthday, Ashley! When you wake up from your birthday dream, give yourself the gift of their squeals of laughter, with a tickle fest!
    Love the tree skirt!

  23. Happy Birthday!

  24. I thought you were making a round tablecloth but when I continue scrolling down WOW I was amaze…You did great job here Ashley! :)
    Jeff Holt recently posted..Overlap TrayMy Profile

  25. Your tree skirt is beautiful Ashley and I’ve got this linked to my tree skirt ideas post too today – happy holidays!
    Inspire Me Heather recently posted..project: tree skirtsMy Profile

  26. Happy belated birthday, Ashley! I’m glad the kids were so awesome, and the play and dinner sounds wonderful.
    The tree skirt and tree look lovely! Great idea putting the tree on the table. I made our tree skirt years ago – it’s quilted in Christmas fabrics with a dark green ruffle around the outer edge and inner edge, and three ties across the split. But the hole in the middle is huge! I made it way too big. That’s why I added the ruffle inside as well, to fill up some space. It’s all good!
    I hope you and your lovely little fambly have a wonderful Christmas :)
    Jan Elizabeth recently posted..Early Days – and How They Can Shape the FutureMy Profile


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