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The Top Ten Projects of 2012

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and is enjoying a some time off before the New Year! Today I'm popping in to share my most viewed posts of 2012. I enjoy writing these recap posts and looking back on the year, it makes feel like I've actually been productive. Most days I look around my messy house and see half-dressed kids and … [Read more...]

Custom Name Growth Charts

I'm back, and I actually finished a project! Did you think I was going to leave you hanging till after Christmas? I thought about it... December has been a hard month so far, it feels like one or both of the kids has been sick the whole month. Just this morning Elijah threw up twice..once in my bed and once all over my lap/the couch. It's just a … [Read more...]

DIY Tree Skirt from a Tablecloth

For years now my Christmas tree and been naked underneath...we have just had the highly sophisticated fake tree stand out there in the open. This year I decided to class it up and add a tree skirt, but of course buying premade things is just not how we roll in this house. So here is how I easily made one out a tablecloth and some burlap … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Advent Calendar (My Original Idea That Wasn’t)

Don't you hate it when you come up with an idea completely organically then later find out it's been done a thousand times? I came up with the idea for an advent calendar made out of a muffin tin and was really excited about it. I thought "Sweet, finally something where I wasn't inspired by anything I saw online! I'm so original...I'm going to be a … [Read more...]

Compassion Sunday

Meet Aemabet. Aemabet is seven years old and lives in Ethiopia. She has four siblings and loves the color green, math, playing handball and cows. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher.  Aemabet isn't some random kid that I choose to blog about, this is my Aemabet. Adam and I sponsor her through a program called Compassion International and … [Read more...]

Crazy Easy Placemat Pillows (and Napkin Pillows and Dropcloth Pillows)

So pillows. We all love them and use them. We like them for comfort, we like them for decoration, we like them to add  color to our neutral couches. The more the merrier really...except for one little problem. Throw pillows are freakin expensive. Not like Rolex and Mercedes expensive, but even cheap pillows are $20-$30 a pop. I've seen plenty a … [Read more...]

November Ramblings

This month I did something a little different for my ramblings post. Usually I sit down a few days before the end of the month and try to recall everything we did (and have a hard time), this month I jotted down a reminder note for myself whenever something bloggable happened.  So as you might expect, this post was much easier to write...and it's … [Read more...]