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Blast From The Past: No Sew Ruffle Tree Forest

 December is nearly here and the internet has been taken over by Christmas crafts. Trees are going up, wreaths are being made, baking is being done... and here I sit all bah humbug-y with nothing Christmas in the works. So I'm going to cheat and repost the only Christmas craft I managed to eek out last year. My blog was still super small then so … [Read more...]

Built-In Outdoor Bench

You know how everyone has a spot in their house that just seems to collect stuff? That place that is everyone's dumping ground? Perhaps it's your entryway, mudroom, kitchen counters or your garage. Ours is our front porch. Yup, right out there in the open. Let's just pretend for a second that I'm not a giant redneck who stores all her stuff on … [Read more...]

Birds, Typography, Chalk Storage… and A Silhouette Deal

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We just finished our Thanksgiving marathon...we did a Thanksgiving on Thursday, Friday, and hosted on Saturday. Somehow we managed to have hardly have any leftovers from actual food, but we have like six pies still hanging around. That's not good for anybody. I thought I'd pop in today with some quick … [Read more...]

A Birch Forest Hallway

There is an awkward little hallway that leads to my master bedroom. Actually, calling it a hallway is quite's really just a wall that blocks people from being able to see our bed from the street. That probably doesn't make much sense, so allow me draw you a (horribly inaccurate) picture. So as you can see, the wall is weird - but … [Read more...]

The “Stuff Your Stockings” Giveaway

Welcome to the Stuff Your Stockings Giveaway! I am super excited about this... I've teamed up with fourteen other bloggers and some fabulous sponsors to give y'all the chance to win one of TWELVE amazing prize packages to help stuff your stockings this holiday season. That's right, twelve winners! Here is a list of stuff that is up for … [Read more...]

Don’t Spill Motor Oil On Your Carpet

Yes, that is correct...I spilled used motor oil in my kids bedroom. Who does that? Does this kinda of stuff happen to other people, or just me? Wait, don't answer. I know I'm not going to get away with skipping that part about how it happened, so here we go. Adam was outside changing the oil on one of our cars. When he was done he came to the door … [Read more...]

Dining Room Windows – Done!

I'm slowly working my way around the dining room, finishing one section and then moving to the right and finishing the next. It feels pretty good, since I usually don't finish something before I move on. I call it 'new project enthusiasm' husband calls it something very different. So far I've finished the chalkboard, the pantry door, the plate … [Read more...]

October Ramblings

Ah, November...time is flying. October felt kinda crazy and totally rushed, I feel really behind actually.  I have like seven finished projects that are just waiting to be blogged about but I just can't seem to find the time to sit down and finish a post. My house is a mess and my to-do list just keeps getting longer.... I need time to stop for a … [Read more...]