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You asked, we answered! Here is the video Adam and I made last night answering all the questions ya’ll asked a few weeks ago.  It’s not quite as through as I would have liked, but evidently YouTube will only let you upload videos that are 10 minutes or less. I didn’t want to make two videos, so I had to cut it down and this is what we ended up with. Also, that fly we keep looking at was a monster sized horsefly and it was really loud…I’m surprised you can’t hear it in the video. Anyway, enjoy!

Somehow I totally missed the very first question that was asked, which was “What has been your favorite DIY project? Easiest, most impact, or just the most fun.”  Sorry Ginger! That is actually a really hard question, I like all of them for different reasons. Easiest…well, if you don’t count crazy easy ones -like my letter M or ruffle lampshade – then I would have to say the Union Jack table or the paisley stenciled table. Those were also some of the most fun, mainly because they went smoothly. The penny countertop didn’t go smoothly at all, but it was fun because it was new and different and I was really excited to finally be doing it. I also really enjoyed making my fake blossoming tree, and getting the pantry organized was really satisfying. Most impact? I think putting down the wood floors made a huge impact on the feel of our house, as did the plank walls and the garage.

Also, I kinda flubbed on the “what is your favorite part about being a parent?” question in the video. All I could think of on the spot is just how stinkin adorable they are, but now I’ve had a little time to think about it I have a better answer. I don’t want them to read/watch this when they are teenagers and think my favorite part of being a parent is actually nap time (not that I don’t love nap time!).  So here it is…I love watching my kids grow and learn new things every single day. I love that they get excited about the smallest things, things that I lost wonder in a long time ago. For example, yesterday I was making lunch and Elijah was playing on the front porch. Suddenly he came running in through the open front door yelling “Mommy, Mommy! Come see! Comeseecomeseecomsee!” He pulled me outside, flung himself flat on the ground, and pointed to a tiny little worm inching it’s way across the yard. So we laid in the dirt and watched this worm, and ate lunch really late…and it was awesome. I also love that having kids makes be a better person. I love that I get to mold them…I get to take everything I think is wrong with modern day men and do something about it. I love it when they want to snuggle, and I love it when they go to bed. I really just love being a mom.

So there you have it, Adam and I.  Are we anything like you expected?

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  1. Cassie B. says:

    What a fun idea, though I couldn’t get the video to play, and got an error message when I tried to link over to it on you tube.

  2. Can’t wait to see the video but alas nothing is playing. (Tried here on your page.)
    Kathleen recently posted..The Fireplace IS the Focal Point of Your Room – Lebanon TNMy Profile

  3. You got it! You guys are so cute together and also are really brave to do a video. Funny some of the questions people came up with for you to answer. Personally, the pain in the butt fly fits your domestic imperfection image. Loving your blog more every time!
    Kathleen recently posted..The Fireplace IS the Focal Point of Your Room – Lebanon TNMy Profile

    • I have to admit, as I was uploading the video to youtube I was having second thoughts about it…but I’m glad I did it! Also, that horsefly tried to bite Adam on the neck about an hour later and that is when it met it’s maker. Those suckers are mean!

  4. Leanne Hoge says:

    You guys are still just as cute as you were in high school. Love this idea and I hope you post more of them. It really enables readers to “get to know you better.”

  5. You two are so cute! I love that you say “y’all.” Very Texan of you. Also I’m diggin’ the plate wall behind you.

  6. Great job on the video, you are both adorable!

  7. Cindy Osborne says:

    Absolutely great video!

  8. Cindy Osborne says:

    BTW, Adam, she’s right about four kids. As a mommy to eight, I can attest that three is impossible. It starts getting easier with the fourth. So don’t stop with three or you’ll be tearing your hair out for years to come. Haha

    • Yes, three just seems like a weird dynamic to me…I think at four they will pair off nicely. Plus I just love babies:) So was having three kids the hardest? Harder than eight? I guess when you have eight the older ones are big enough to be a big help.

  9. What a great video! Thanks so much for sharing, it was fun to get to “talk” with you over coffee this morning.
    Suzan recently posted..Office of ShameMy Profile

  10. I really enjoy following your blog because you are so real and you make me laugh every time! As a mom of a two year old I can totally relate to all the half naked baby pics…you take the pants of to change the diaper and they never make it back on! Also I loved your candle post…that totally cracked me up!

    • Seriously, I always have good intentions with the pants, but as soon as that diaper is secure they flip over and take off. I’m SURE they’ll stay dressed when they’re in underwear..right?

  11. You guys are so adorable I al ost can’t stand ya, except I love ya so it doesn’t matter! LOL! Thanks for answering some of the questions I asked and for letting us all get to know you both a little better. I love your writing style too, but I enjoy your videos because you are real,whether showing us what you did with the kids this month or just answering our questions! Thanks for doing this, it was a treat to watch!

  12. You are everything you portray in your writing!

  13. Cindy Osborne says:

    Oh three is absolutely more difficult than eight. Three is impossible, that’s it.

  14. Hey I finally got to watch your Q & A video (normally I’m at working and don’t have sound on that computer when I check your blog) and I just saw that you read one of my questions! I feel like I won the lottery! Loved the video!!

  15. I finally managed to watch this in a quiet moment (rare in my home!), and you guys did a great job. The horsefly really added to the visuals – lots of swooping for no apparent reason, lol!
    Jan Elizabeth recently posted..Early Days – and How They Can Shape the FutureMy Profile

  16. I know this is over a year old now, but I’m poking around your blog and can’t get the video to work! It says it’s private?

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