It’s Happening!!! We’re Building A Garage!

Y’all know I’m excited about something when I use multiple exclamation points…I don’t give those out for free ya know. But overusing punctuation is totally excusable when is about something as long awaited as us building a garage .

In all honesty though, we’re not building a garage. What we are building  is a carport with an enclosed shed on the back.

Except that were not building it, we just bought a metal building that other people are going to assemble for us. I can sense your excitement fading and you may be wondering why I busted out FOUR exclamation points for the title. It’s because I’m stoked.  Super stoked.

As many of you know, we currently do all our projects on out front porch. EVERYTHING happens on our front porch, and it looks horrific 100% of the time. I like to say it looks like a redneck explosion. I don’t even want to know what the neighbors, UPS man and door-to-door Jehovah’s witnesses must think of us.  I’ve posted a lot of pictures of our front porch looking terrible, but here is the most recent I can find…

That’s my stenciled table and dog house/end table being worked on in the background. Also, it’s hard to see, but Elijah is using his toy hammer to smash the smithereens out of a giant cricket.  After he finished flattening it, he looked up at me with confused toddler eyes and asked “hurt?”.  Umm, yeah buddy, it’s hurt…sorry to break it to you.

We’ve been wanting to build a garage for forever but were waiting until we finished paying off our house to do so. Over the last few years we have gone back and forth about whether we should build a garage, a carport, or something in between. Our main goals are to keep the sun (and hail) off our cars, have a place to store tools a paint and whatnot (besides our front closet) and to have a place to do our projects. Oh, and not to spend a million dollars doing it. A real garage would be ideal, except that it would cost a whole lot and would take a ton of work to build. Also, we are only planning on staying in this house for a few more years, and we don’t think we would get our money back for it. Another concern was that  we don’t want our house to be the nicest one in the neighborhood when we go to sell. That sounds totally conceited, I know, and it’s certaily not the nicest one now…but by the time we sell, it’s going to look pretty darn nice and our neighborhood isn’t the greatest. It’s not terrible or anything, but we DO have that abandon crack house next door and the house on the other side of us is empty as well.  What I’m trying to say is that I don’t want to be trying to sell “big guy in the little neighborhood”, because those houses are hard to sell. So putting a bunch of money into a garage isn’t necessary.

Then we thought about building a simple two car carport. Cheap, fairly easy…except that we need storage. And we don’t want to do our projects on the gravel, so we would need to do a foundation. And really, if your going to build a carport on a foundation, you might as well build a real garage. So we decided to take it down a notch and just buy a metal building.  They sell for cheaper than you can build something and you don’t have to build it yourself . It’s pretty much instant gratification…and after so much waiting we are really ready to have it done.  When it comes to selling a house in a neighborhood like ours I’m convinced that just having something checked in the ‘car storage’ box is more important than what kind of car storage it is.

The building we bought is a two car carport with an attached (10ft x 20ft) workshop. It has two windows, a door and a roll up garage door. The colors match our house and I’m going to do my best to make it looks like it belongs and wasn’t an afterthought. Since your probably pretty confused at to what something like that would look like, here are some carports with the same(ish) design as ours.

We decided to put a cement foundation where the workshop is and that part we are doing ourselves. The entire process is new territory for us, though we have actually already finished that part and it turned out pretty well. Details on that are coming soon!

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  1. From a girl with no garage… Yippee for you! I think it’s very exciting. Only someone without one can really get it ;) I am sure you’ll love it.
    Shannon Fox recently posted..Knee Ninja News and ETC’s…My Profile

  2. We had a carport, and turned it into two rooms and a hallway when we first bought the house. So I hear you about no car storage and no project space! I’m surprised my grass hasn’t started growing in different colours from all the spraypaint it’s been doused with. (Yes I use tarps, but I always seem to be out spraypainting in gale force winds, I have no idea why that is.)

    So, enjoy your newfound space, as well as your new front porch!
    Jan Elizabeth recently posted..Early Days – and How They Can Shape the FutureMy Profile

  3. Ooh that’s exciting!!! I overuse exclamation points all the time… hahaha!!!! ;)
    Kassi @ Truly Lovely recently posted..Stenciled Welcome PillowMy Profile

  4. I completely understand your excitement over a garage, as we too have the porch/garage/catch-all thing going on! We built our home three years ago and made the mistake of not building our garage then. Now we definitely need it and don’t want to add anything to our mortgage. So we’re pinching the occasional dime and hope to have a garage sometime before our new driver leaves for college. :)

  5. That is so cool!!!! I feel ya on the no garage thing and what you are doing may be our perfect solution too!

    Post pics when you get it done? I’d love to see how it turns out!
    Jenn recently posted..Going to need a new name for this soonMy Profile

  6. You were featured on Better After today! She’s loving you, as do I.

  7. I kind of think your carport/storage shed is even better than a garage. During the summer, my garage gets so hot (even though it’s on the morning-sun side of the house) and never cools off, so I can’t really work in it from April until about October. An open-air space will probably be better to work in, plus you can organize everything so neatly in the workshop, instead of trying to work tools and stuff around your cars in a garage. Very exciting!
    Devon @ Green House, Good Life recently posted..The Sedum GardenMy Profile

  8. That is a very attractive way to build a carport and barn into one building. I can totally see how that would maximize your storage space needs. How sturdy would that roof be during a storm?

  9. Wow, that sounds like quite the project! I’ve actually been looking into getting a carport like that installed on the side of my house. I really like the workshop on the back, I had never thought of that. But yours looks great, and I’m definitely jealous! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I’ll admit, I was expecting a montage of your do-it-yourself project, but I can see why you went with the easy way. I feel like the main purpose of doing DIY projects is to save money; however, as you mentioned, you can get a metal building for cheaper than you can build it. If buying something is cheaper and faster than building it, then definitely go for it! The building look super nice as well; it should be a perfect place to work on other things. Thanks for sharing!

  11. This unit looks like one of the structures built by American Steel Carports or All Steel Carports. There are very durable units which are very economical. We offer these units also on our site. They can be viewed below.

  12. John Mullen says:

    This seems like a monster project! Once you finish please don’t let it go to waste by not taking care of it. I always make sure to service my garage door each year. I’ve found this guide to be useful:

    It’s just a matter of consistency. If you do this stuff every year, your door will stay in great shape.

  13. A premade metal building can be so easy to use and much cheapter than constructing a new structure. Thanks for sharing your experience in getting one!

  14. Your front porch commentary made me laugh. I’m sure the delivery workers are used to all different sights! Your examples look great. How did the finished projects turn out?

  15. Congrats! When I was probably 12 years old my parents announced to the family that they were going to build a full fledged garage for our old ranch house. Of course when I was that age I didn’t think much of it, and completely ignored how much work it was. But it definitely was worth it for our family!

  16. Exciting! Having great storage is so important, and this is a great way to achieve it. Thanks for sharing! My garage is so important to me!

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