The Move

I’m sure you’re wondering  just how the move went, so I’ll give you the quick and dirty version, since writing the whole thing out would be really long and not fun to write…or read.

So why did I choose to move? Well, Blogger vs. WordPress in kinda like renting vs. owning. On Blogger, Google basically owns your content. They can even delete your blog if they choose…and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it. On WordPress, you pay for a your own domain (no and you pay for hosting and all your stuff is just that…your stuff.  I also wanted to move because Wordpress is better for SEO (search engine optimization), and simply more professional looking. I don’t think it’s a secret that I would LOVE to make an income off my blog (who wouldn’t want to make money doing something they love?) and I felt that I needed to move in order to do that. I figured sooner was better than later.

I decided to move myself because I’m a true DIY girl and think I can do anything, even stuff I’m terrible at (aka, computer stuff). That was my first mistake – confidence. So I signed up with Bluehost, bought my domain name and paid for two years of hosting. Then I uploaded wordpress onto my new site and added the Genesis with the Fabric Child Theme – all by myself, no problems. I was feeling pretty good.

 The next step was to import my blogger content. Really all you do for this is press a few buttons and voila, your content is now on your new site. I pressed my magic button and my content transferred – except that not all of it came over.  My first five months worth of posts and comments were left behind. According to my tutorials and google, sometimes this happens and you can just do it over and over until everything is transferred, your content won’t be duplicated. So I did it again – except that this time it missed the same posts and duplicated everything else. Hmm, I tried it a few more times with the same result. So I decided to erase everything and start over. I deleted all my posts and went to delete my comments but couldn’t figure out how. It should be easy…check a little box, hit delete. Except that a little box or delete button didn’t exist, anywhere. So there I was, with a postless blog and thousand upon thousand of comments.

That’s when I knew I was in trouble…importing your content was supposed to be the easy part.

I’m pretty much not going to tell you more than that. It got pretty hairy, and took about a month and a half to get to where I am now. Even when I thought I was done, I wasn’t really. Remember my last post “Welcome to the New Domestic Imperfection!”? No, you don’t…because I had totally failed in redirecting my subscribers properly so no one received my update.

I have to admit, I’m a bit embarrassed about how long it took me to do transfer. If I had to do it again, I would just hire it out from the beginning…the pros can do a transfer overnight. That sounds like a dream come true. An expensive dream, perhaps…but totally worth it. And y’all know how super cheap I am, so it MUST be worth it for me to say that. So if you are a blogger who is wanting to switch from Blogger to WordPress, you absolutely should do it. WordPress is awesome, and I’ve only scratched the surface of what you can do with it. However, don’t do it yourself.  Just learn from my mistake, that way I feel like my moving disaster had a purpose….to help others not do what I did. If you are thinking of starting a blog I would highly recommend starting out on a self hosted wordpress site. I know it costs money, but it’s minimal and SO much cheaper than paying to move and easier than having to move.

Anyway, the real point of this post is to tell you about some awesome people who helped me out along the way. Like really awesome people. I feel bad saying that my move was kinda nightmarish because I don’t want to make my helpers feel like I don’t really, really, REALLY appreciate all they did.

Inve Hosting

The first person is Bobby from InveHosting. I met Bobby right after my failed import…so pretty much day five of my forty or so day move. I met him because a reader posted on my Facebook wall and said that her husband did computer stuff and could help me with my move.  I thought it was a nice gesture….then her husband actually contacted me. Turns out  he owns a hosting company and was offering to help me move. For free. Just because he’s a nice guy. He never even asked me to switch to his company.

 Bobby was my lifesaver. He imported all my content some fancy way that I don’t even know how to describe. Then he helped with every time I had a problem. He quickly restored my blog when I cause fatal errors. He is seriously the most helpful guy on the planet…I just went and looked and we have 134 e-mails of me nagging him with questions. As you may have guessed, I happily switched from Bluehost and am now with InveHosting. They are great and I am so happy that I did. If any of y’all ever need hosting I wholeheartedly recommend Bobby’s company. His button will always be on my sidebar, so he’s easy to find. He can help you with all sorts of stuff, not just hosting. If you’re looking to start-up a blog or make a switch, just contact him at You will love him, I promise. So Bobby… thank you, again, for all your help. ..and thank you to his wife Cristy for letting take up so much or his time over the last month. (Cristy also owns her own company called Carolina Sparkle Designs that specializes in personalized gifts and vinyl stickers…you can check them out HERE.)

Person number two is Sara from Lady Jane Designs. I contacted her because she did the Blogger to WordPress transfer for Truly Lovely and it turned out great. I asked her to create my header and I love how it turned out. She went above and beyond though, she fixed some of my design issues for free and  also gave me instructions on how to make my own favicon, change fonts, etc. So if you’re looking for a blog design, or a transfer, or just a few things tweaked for a really great price, Sara is your girl.

My third persons name is Nitun, I contacted just a few days ago when I realized my redirection wasn’t working. I had used the “Blogger to WordPress Redirection” plugin that has rave reviews, except that it wasn’t working correctly. I went right to the source and contacted the guy that created the plugin…turns out he owns Blogger to WordPress Migration Professional Services.  He looked over what I had done (messed up), and fixed it…all of it, in a day. He wasn’t free, but I thought he was reasonable and I was so relieved to transfer blog-fixing responsibility over to him.

And that’s that. Thanks for sticking it out with me…I promise I won’t talk about the move any more. If you have any questions though feel free to e-mail me and I’ll tell you what I know.  Now to get back to the real reason y’all read…ideas! Well, maybe ideas. Maybe it’s to see what destruction my kids cause, to see how many times I use the words “y’all” “totally” or “crap” in a single post, or just to laugh whenever I screw something up.  All those reasons are completely legit and more of whatever it is you love is on the way. I’m almost done with the post about our dining room table, so look for that this weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great team behind you… Once you found them! ;) I’m sorry it was so tough… Glad to see you’re all moved over though and everything looks great!!

  2. The new site looks good. I had to comment: Love!!! the calendar feature at the bottom. That way we absent-minded folks can tell whether we missed a post or not. :-)

    • I’m so glad you said that! I really just put in the calendar as a place holder until I came up with something better, but if you love it them I’ll keep it :)

  3. Hi! I’m glad to see you back! I recently (well a few months ago) set up a blog on WordPress and I’ve found it a bit difficult to figure out, so I’m glad to hear that I made the right choice in starting out there.
    Looking forward to more of your funny posts and wonderful design ideas!

  4. HEY! I just moved from blogger to WP. How do I redirect my subscribers properly? Also, do I NEED a host? I’m VERY new to this so any help is appreciated!!

  5. I’m actually on blogger! I have 100 posts and 4414 page views though, so I don’t have a huge following. I also in general have a completely random following (not subscribers). Although I would LOVE love to make money on my blog, its not happening yet. For the time being I’ll stay on blogger, but if I get a following I may eventually follow you over here =)

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