Puff Paint Easter Eggs

I know Easter is tomorrow and you have all probably decorated eggs already, but I’ll go ahead and share my mini tutorial anyway. It’s now or never right? So a few weeks ago Aimee over at It’s Overflowing asked me to be part of her Easter Egg Hunt series. She asked me to decorate some eggs and share the tutorial with her readers. Here is what I came up with…they are seriously the lazy girls Easter egg.

For my eggs I decided to go simple, no messy dye or egg boiling required. Besides the no boiling thing, went with plastic eggs  for two reasons.  1) I have two small sons and think that real eggs would be a bad idea, and 2) You can stuff plastic eggs.  The best part of  finding Easter eggs is breaking them open and finding chocolate or money, am I right?

So first, you will need to gather your materials….which consist of plastic eggs and puff paint.

Next, get to doodling! And just FYI, its way easier if you do the pieces separate, that way you can let them dry without rolling around and ruining themselves.

That’s it! Here is my little collection just waiting to get stuffed with goodies…

(Yeah, some of them look a little wonky. It’s totally okay to tell people that your kids made them…)

Feeling a little lazy? Here is an even simpler idea…sharpies! Seriously.

You can go subtle with silver…

or bold with black!

Can it get any easier than sharpies and plastic eggs?

If you would like some more (and less ghetto) Easter egg decorating ideas, head on over to It’s Overflowing and check ’em out!

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  1. For as simple as those are, they turned out way cute! I don’t have any kids yet so Easter isn’t nearly as fun to make eggs for and whatnot, but I would definitely make a bowl of these for a decoration.

  2. Great idea, very cute! Will do it with my grandkids next year. Thanks.

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