Lampshade Swicharoo And An Updated Corner

When I started debrowning my living room a few months ago, the little space between my couch and chair looked like this…

It lacked personality and frankly looked a little sad. Then I added my crappy $5 table and things started to look up a little.

(Pardon the awkward toddler, this is the only pic I could find that had the whole lampshade in it.)

Then, I switched out my crappy table for my hexagon leaf table (and added curtains)…

…and then I decided that the blue lampshade had to go. So I went hunting and found a big drum shade at Goodwill. It was $2.99 AND still had the plastic on it. I took a picture but can’t seem to find it, so y’all are just have to believe me about the plastic part. I popped it onto my lamp and liked it so much better than the blue. (Yes, it’s tan. I know that totally breaks my debrowning goal. Here’s the problem I’m having with the debrowning – I have no idea what colors to bring into the room. It’s already green, blue and brown. I’m not just going to add some crazy color in that doesn’t match. I already had a blue lampshade and didn’t like it. I don’t want green because the walls are green. White would be boring with the white base. So tell me…what am I supposed to do?)

But every time I looked at it (this is the view from my “office”) it felt too short. I decided to give it some length by adding a ruffle, so I scrounged up the tiny bit of fabric scraps leftover from my laundry room and ceiling fan lampshades and used the same process that I did for my ruffle Christmas trees… hot glue and all. (I swear I didn’t write this post just to link to myself!)

And here is my updated (and finished!) corner.

and I might as well throw in an overall living room pic, since the theme today is picture overload.

I’ll be back soon with meatier content…I have five finished (bigger) projects that I just need to find the time to write out. Anyone want to babysit?

Also, thank you for all your suggestions concerning  my dining room chair dilemma, I’ve decided to try and reupholster the ones I have!


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  1. I am loving this! I have a little debrowning to do myself and this is a great idea!

  2. I have always loved pairing white things with dark wood. Your white table looks so wonderful, contrasting with the dark floors. I love it! I am also debrowning, LOL, I don’t know what it is about brown, black…these colours tend to creep in and take over lol. I usually tone brown down with white also, and I also find that blues work very well :)

  3. I love it with the leaf table and ruffle lampshade!


  4. Its so cute and feminine now, and the shade is still a lighter shade of brown so I say it counts on the debrowning front. When I saw the whole living room pic, I thought maybe you could paint your big picture frame white! That would make a huge difference on the brown front!! But if you hate that idea, don’t :) Anyway, it’s looking great!

    • umm…. that’s a GREAT idea. I wonder if the hubs would go for it? He handmade the whole thing and says it’s his favorite thing in the living room. I’m gonna ask…thanks for the suggestion, I would have never thought of it!

  5. you clever goose! I love the ruffle and may have to steal that idea.

  6. Very nice. I remember the very cool shelving unit, but not the pic above the couch. Probably not paying attention on my part. Oops…hehe The overall living room looks cozy enough to want to lounge for a bit with some coffee. :-)

  7. Love it! The little ruffle on the lamp shade was a really fun touch!! And I’m digging your HUGE map of Texas by the way! haha.

  8. I am visiting from #UBP12. I am so excited to look around your blog and get to know you better! I’ve been looking for something to do the lampshade in my bedroom, now I have a great idea. Come by my site if you would like.


  9. I don’t know if it was a rhetorical question…. about what color you might want to use . The room looks lovely with all your special touches and projects! I can, however, imagine the base of your white lamp being black; or base is white, but the drum is black. And, I can also imagine the curtain rod as black. I’m just thinking that in art/photography prints, we often have to add BLACK to make it contrast and “stick out”. Especially if you have another black lamp base or a second black lamp shade drum somewhere else in the room, I think the black could act as “punctuation” to your beautiful vignette. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  10. Great lamp shade! It adds so much to that corner and the end table is a great re-do as well. Here’s a quick tip that I’ve used and it works quite nicely. You can paint lampshades with spray paint! I had an old plastic one with some sort of odd “fabric” on it that was grungy looking…that’s what ya get with a give-away lamp right? ;-) Anyway, I spray painted it and it looked brand new! I also added some lace and beads around the bottom to enhance the girly-look for this bedroom styled lamp.

    Oh and since you’re “de-browning”…..I know you have little ones (I remember those days…ahhhhh) you could get a cheap-o basket in any size/shape that tickles your fancy and spray paint it white (or black if you want it to be more dimensional) to sit on your great coffee table/chest. It’s a kid-safe accessory and when you have adult friends over (while kids are napping or out for the night) you can then fill it with some other “pretties” like decorative balls or something. Just a thought…. ;-) Lovely room BTW!

    I came over to your site via Better After. Come visit me too.

  11. Where did you find the fabric and do you know the name of it? I’ve looked at a few of your other projects and I love all of your fabric choices.

    • I don’t know the name of it, but on the tiny little scrap I have left it says “Better Homes and Gardens” and “fabrics by Richlo…and then it’s cut off. I bought it at Joanns, but that was a couple years ago now. Hopefully you can find it…it’s my favorite fabric!

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