No Spend February Review and A Big Announcement

So as it turns out, months go by FAST. I barely got to scratch the surface of my to-do list before February was over. I guess that means that No Spend February was successful in that I didn’t spend any money on craft projects, but it was a total bust in the getting-stuff-done department. It’s easy not to spend money when you don’t do anything, right? Let’s review what I DID do this month.
I revealed my pantry

and my curtains & rods

…but I completed those in January. The no spend projects weren’t nearly as exciting, they were…
my blogiversary pillow giveaway,

change up my letter M,

and some scrap fabric roses.

That’s it. I DID, however, complete two big no spend projects – but I’m not allowed to show them to y’all yet. I’m entering them in the Every Creative Endeavor Contest (go vote!) and projects are supposed to be anonymous. I can’t wait to show them to you though! I’m not going to designate March as a spend free month – we have some bigger projects planned (like working on the kitchen, YAY!) that are going to cost some $$$.  I am going to continue to knock out projects that I have laying around though, that craft closet is still chock-a-block full of goodies!
So, the big announcement?
I’ll be moving to WordPress next month!

I’m attempting the transfer myself, but to be honest it’s not going very well and I’ll probably end up hiring someone to save me. I’m a computer dunce and the whole thing is stressing me out. I know that I could figure it out eventually, but I’m not sure how many weeks (months?) I’m willing to sacrifice. Plus spending hours upon hours working behind the computer means less time for projects and kids, and that’s definitely no bueno.
On that note, Google Friend Connect is leaving non blogger blogs TOMORROW. This means that if you follow by GFC (which most of you do) we will loose our connection as soon as I move. If you’d like to keep getting updates then please choose another way to follow! The options are on my sidebar ——————->You can choose between Linky, E-mail, RSS, Bloglovin, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter….
That’s it for now…. Happy Leap Day everyone!



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  1. Exciting!!! Hope it goes well for you girl! If you need the info for the girl we've hired to do ours, let me know. She's awesome!

  2. That bites (the Google bit), but I already follow via e-mail. :-) Good luck on the contest…hope you win.

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