The Less Mess Project: Pantry Reveal!

Well, I’ve spent the last week painting, stenciling, and organizing my pantry and I have to admit…it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Not because it was particularly fun to do, but because the results make life so much easier.  Seriously, if I had known how much less stressed having an organized pantry would make me feel I would have done it years ago.
So, here it is…my organized masterpiece.
Pantry organization

As a reminder as to how horribly disorganized I am, the before shot…
super messy pantry
Now it makes me smile just to look in there.
Organized pantry
So much better, right? I’m really not a fan of cooking and rummaging around in that “before” pantry made it even worse.
So as a quick recap of the last post…
After emptying it out, painting it white, and stenciling it (by hand!), my pantry looked like this…
Stenciled Panrty
The hardest part of this makeover was taking the rack off the back of the door and finding a place for all that stuff. The rack is awesome and I’ll use it somewhere else in my house, but I plan on taking the pantry door off completely and replacing it with an old wooden screen door. I just love the idea, plus I’ve gotta show off all that beautiful organization, you know?  I plan on painting it the same color as the kitchen cabinets (which is the same color as the stencil…Sherwin Williams Harbor Grey).
Let’s take a closer look shall we? On the top shelf we have baking supplies and a basket full of to go toddler snacks.
Pantry organization tips
Below that we have more baking supplies in Tupperware canisters (that I’ve had forever). The labels are just  cheapo scrap booking stickers from Hobby Lobby – I don’t think a dollar has ever made me feel so fancy before!
Then we have crackers and pastas. The pasta is stacked two deep – we eat a lot of pasta.
Tips to help organize your pantry
 The clear canisters are OXO POP Canisters. I originally wanted pretty circular glass ones, but I could’t find any that were airtight. Plus my pantry isn’t very big and circular canisters aren’t the best use of space. I love these OXO ones though, they have a button on top that you press to take the lid off, then you press it again to seal it closed. Plus they’re stackable AND the seal matches my stencil color (very important!). I bought mine HERE on Amazon…
They’re not the cheapest thing ever, but they’re the nicest canisters I found by far. (If you want big ones to hold flour you’ll have to buy the big 5.5 quart ones separately.) I also found a few randomly at HomeGoods, they were way cheaper but only had a few at a time.
(Update – A reader recommended these Lock and Lock containers, said they’re awesome and they’re WAY cheaper. Wishing I’d have seen them first…)
Next shelf down we have rice, beans, etc and cereals. The ‘MIX’ cereal is for me…I like my cereals mixed – the more the merrier! I used to just pull out every cereal in the morning and put a little of each in my bowl. Now the plan is to pour the cereal remnants from the other canisters onto mine so I only have to pour one cereal in the morning. A great idea, if I may say so myself.
pantry organization tips and tricks
The lowest shelf is canned goods. I found some risers at Target and they work great – now I can see everything. Next to the risers is our supply of Costco tomato bisque soup. Have ya’ll had this stuff? I don’t recommend you try it unless you never want to be able to eat another brand of tomato soup ever again. It’s that good.
Pantry organization
On the floor we have some bins (from The Container Store– the shelf baskets are from there too) that holds unopened condiments on the top and onions and potatoes on the bottom. Next to that is my old onion and potato holder which now holds tea bags for sweet tea. It wasn’t quite big enough for potatoes… plus I’m pretty sure it didn’t get enough airflow because my potatoes grew sprouts like it was their job in there.
pantry organization tips
(update- readers that are far better at cooking than I have said that you shouldn’t keep onions and potatoes together, the onions cause the potatoes to go bad really quickly. Good to know. )

I didn’t wan’t to waste any valuable space, so I the sides of the pantry I put little wire baskets to hold my spices and whatnot. They’re actually pencil holder drawer thingys – most normal sized ones were too long for this space so they took forever to find. Guess where I found these? Yup, The Container Store.

Use drawer organizers to store spices

I just screwed them into the wall like so…
desk organizers as pantry organizers
The other side is a little deeper so I found wider ones to hold other (ugly) stuff. These side baskets are the only reason I was able to take the rack off the back of the door, otherwise my screen door dreams might have been squandered.
pantry organization
Here is a picture so you can see how many there are…
(Gosh it’s hard to take pictures of the inside of a tiny pantry!)
Take advantage of wasted space in your pantry
That’s the grand tour! Do you love it as much as I do? I’m pretty confident that I can keep it this organized for the long haul, everything we use is in there and it all has a place. Here is a side by side before and after shot, looking at that after makes me feel so calm and happy!
Pantry organization tips and tricks

That is an updated after photo, since writing this post we have added the screen door, plank wall, and a whole bunch of other stuff. To see the before and after shots of the kitchen and dining room you can peruse my house tour HERE.

Love the "spice rack" just inside the door!

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  1. ashley that looks utterly amazing!!! want to come over and do mine?

  2. WOW. That's really organized! Great job!


  3. I love the way your pantry turned out especially the repurposed little baskets down the sides.

  4. Your pantry turned out great! Hoping one day I can decorate/organize our pantry, but for now… it's also a storage. Nice job!


  5. Fabulous! I wish I still had a pantry. It's the only thing I miss about our crappy apartment. I'm a super organized person and I love your pantry. All the fancy little baskets and containers are like something from my dreams. ^-^ I can't wait to see your crafty closet!

  6. Great job on the pantry. I think your stencils really added a nice touch. I did a post about doors and there's a few screen doors in there if you want for inspiration, here's the link
    I remember seeing in an ad for must a basic wood screen door at a hardware store. Very inexpensive and you could add whatever you want to it. Looking forward to seeing what you do! Carol Ann

  7. Oh my goodness! What a difference and a great job! Love, love the little baskets on the sides! I think the wood screen door will be the perfect final touch!

  8. I do love it! I'm jealous! We tried to put a pantry together but it didn't work out. It's a confusing mess and I hate it so I'm going to try to re-do it some time.

  9. Nicely done! I'm still just wanting a pantry =)

  10. Wow, that looks great. It must be pantry week, I redid ours on friday! And of course took pictures! :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Shirley said:
    I wish I had a pantry. All I have is a narrow cabinet It is dark and is small that you could maybe store a broom or a mop. You get the point.

  12. Pretty awesome Ashley! I hope my pantry looks like that some day soon!

  13. That looks AMAZING! You did such a great job! Definitely a good idea to add the little baskets on the sides! Sharing this around by the way! ;)

  14. My pantry/broom closet is nearly identicle to this and I have struggled with ideas of how to organize it….you have inspired me! I'm going to get my husband on it right away!!!

  15. I know right? I'm having a hard time finding a screen door that's only 24 inches wide, I think I may have to make one. Well, have the husband make one ;)

    • I realize this comment was from a year ago, but I too am wanting a screen door for our pantry. My doorway measures 28″ (mobile home doors) and I can’t find one that size either. So my grandmother has an old screen door (by old I mean cedar not pine like the hardware stores sell now a days) that she is going to cut down to fit and add new screen to it. I’d much rather have that anyway. I adore your pantry tips by the way. One question. I don’t always know how to cook everything from memory. Do you keep directions for anything or only “contain” things you know from memory??

  16. Awesome…thanks Kassi!

  17. haha, does your husband hate your blog reading as much as mine does? I'm always finding things I want him to do…as soon as I say “So I saw on this blog today…” he starts to grimace, lol.

  18. HI Ashley! Amazing Pantry makeover! I'm just finishing up organizing mine and I may steal a few of your ideas (love the baskets on the side wall!)

    Cath :)

  19. looks great!! I'm in the midst of getting our pantry organized too, and you provided some great ideas.

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  36. Great job & your stenciling is so pretty. I just recently posted my pantry makeover, and our pantries are almost identical.

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    Miss Bloomers

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  48. I love your little baskets on the sides… a great use of space! Looks nice and uncluttered. I'll have to keep my eyes out for something similar….(I always had spice racks on the brain)…good thinking!!


  49. hey there! came right over from a bowl full of lemons when i saw “pantry reveal”. i am re-doing my pantry this month too!!! ;-) so i had to see your end result. i am planning to do some stenciling as well. how did that go for you? i am worried about the time involved. and am pretty sure i'm going to get it done this coming long weekend. thanks for the tips on containers too. i have been going crazy trying to find the perfect containers.

    thanks again for sharing!!!

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  51. Your pantry turned out great! I have slowly been working on getting mine organized. Thanks for the tip on the Lock and Lock containers. I have been looking at the OXO ones, but there was no way I was going to be able to get the amount I need for how expensive they are. :)

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    Warmly, Michelle

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  58. Your pantry looks fabulous! I wish I could be that organized! Love the stenciling.

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    I love the stencil!

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  68. This is the kind of pantry I would love to have, someday! I'm so on the drawer organizer baskets hanging on the wall for my pantry! I'll be hunting down some bargains for those! Great idea of repurposing!

  69. That looks amazing! I've been looking at a lot of pantries since the New Year and your's is the first I have seen to utilize the sides with racks. I've been so frustrated with my bulk spices and this idea is perfect! So… I'll be stealing it! :) It's so practical and it's still beautiful. Great job!

  70. This is stunning and something that is MUCH needed at my house! I'm seriously just staring at your pictures over and over again! I'd love it if you shared it at my party!

  71. Hi Ashley! Just found your blog thru the Little Knick Knack link party.

    Love your pantry! So beautiful with the stencilling and very organized! Love the pencil holder idea to store spices.

    I am your newest follower.

    Please visit my blog sometime and say hello! I love visitors and comments on my posts.

  72. Your pantry is truly amazing!! Thank you for linking up to my weekly party!!


  73. Wow, what a transformation! I loved having a peek into your neat and perfect pantry. I need to do some tidying!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha @ Five Minutes for Me

  74. I recently read an article that the “fumes” from onions actually cause potatoes to rot quicker and it suggested keeping the two in separate areas. Not sure it there's any merit to this, but thought I'd pass it along!

    • Onions and potatoes do give off gases that cause the other to deteriorate faster than normal. They both like cool, dark well ventilated spaces but should be kept apart. I learned that in home ec. about 100 years ago!

  75. That seriously looks amazing! I love the stencil! I have been wanting to buy those XOXO containers forever, but I just couldn't make myself spend that much money…but now I think I need them! They look so good in your pantry! Stopping by from Serenity Now!

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    Cheers! :)

  77. The stenciling went alright…if you don't have small kids around your feet the whole time it will be a tedious breeze, lol. I'm following your blog now so I can see how yours turns out…pressures on ;)

  78. I checked yours out and they are almost identical, except that you have a regular sized door that I'm a bit jealous of…I can't seem to find a 24 inch wide screen door to replace mine with! Your pantry organization looks great though!

  79. I do love it! Georgous!!

  80. I love the stencil! I'm going to come hang out at your house during dinner time. :)

  81. Wow! So organized! I bet this will make preparing meals much easier! Well I'm jealous… wish we had pantries here in Greece! We have to keep everything in cupboards. I'm glad I found you and I'm now following! Hope we stay in touch from now on!
    Love, Olga

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  89. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! My pantry is a lot like yours (used to be version, not the beauty it is now!), but my shelves span the whole depth of the closet. They are so deep that things keep getting lost in the back and I never know what I have. I might knock those big shelves out and get narrower ones and steal your little spice holder idea. That was brilliant! I love the stenciling and it just looks so pretty.

  90. Beautiful! You must smile every time you open the door. Well done.

  91. If you put your onions and potatoes together the onion will rot the potatoes. They should not be stored together.

  92. Your pantry looks great! I need to organize mine but mine is a deep, dark cabinet and the door is right up against the shelves. Perhaps I should cut the shelve some so that there is space on the sides like yours. Love your “mix” cereal. My husband has a combination every morning with 6 different cereals. I keep wanting to put them in a container but he has a specific layering so they can't be mixed! Drives me batty!! Hope you find a screen door soon…that'll look nice!

  93. I had no idea. How far apart is recommended?

  94. What a cool project! I love how organized you are. You have to show this off at “Cowgirl Up!” – it's the only link party where you post once, and your project shows up on 4 amazing blogs. I know everyone will love this! Party goes live at 9pm tonight. Hope to see you there!
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  96. love, love! what an awesome job.

  97. Gosh from seeing all your comments I guess organizing one's pantry is a big thing – well it is to me. Doesn't it absolutely feel great! Really like the stencil and want to do that with mine. I love how organized you are and need to take inspiration from it. Very nice! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best.

  98. This turned out AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much for sharing at my party!!! I just featured this on my blog! Can't wait to see what you link up this week!!! Just in case you haven't entered, my giveaway for 1000 full color business cards ends tonight at midnight!!! Glad to be following you!! XO, Aimee

  99. GREAT job! I am so glad you posted this because I have a pantry JUST LIKE yours! (your BEFORE one!) I always see posts with huge pantries and I think “ummm…mine is a little closet!” so I am so thrilled to see how to do it in a small space! You have motivated me and I hope to copy yours soon!
    Quick question…where do you keep your trash can? I have mine in the pantry but it adds to the mess and takes up a lot of space…..

    thanks again for sharing this!

  100. This looks great! So organized!! I love how your used the door and side walls for extra storage. It's a great idea!! I'm going to have to do that in my linen closet!

  101. Visiting from Met Monday and you did a fantastic job!

  102. Looks good! I'm going to go check out those containers now!

  103. You go girl! This is impressive! And inspiring! I have some of the oxo canisters and I love them too!

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    Keep up the awesomeness!


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    Thanks for linking up to Simply Klassic Sundays!

  106. haha, specific layering…I have to tell my husband this so he'll think I'm less weird :D

  107. I thought the same thing when I saw other pantries online, most have those nice corner shelves…mine doesn't even have a full size door. But it can be done! My trash can is against the wall on the other side of the kitchen, so it's close to where I cook. If you check out my kitchen posts you can see it a bunch. I like not having o turn a door handle with super messy hands, plus I need all the pantry space I can get. Good luck with yours!

  108. Wow, your pantry looks great!

  109. Wow-you have super motivated me, I'll say! I'm your newest linky follower-stop by for a visit!

  110. Wow, fantastic job! I love how you've used different types of containers but it still looks nice & uniform….

  111. Oh my goodness Ashley, your pantry looks amazing. Such beautiful organized closet. Awesome job!!!

  112. Charity says:

    Looks great! Wish I had a pantry to organize!

  113. Just wanted to say that I love what you did. Funny enough, your home could be one of the homes in my neighborhood from the look of the pantry!
    I currently have no dedicated spice space and that looks so awesome!! Maybe if I take one step at a time mine will look this great!!
    Also like the undershelf soup/sauce location. That’s a great idea!
    Following you now :)

  114. I have a new pantry, since we redid our kitchen a couple of years ago. I still haven’t organized it the way I would like-by using the Tupperware containers that I have a ton of (since I used to sell it). I love the way you did your pantry and I am very inspired to start organizing my own.
    The only thing I want to comment on is the bin on the floor with your onions and potatoes in it. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t store onions and potatoes together, do you know if that’s true? But I do have to say-your pantry looks awesome, and I love the idea of getting a screen door for it.

    • I’d had never heard of the onion/ potato thing until someone else commented on it above. Do you have any idea how far apart they should be? Like if I put a divider into that big bottom bin and kept them from touching, or should they be on different shelves?

      • Marianna says:

        I know I’m late for the party but I want to answer the potatoes/onions question, I haven’t found the answer above. You have to store them in different places. I store my onions in pantry and potatoes under the sink. It was hard to find the space but it’s so worth it! My potatoes used to last less than a week so I never had any on hand (that were usable anyway) but now they last several weeks! And you shouldn’t store apples with other fruit/veggies unless you want to ripen these other veggies (like green tomatoes). And the worst are bananas, they emit the most amount of this gas so should be stored on the counter.
        Great job on the pantry! LOVE LOVE LOVE your stencils! I wish I had such a big pantry! (I have a kitchen cabinet next to fridge)

  115. WOW!! This is the best pantry remake I have ever seen! Way to go!!

  116. LOVE. THIS. I have a teensy tiny pantry like this too in my new place…(yours actually might be a little bigger than mine…and certainly deeper…mine is only 13 inches of shelf space deep…18 inches total) Great use of space and I plan to “borrow” your idea for spice holders. I posted your pic and linked to your site from mine (it will publish next Tuesday) Come have a look!
    Shelly recently posted..Hey! Don’t I know you?!My Profile

  117. Love this!!!!

  118. I am so having pantry envy right now. I love the outcome and it will look so cute with a screen door. What a great idea! Thanks for linking up!

    Danielle @Blissful and Domestic
    Danielle recently posted..Feature Friday Linky PartyMy Profile

  119. If you put your onions in the fridge they won’t make your eyes water when you cut them up.

  120. Fantastic! Our pantry is almost exactly like yours. We are beginning the transformation this weekend after this inspiration! The only thing I can’t find are the baskets. have been all over the Container Store website but cannot find them.
    Any suggestions how to find them?

  121. Mollie Clemons says:

    What a great idea! I love it… The idea is to keep organizing your stuff in a cabinet shelves or a pantry system.

  122. Alichia says:

    Finally, a pantry makeover and the pantry is exactly the same as mine (the before shot that is)!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  123. Thanks for sharing. Why didn’t I think of that!

  124. Well, the web is an interesting place. My daughter pinned this post. I don’t do Pintrest, but I saw it on Facebook, and here I am!
    You did a wonderful job with your pantry…if I had one, I’d be copying your success! Those little pencil organizers may be something I will find a use for, though…
    Dimple recently posted..Summer Solstice MorningMy Profile

  125. Oh, and I never heard about keeping potatoes and onions separate, but I have heard that potatoes and apples should be stored apart…
    Dimple recently posted..Summer Solstice MorningMy Profile

  126. Adrianna says:

    Where are the baskets hanging from your bottom shelf from?

  127. If you will separate your potatoes from your onions the potatoes will not sprout as fast. Maybe put them in separate bins. Your transformation looks awesome, it really inspires me because our pantry is probably the same size as yours.

  128. I love your pantry and it inspired me to go out and shop for storage containers today at 9 months pregnant! Nesting I suppose. I was very excited after having decided not to buy the oxo containers at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond to find them at TJ Maxx. The 5 pc set was 29.99 and the 10 pc set was 69.99 at TJ Maxx! Thanks for the inspiration, now just to keep my husband from ruining all of my organinzing today.

    • That’s a great price! My pantry has been organized for about eight months now and surprise surprise…it still looks great. It’s one of those spaces that once you organize it correctly, it is easy to keep up. If only all spaces were like that!

  129. Hi Ashley, Your pantry looks IDENTICAL to mine, the before shot that is, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to better organize it. I *love* what you did. One question, how deep are your shelves? Mine are deep and my main issue is visibility. I can pile things in there but have to dig around to see what’s there. I’m considering sliders so shelves slide out as far as the door jamb. Thanks! Karen

    • Hey Karen! I was just re-reading some comments and saw that I missed your question. Let me go grab a tape measure…
      Okay, my shelves are 12 inches deep. Not deep by any means, but they felt really deep when I had to dig through them to find things!

  130. Nice – thx for sharing. Just a quick tip… I keep my potatoes in the bottom crisper drawer of my fridge and I never get sprouts.

  131. Would love to have a pantry like this you have done an amazing job.

  132. Just a random tidbit, I noticed you have LouAnn coconut oil on the top shelf – that stuff is ALL of the hydrogenated, which totally defeats the purpose of using coconut oil. Being hydrogenated makes it more fake and less healthy than junk-margarine. You need to look for an oil that is specifically labeled as “virgin” (some will be labeled Extra virgin – don’t pay more for it, there is no “extra” process, like for olive oils, it’s just a marketing gimmick). Being labeled “all natural” means nothing, it legit has to say “virgin”. You likely won’t be able to find it in a regular supermarket… some do sell it in jars in the Vitamin/supplement aisle, so check there for the good stuff. If not, head to a whole foods, trader joe’s, or just get it online via Amazon :-) Coconut Oil is one of the best things on the planet, but only if you are getting the real deal. Good luck! And I LOVE your on-the-wall spice racks!

    • Oh, and as soon as you get it, melt a teaspoon in a pan and fry a couple eggs in it. You’ll never want to eat eggs any other way for the rest of your life!

    • I posted this in February and since have come to learn everything you just said. I found an organic, cold pressed, extra virgin tub at Costco that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg. Your right, it makes great eggs and even better popcorn! Thanks for the tip and for watching out for me :)

  133. Just started following you. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  134. fabulous pantry makeover! Love

  135. just read your post via Tip Junkie! Love everything you did, starting with the wall treatment. I pinned a wallpapered pantry on my organization board, as my dream pantry, but stenciling never occurred to me, Brilliant! You thought of everything for that space, and the screened door is going to look so great! Thanks!

  136. Wow! The transformation is amazing! I have to say, looking at the ‘before’ picture really made me feel stressed and overwhelmed. I never thought that being organized could actually affect me as much!

  137. Remarkable job.

    I love all the added photos of your work.

    maria recently posted..More Than A Dozen Lovely CraftsMy Profile

  138. fantastic job!! but don’t store potatoes and onions together. this will force them both to spoil faster. (one of the few things I retained from Martha Stewart lol.)

  139. I have a question Ashley, I love the idea of the pencil/drawer organizers screwed onto the wall and think I have enough wall space to do in my pantry. In one spot it says they came from Dollar Tree and if I’m not mistaken, another places says The Container Store. Can you tell which it is. I checked Container Store’s website and they show nothing like that. I did have hubby install this plastic coated wire double shelf unit on the side wall space after seeing your pantry and that gave us the idea! I had bought this unit to put on the back of a kitchen cabinet door; however it wasn’t wide enough to mount properly and not have the screws possibly go through the raised panel. It has layed around the house for the past year or so and then a light went on when we saw your pantry phtos….so thanks. I used it for those tiny cans and jars that seem to get lost. Nothing like getting organized

  140. This is a wonderful post, i’m terribly inquisitive about reading this.. Its terribly useful yo North American nation..keep posting such a noteworthy things.

  141. Hey that’s a super cute pantry makeover! Well done! I was just wondering what you did with the boxed foods… Like cake mixes or hamburger helpers. I didn’t see a spot for them and was wondering if you even had them.
    Your makeover inspires me to tackle my pantry too. It looks to be about the same size!

    • I really don’t buy a lot of boxed foods but the ones that I do go on the sides opposite the spices in the bigger side baskets. Except for cookie mixes, those just end up piled on the top shelf. My husband loves cookies, haha.

  142. Daniele says:

    I found this post through Pinterest and borrowed your drawer organizer turned spice rack idea. Thanks…it freed up almost a foot of a shelf, which is great because my pantry is even smaller than yours.

  143. Golly! It feels like you took your “before” picture at my house! This is what I’ve been looking for. Your pantry size and shape is exactly like mine and I do a TON of cooking. So hard to keep it organized currently. thanks for your great ideas!! Now i have to get to the store…
    Bonnie recently posted..How We Beat Strep Throat With NutritionMy Profile

  144. Stephanie says:

    Can you give more information on the pencil drawer thingys? I couldn’t find anything like them on The Container Store web site, but I may have been looking in the wrong place. Thanks!

  145. Hey Ashley! They say confession is good for the soul…so here goes I’m in love with your stenciled pantry wall! There I said it:-). I see lots if other folks liked it too but I didn’t see where anyone asked where you found it. I would love to know where you located such anawesome pattern and do you have any tips or tricks to share bout it?
    Oh & one last thing…how do you keep up w/ all these blog hoppy invites?
    Thanks for letting me gush lol :-)

  146. Shannon says:

    I just can’t help but wonder if that idea with the baskets would work on the side of my fridge with some really strong magnets! Could free up some MAJOR cabinet space for me :)

  147. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ashley! I’m at the container store and can’t find the mesh spice thingys. Can you post all the items bought?

  148. Pat Crawford says:

    I think that you really provided a nicely organized kitchen pantry! Just wondering what you ended up doing with all the kitchen appliances, etc. that were originally all over the floor. Also, You had quite a few boxes of packaged rices and pastas! Where did they end up? Just curious. I have been organizing for 19 years and want your honest opinion if you find your pantry practical for your family and everyday use with all the plastic containers? The big question I have to ask my clients with kids is if they feel they can actually keep up the organized look! Great simplifying!

    • Hey Pat! Honestly (and much to my surprise) the pantry is really easy to keep organized. Everything has a place and I can see it all, and since I really don’t have a place for a bunch of different kinds of boxed foods I pretty much stopped buying them…which means we eat healthier. The ones I do have are in the basket shelves on the wall/sides of the pantry. I don’t really remember having appliances on the floor…we did have a mop that ended up behind my curtains, and a dog food container (don’t have a dog anymore). So the big answer is yes, the organized look functions really well, even with kids (though my kids are small and I keep their snacks up high, so they don’t bother with the pantry).
      Ashley recently posted..Meal Planning Made Simple (How eMeals Saved My Sanity) My Profile

  149. How did you attach the door storage rack to your pantry door? We have one and it slides all over the place. I can’t figure out how to bolt it to the door with out making huge holes into the door.

    • Do you have the same one from The Container Store? There are hex screws om the top and bottom of the pole part and you just tighten them down until it’s wiggle free.

  150. I read somewhere recently that you don’t want to mix your onions in your potatoes. I can’t remember which one helps ripen the other one faster. But you could end up with either rotten potatoes or rotten onions a lot faster if you mix them. Great-looking pantry! So jealous!

  151. BraveLilToaster says:

    The after pictures look nice, but I’d like to see them after a week or so of use. People who are disorganized (like me!) tend to not put things back where they belong, which is the core problem, not what organizers you buy.

  152. Beautiful. The crisp white paint and the bold stenciling are amazing together. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us to do out own pantries.

  153. I totally stole your idea of the pencil holders on the side wall. It is genius. I love how much space it has created in my pantry. Loved it.

  154. great post!!!

  155. Great post and thanks for sharing

  156. Great site… thanks

  157. The only thing I can’t find are the baskets. have been all over the Container Store website but cannot find them.

  158. Thanks for the inspiration!!


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