Archives for February 1, 2012

How To Make Curtains

Yesterday I told you how to make your own curtain rods, and today we are moving onto curtains!   Curtains are so superbly easy to make. If you can sew a straight stitch on your sewing machine, than you can make curtains. If you don't have a sewing machine (or just don't want to use it) then don't leave just yet, you can easily make these curtains … [Read more...]

No Spend February

I always have a list of about twenty or so projects that I want to do at any given time. So when I'm out and about, I buy supplies for all the projects in my head...and then I put (cram) all the supplies into my craft closet and forget about them (because I have about twelve other projects going at that time). I really need to finish all the things … [Read more...]