See that little “about” tab up above? Ya, there’s finally something in it. I know y’all want to get the nitty gritty on me, so I don’t even have to tell you to go check it out. Up next is the house tour…though that ones a little harder since I have to keep an entire room clean long enough to take pictures and all. 
And since you can’t have a blog post without a picture,  here one of my little guy from today. It’s hard for him get much face time round these parts because his older brother steals all the glory, but he’s stinkin adorable and totally deserves it. 

Anyway, Happy Friday!

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  1. Denise Call says:

    I know I’m a few years late- but I’ve been catching up from the beginning- that picture of Levi is so precous!! I think he looks like your hubby in this pic!

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