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How To Make Your Own Curtain Rods On The Cheap

Making your own curtain rods is super easy and super cheap.... it's a project you can do even if your not a DIY kinda person.  I made a rod for just under bucks, including all the hardware. . The secret to the homemade curtain rod is electrical conduit, which you can find at any hardware store. I love this stuff and have used it all over my … [Read more...]


Remember that kitchen remodel we claim to be working on? We really are still working on it, just very very slowly. We did a teeny bit of work on it last week, so I thought I would share so that you know that we know that it' not finished yet. (If this is the first time your hearing about our kitchen, you can catch up on the main stuff here and … [Read more...]

Glazed Frame – Learning By Doing

Have you ever noticed that the pricing of frames at Goodwill seems a little off? Old broken Wal-Mart frame with a 59 cent clearance sticker on it - $2.99. Awesome, chunky, carved oval frame - $2.99.  So when I spotted this lil' lady lying amongst the heaps of crappy gold frames, I snached it up and felt like a won the (very tiny) frame … [Read more...]

(Pre Blog) Living Room Floor & Shelves

One the first projects we did after moving in (besides painting over all the pink) was ripping up the carpet in the living room and hallway replacing it with wood. We did this in December of 2010, so you will have to excuse the crapiness of the photos. I had no idea that anyone besides my family would see these, as it was a pre blog project. … [Read more...]

Ugly Duckling Table

The debrowning of my living room continues with another table redo. This ones a lot simpler than the last one and it's a table that's been sitting in our living room for awhile. And yes, its did you guess? Here is the before picture...   Here is the conversation between me and my husband when he caught me starting to sand … [Read more...]

The Debrowning of the Living Room

I love my living room. It's big, open and bright. I like the style (afterall, I did it) and the way it's coming along. However, despite the fact that it looks a bazillion times better than before... it's still very brown. Sure it has green walls, but the overall feel is brown. Allow me to prove my point... I have brown … [Read more...]


See that little "about" tab up above? Ya, there's finally something in it. I know y'all want to get the nitty gritty on me, so I don't even have to tell you to go check it out. Up next is the house tour...though that ones a little harder since I have to keep an entire room clean long enough to take pictures and all. And since you can't have a blog … [Read more...]

Less Mess – The Junk Drawers

The Less Mess Project if off to a good start! I chose to begin with the junk drawers because they're the easiest...I could finish them in an hour or so and feel dang good about my day. So, the before shots..  See that plastic bag on the bottom shelf of the cabinet? Well, that it the contents of the junk drawer when we started the kitchen … [Read more...]

The Less Mess Project

Happy 2012 y'all! A new year is here and I have a goal. Actually I have a lot of goals, but the one I'm going to talk about is one of simplification and organization. Ah, simplification and organization, I sound so eloquent. What I meant is that my house if full of crap. It's not the in your face kind, I hide it away like a true professional. My … [Read more...]