Quick Kitchen Update

I posted about starting our kitchen renovation almost three weeks ago and haven’t updated y’all on it since. Bad blogger, I know…..Unfortunately this isn’t the big update post you’ve been waiting for, but it will have to do until I can get the big, photo bomb one ready!
The holdup has been that we’ve been waiting on our butcher block counter tops to arrive at the store, then when they did we had to sweet talk some of our truck owning friends to pick them up for us. There was no way that a 12 and 8 foot counter top we’re going to fit in out VW station wagon (that’s right VW wagon..we’re that cool). Thank goodness for generous, helpful, truck owning friends!
We spent this weekend demoing the old counter and cutting and installing the new one. How far did we get? Well, this is where I should normally be doing dishes…
and this is where I have been doing dishes…
Any questions, lol?

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  1. NICE butcher block counter top. Never even knew they had those. Good to know. Just in case, one day, I own a house. Love your temp. sink..lol. That one has got to be touch on the back…since you're preggo & all…I hope you're making Adam do the dishes regularly. ;)

  2. gorgeous counter top!!! is the butcher block more budget friendly?? i love the look!

  3. Alice, The butcher block is much more budget friendly IF you install it yourself. We paid a total (including tax and shipping and everything) of $750 for the butcher block, and all other types of counter top (including laminate) was quoting us in the $2,000+ range.

  4. What about concrete countertop? Is that even cheaper than butcher block? Although – might be kind of annoying if you drop something.

  5. Ya, DIY concrete counter tops would have been even cheaper. We didn't do those because 1)That's a really big DIY 2)We don't have a good place (like a garage) to do it and 3) neither one of us really like the look. But it would be cheap…I bet we could have done the whole kitchen for under $200!

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