A Penny For Your Thoughts

A few weeks ago I posted about our butcher block countertops and mentioned that I had no idea what to do for the countertop on our bar area.

Well, based on the suggestion of a reader, I now know! I’m super excited about this project, I think the end result is going to be awesome and unique. Are you dying to know yet?  All I’m going to tell you is that it involves a lot of  these….
I haven’t started this project yet (or even collected all the thousands of materials) so don’t check back everyday hoping to see the finished product. I’m just so excited about this one that I had to share, even if it is a bit premature :)

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  1. OMG let me know how it goes soon. A couple weeks ago I had the same idea, for my bathroom floor. I am super excited!

  2. hey! I think you're doing what I suggested- AWESOME! I wish I had somewhere to do it in our home but not yet. Maybe when we finish the basement.

  3. CometGirl63 – Yes, your the reader I was taking about! Thank you for your suggestion, obviously I loved it :) I think it's going to go great with our orangey wood counters…can't wait to get started!

    • I had no idea of what to do with all of my pennies, and I have a lot! I recently purchased a motor home, with a framed cherry wood underside of a murphy bed, positioned as the focal point in the living area. It currently has two framed black & white centered photographs. The underside of the bed acts as a paneled wall behind the sofa. After I cover the wall (60”x 80” – the size of a residential queen sized bed), I will place the pictures back and that focal point will pop! I plan on gluing the pennies onto ply wood, and attaching the solid piece to the bed. That will give me the option to remove it for resale, should I deal with a conservative buyer in the future. Thx again, and best of luck with your penny project.

  4. Neat! I've seen some photos before and it is such a cool idea. Have fun!

  5. Hello! I found your blog today and I'm just loving all of your ideas and your style! Your little guy is too cute. I have a son who will turn 1 next Saturday and he never wears clothes either. Oh, AND I am seriously considering cloth diapering our next kid so I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on that.
    I'm pretty sure you just got a new reader for life!

  6. YES!! Can't wait to see it! I'd cover my floors in pennies if I owned them (the floors). ;)

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