Guest Bedroom Frame Wall

A couple of months ago I posted before and after pictures of my
guest bedroom. Though I’m happy with the main wall, the other side of the room is a bit boring. So now, my after picture becomes my before picture.
I wanted to make a frame wall, so I started collecting frames. Really random ones.
Then, while shopping at HomeGoods, I found these place mats. They’re felt-ish and I started thinking about all the things I could do with them and my random frames.
I didn’t look at some of the frames very closely before I bought them (at 90% off you snatch and grab!)….
turns out some of them were NOT meant to come apart.
My little helper did his arts and crafts while I did mine. Okay, that’s a lie. He colored for long enough for me to take this picture then started munching on the crayons. I then proceeded to spend way too long picking wax pieces out from between his teeth. I know, he looks so innocent….
Here’s what I came up with!
Here are the frames individually….they look a little different than the before pictures!
This next one deserves some explanation. It is a birthday card that I sent to my husband when he was in Afghanistan. On the inside it says “It’s your birthday, so take it easy. RELAX. Wear a bucket on your head. Whatever.” When I read it in the store I thought it was hilarious. My husband thought the same thing (when he got it in the mail months later). He said no one else thought it was funny. So the question is….who here has the terrible sense of humor?
Total cost was about $10. The frames were dirt cheap and everything else I had on hand. The placemats were the most expensive at $8, but since I only used one I’m only counting it as $2 (I’ll use the rest somewhere else). My blog, my rules!

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  1. I love that “Today is the day” print! :) Nice collection.

  2. I love the arrangement, so fabulous! stopping by from Keeping it Simple.

  3. You are awesome. So cute. I'm inspired.

  4. Hehe. You had me at the crayon wax in the teeth. :0

    A fun collection that relates well to one another. I like the piece with the numbers too.

    thanks so much for linking up again to Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  5. Love it, that felt mat thing is so dang cute! great job!!

  6. Wow- those are so cute and graphic- Love it!!

  7. I can't explain how much I love it! I am saving this in my inspiration folder! Thank you for sharing. I found your blog through the Craft-o-maniac link party and I'm your newest follower!

  8. Ahaha! But Mom, crayons are meant to be eaten! Haha! Poor guy! Love how the wall turned out! So cute! Oh, and yes, I have the same terrible sense of humor. I used to stock up on cards to send to Chris – I actually still have a few and I think they're hilarious!

  9. I love all of the colors. I am working on a wall in my craft room, so this inspires me.
    I am following you now.

  10. love the yellow pops from the placemat. great idea! love that you framed that card-definitely a special thing that you guys can chuckle over.

    i had a frame mishap this weekend-i was prying a mirror off, and it wasn't pretty.

  11. Very cool; I love the way it turned out!


  12. Loving this frame wall display. I like that not only are the frames different, but all the art is as well! Yet you still managed to tie it all together. Great job. Found you from Lines Across My Face!

  13. Your wall turned out beautiful and I love the color scheme!

  14. P.S. Thank you so much for linking up at Home Savvy today!

  15. Very cute! I love the yellow and grey together and all those fun designs! :)

  16. Super cool. I especially like the ones that are 3D, like the roses :)

  17. I love the use of colors and the layout this is fantastic.

  18. I love this look! Really like the way you used the colours and tied it all together!

  19. wow you did super awesome!!! great job!

  20. Love the arrangement…it came out great. Thanks for sharing at my Sizzle into Summer party.

  21. Ahhh hahaha!!! I TOTALLY understand the crayon between the teeth :D

    That turned out amaze-balls! And, the way you incorporated those placemats – genious!


  22. Such a nice grouping! Nicely done. Thanks for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  23. So cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Ashley,

    Thanks for linking up at my Sundae Shake Up Link Party. I hope you will join me again on Sunday for another fun party! Can't wait to see you there, my friend!

    Jacque @ Jacque's Soda Parlor

  25. I LOVE everything about this… I love that you saw potential in that placemat and the colors are gorgeous, the patterns and textures are super-fun. I love the mix of general patterns and the personalized memories and print… gorgeous! I'm your newest follower! : )

  26. This turned out soo great! I absolutely love it. Great choice on the colors. :)

  27. This is so cool! Stopping by to invite you to link up to Thrifty Thursdays. Blessings!


  28. I LOVE your gallery wall! The colors, your mix of pattern…everything! You did a great job.

    Thank you so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party, and for linking back (I really appreciate that!) :)

  29. oh wow, I love this!!! I love gallery walls anyway, but I absolutely love how you did yours! Using the placemat was genius! So pretty.

  30. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration to get my Frame wall done.

  31. What a transformation! It looks so great!!!!

  32. I'm a new follower too :)

  33. Great creativity..visiting via Kreative Korner. New follower!

  34. I love your gallery wall. love the colors. So pretty.

  35. I just love all your frames. I love to collect frames, now you have given me something to do with all of them.
    Also, I think that the birthday card was hilarious. It made me laugh!!
    I'm glad you put it on the wall!

    I love your blog… just found it, and can't wait to explore all the posts.

  36. Creative and resourceful!

  37. You had me at grey and yellow. Grey is my flavor of the moment. I love the entire project-looks super cool, fresh, and chic. The use of the yellow felt placemat is very cool ad out of the box. Very few home dec blog projects really impress me but your project does.

  38. Oh my goodness, so cute! Love the color theme. How creative!

  39. What a fun collage! Love the colors and look of it :)

  40. so cute! I bought that same hobby lobby monogram frame for cents… hoping to reuse it! i love how it turned out even though it broke apart!! maybe i'll have to dig mine out! :)

  41. This is so neat (plus yellow is my favorite coler :))! You did an awesome job. Great blog, am a new follower :).

  42. LOVE this gallery wall!! It's perfect…and I LOVE how you used those placemats!

    Hey – I got that card for my husband the other year!! He loved it too – we have the same sense of humor! :)

    Thanks for linking to “20 Below Thursday”!

  43. Fab-u-lous! Love it! Thanks for linking up to Delicately Constructed Friday! I featured this on my fb page!
    Hope you had a great day!

  44. You did a great job. Love the placemats and how smartly you have used them.

    Thanks for linking up at Tea-Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner. Your post added to the celebration. Party for this week is going on now. Hope to see you there.

  45. Thank you for providing me with some much needed distraction while I wait to see if this is real or false labor. I've enjoyed looking around and am following. I love your sense of color. Enjoy your little one, oh and that picture of him peeing is just about the best thing EVER!

  46. My best friend sent me the 'Wear a bucket on your head' card for my birthday last week! I too thought it was hilarious. It's on my fridge and it makes me smile whenever I look at it.

  47. Oh my goodness! Loving this wall of frames! I need it…

  48. Man. You need to get to work on your About section! What part of South Texas are you from? I read that on your Crappy $5 table. I was born in San Benito and then moved to central TX when I was 9. I have family in Harlingen and McAllen. :)

    Anywho — LOVE this too. I just started a gallery wall in my hallway. I guess it's a gallery hallway then, no? Anyhow. Hobby Lobby has a clearance section that I DIDNOTREALIZE had good frames for cheap!

    :D Thanks for the motiviation to continue crafting!

  49. Beautiful job!!!! I love it!!~ Megan

  50. I love your frames! They have given me inspiration and an idea on how I'm going to deal with a sore spot in my basement, that I am currently trying to improve.

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