$100 Porch Project: And Then There Were Three

I now have three out of the four chairs for the porch project. This one so far has been the cheapest at….wait for it…$2! I found it at a garage sale – it was super wobbly so I asked the lady if she would take less. Much to my delight she told me I could just have it. Sweet! Here it is…it’s red. For those of you that don’t know, I do not like red when it comes to decor. There are pretty much no exceptions to that rule.

The wobble was easily fixed with some wood glue and a screw, and the $2 price tag came form half a can of spray paint. Here it is now…

 Isn’t spray paint great?
Here are the three amigos all together. They so totally don’t match, I don’t think I could have found three more different chairs if I tried. But they look good together…at least I think so!

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I love how they are different but you've pulled them together with the colors and fabric – so, so cute! Can't wait to see what #4 looks like :-)

I love them and how they all fit together! So cute.

(Also so glad to have “found” you again! My, how life goes on! So very neat about being the same # of weeks along in this pregnancy – the finish line is near!)

I am a big fan of mis-matched chairs – and I love how you made these three fit together. I have never used spray paint! Is there a specific kind for furniture? I am terribly afraid of painting furniture.